Why Does My Ninja Blend Blinks Red

We live in a world where people crave for more than just ordinary drinks; as a result blender has become one of the essential kitchen gadgets nowadays. Blenders are used in various ways and these include making of smoothies, blending spices, pulsing vegetables, preparing baby foods, ice crushing and shaving etc. so it is very paramount to have a durable blender in order to make smoothies for yourself and the family too. Just like any other kitchen appliance, a blender is liable to develop some faults at any point in time. And, one of those common faults is blinking of the power light after the blender is switch on and does not run. This can be frustrating especially for the new user who is not familiar with the fault line before. Often, they found themselves wanting to know reason why the blender blink red and how to easily fix it. All these lead to the question that is commonly found on the lips of the new users.

Why Does My Ninja Blender Blinks Red?

A ninja blender will blink red whenever the lid on it does not properly aligned or lock down completely. The blender can also blink red if the part of the lid that click the power button is broken. So in order to fix it, you need to let the pitcher of the blender sit on the base correctly. Make sure the lid is closed at the right position, press it down to get it locked, then line up the both arrow on the lid and that of the handle.Otherwise, the blender would not run if the lid is not properly assembled and the handle is not fully engaged.

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Cooking healthy breakfast can be time consuming, but majority of the people do not have enough time to prepare one, instead they opt in for the fast alternative like smoothies. Drinking Smoothie is one of the ideal ways to start one’s day, fruits and vegetables are present in the smoothies. All, all these provide the body with the essential nutrients to keep the body at optimum performance throughout of the day. The ingredients used for making smoothies are easy to come by and are readily available in the store and markets. Some people use smoothies as meal replacement in order to speed up their weight loss process.

Smoothies provide adequate nutrition for the body as most of the micronutrients are well preserved in making of smoothies. Many choose smoothies as one of the ways of boosting the immune system of their body. if you are fond of taking healthy drinks like smoothies, you will prefer to make it at your own convenient time at home. And, this comes with lots of benefits. Knowing exactly what goes into smoothies is one of the benefits of making smoothies at home and most of the ingredients to be used will be fresh with no preservative. Also, you tend to have control over the portion of the ingredients that go into the smoothies, which mean you limit the amount of ingredient you don’t really like.

A hand blender can be a suitable choice if all have as ingredients for your smoothies are fruits and vegetables. But, if you are planning to include ice cube or frozen food as ingredients for your smoothies, definitely you need a blender with capability to crush ice and durable enough to do tough jobs without breaking sweats. It can be a very bad experience to have some lumps of vegetable puree, chunk of ice cube in the smoothies you are drinking. So, if you don’t get yourself strong and effective blender, with necessary features and power, it may be difficult to make perfect smoothies at home. However, the market is filled with lots of blender to make perfect smoothies at affordable price.

Which Blender Is best For Smoothies?

Before you go ahead and buy the best blender to make smoothies, there are some features and qualities you need to check out for before anything. One of those features is power. A blender with high watts of power is capable of blending the tough ingredients and processed them into smooth texture in short period of time. We are going to review top three blenders for smoothies in the market. The review will cover general information about each of the products with their pros and cons together with customers’ reviews. Here we go:

1 Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional Grade, 64 oz Container, Black

Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional Grade, 64 oz Container, Black is one of the top rated and best blender for making smoothies that are available in the market. This blender is the Amazon’s choice for vitamix 5200 categories. This blender features variable adjustable speed control. This feature gives the flexibility to choose and achieve wide varieties of texture for the smoothies. This speed can be rotates at anytime when you are blending for desire result. This manual switch control makes the blender easy to operate by all level of kitchen users. The blending container is made of BPA free material with vented lid together with tamper. The plastic container on the vitamix 5200 is designed to create a strong vortex on the ingredients for thorough blending. This model comes with 2.0 peak horsepower motor supported with 1380 watts which gives the blade one f the highest RPM. This gives the blade chances to make fabulous fruits and vegetable smoothies in matter of seconds with high speed. The blender is powerful enough to heat up a soup with spices ingredients and this usually takes ten minutes or less. If you are fond of serving a large family with smoothies, Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional Grade can come in handy as it features 64 ounces container which is ideal for batches. This blender has a dimension of 8.8 by 7.2 by 20.5 inches and weighs about 10.5lb.


  • It comes with strong and powerful electric motor which makes it easy to run through tough food without effort.
  • The tamper makes the blending of thick ingredients a simple task.
  • It comes with a thermal protection and radical cooling on its design.
  • It is perfect for crushing ice and frozen foods.
  • It is easy to make hot soup with Vitamix 5200 Blender.
  • It is build to last and easy to clean after use.
  • It comes with variable speed settings for perfect texture.


  • It’s a bit expensive for average income earners.
  • It is noisy during the operation.
  • It cannot be store in the cabinet with the jar on it.

Customers reviews

There are over 1,010 customers who bought Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional Grade, 64 oz Container, Black on Amazon.com and they left some reviews. This blender enjoys a sufficient amount of 5-stars from about 80% of the entire customers. About 7% of them gave it ratings of 4-stars. 3-stars ratings were given by 3% of the customers with another 3% given it ratings of 2-stars as well. However, about 7% of the customers are less satisfied with the function of the blender and they gave it ratings of 1-stars. Vitamix 5200 Blender, Professional Grade, 64 oz Container, Black has overall ratings of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon ratings scale.

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2 Ninja Professional Blender With 1100 Watts Base, 72oz

Ninja Professional Blender With 1100 Watts Base, 72oz is one of the top rated and best blenders for making smoothies at mid range price you can found in the market. This blender comes with low profile but attractive design and it is easy to keep under the cabinet of the kitchen countertop. This ninja professional blender is suitable for making shakes and smoothies, crushing ice, nut milks, nut butter, grinding grains, preparing baby foods, pulverize etc. This model comes with largest jar by measurement on the list which stood at 72 ounces. The jar is also made of BPA free plastic, comes in square shapes with a lid that is lockable to prevent accidental slip. Ninja Professional Blender comes With a strong motor of 1100 Watts which gives the blender the ability to make fine puree from soft ingredients like boiled carrots and vegetables. The blade on the blender is made of stainless steel, very sharp and this makes it easy to prepare mayonnaise with the blender. The blender handles ice crushing in an excellent way, it turns the ice cube into snow in a short period of time. It comes with a single serve pitcher and this makes it less cinch to clean. The pulse option on the blender makes it possible to prepare foods like salsa. This blender has a dimension of 8 by 6 by 17 inches and weighs about 7.6lb.


  • It crushes ice in no time and mixes fruits fast and very quick.
  • It suitable for camping and travelling as it come with two separated cups.
  • It blends with high efficiency, clean is pretty much faster and quick.
  • Multiple blade level in the blender prevents unwanted liquefying at the base of the blender.
  • It is durable, very versatile and looks attractive on the countertop.
  • The control panels are easy to read and easy to operate.
  • It is capable of withstand heavy use at home.


  • The ingredients clung under the blades sometime during the operation.
  • It is pretty much louder when blending tough ingredients.
  • It is a bit bulky to carry around.

Customer Reviews

There are over 3,870 customer who have bought Ninja Professional Blender With 1100 Watts Base, 72oz on Amazon.com and they left different reviews. This blender enjoys some 5-stars ratings from about 71% of the entire customers. 4-stars ratings were given by 11% of the customers. 5% of the customers are mild satisfied with blender and they left 3-stars ratings. About 5% gave it ratings of 2-stars. While 8% of the customers show their dissatisfaction by living 1-star ratings. Ninja Professional Blender With 1100 Watts Base, 72oz has overall ratings of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon ratings scale.

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3 Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender, Pro Grade, 64 oz Low Profile container

Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender, Pro Grade, 64 oz Low Profile container is one of the highly rated and best blenders for making smoothies that is available in the market. It is Amazon’s choice for Vitamix 750. Vitamix is one of the household names when it comes to the top quality blenders, Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender is one of the next generation of blender that comes from the stable of Vitamix. The blender is full of useful features which include five preset settings for different food like soup, frozen dessert, purees, smoothies etc. Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender features 10-speed variable control which gives the user the possibility to choose appropriate for desire smoothies texture. The blender comes with 64oz BPA free container which is large enough to serve large gathering. The container is shatter proof and has height of 17.5 inches. The 2.2 powerhorse electric motor on this blender makes it pretty much easy to blend anything except for the metals which is not a food. unlike other blenders of the same capacity or less, Vitamix Professional Series 750 comes with pre-programmed setting which gives the user the flexibility to do some of other thing while blending on auto pilot. This blender features pulse function which allows you to chop and do other things as well. it comes with 2-piece santroprene rubber lid with a removable plug which makes it possible to add some other ingredient while the blender is still running. It has a dimension of 17.5 by 9.4 by 7.7 inches and weighs about 12.5lb.


  • It is durable and comes with the most powerful motor of 2.2 horsepower.
  • It blends toughest ingredient with breaking a sweat.
  • It is perfect and suitable for large gathering.
  • It produces brilliant, straight and pure butter with addition of water or oil.
  • It is very versatile, it performs lots of function ranging from cooking soup to puree making.
  • It feature pre-set programs which helps the user to eliminate the guess works.
  • It is suitable for making dough for bread, pizza, cookies etc.


  • The plastic tamper is less sturdy.
  • 32 oz is needed for small volume smoothies.
  • It is still a bit louder during the operation.

Customers Reviews

There are over 326 people who bought Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender, Pro Grade, 64 oz Low Profile container on Amazon.com and they left reviews. This blender receives lots of 5-stars reviews from about 83% of the customers. 4-stars ratings were given by 6% of the customers. Likewise, about 3% gave it ratings of 3-stars. 2-stars were given by 2% of the people. While 6% are less satisfied with performance of the blender and they left ratings of 1-stars. Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender, Pro Grade, 64 oz Low Profile container has overall ratings of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon ratings scale.

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