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MasterBuilt Smoke Hollow es230b Review

Smoking, as it known is a method of cooking foods by exposing the food to steam which is usually from the burning wood chips. Smoking is one of the common ways of adding fascinating and delight flavor to your meat, fish and other related foods items. Smoking makes the meat looks more tenderizing and brings special experience to the dinner dishes.

However, smoking your foods especially when you are trying it out for the first time can be uphill task. You may not get the right temperature and it may take forever before the foods could get done. But, electric smoker could help to take most of the pains and frustration away. In this article, we are going to review Smoke hollow es230b

MasterBuilt Smoke Hollow ES230B

MasterBuilt Smoke hollow es230b 26-inches digital electric smoker with Adjustable temperature control is one of the electric smokers that are available in the market. This digital electric smoker is designed to take away all the pains and frustration you can encounter while smoking your foods. Its operation is simple; it does not require any expertise, just plug in and play. You just need to set the digital controls your preference. Also, you can even choose the wood flavor to suit your taste on the digitals control. It has hickory wood chips which are suitable for meat smoking.

Apple wood chips will go with the smoking of chicken and pork. Mesquite wood has a stronger smoke flavor than other chips, and it makes a suitable paring with beef smoking. Alder is good for smoking a favorite for smoking fish. The digital electric smoker comes with insulated construction in its body which helps to keep the heat inside the chamber for thorough smoking of the food. One of the downsides of the charcoal grilling is uneven cooking of the foods. Masterbuilt Smoke hollow es230b has 800 watts element on the inside which helps to distribute heats even across the chamber in order to achieve consistence smoking.

Masterbuilt Smoke hollow es230b comes with water pan which enhances the tenderness of the food item you smoke. The temperature given by this electric smoker is as high as 275 Degree. The food rack is large enough to accommodate three racks of ribs, three pork butts, nine chickens, two turkeys and host of little snacks. Even a brisket will seat comfortable in the chamber. One of the downsides of this electric smoker is that it does not come with sausage hooks on it. It has a dimension of 18 by 18 by 22 inches and weighs about 46 pounds.

Special Features

  • Digital panel controls on and off,
  • Three chrome-coated smoking racks,
  • Integrated Thermostat temperature control for even and consistent smoking,
  • Full insulated smoker body
  • 800 watts heating element even heat distribution,
  • Adjustable air damper for smoke control,
  • Removable drip pan for easy cleaning after use,
  • Removable water bowl which helps to add moisture and flavor.


  • It is user friendly, just require setting some certain parameters and It is easy to assemble
  • It comes with varieties of woods and they are easy to add to the chamber.
  • It is pretty easy to set and maintain right temperature with the uses of digital control panel.
  • It is durable, sturdy and looks fascinating on the backyard.
  • It comes with transparent window which makes it easy to monitor the food without opening the door which can leads to heat lost.
  • It comes with much room on inside to hold different meats and its suitable for first time smokers.
  • The water pan, rack and drip pan are easy to clean after use.
  • The meat does not come out turned black like some other electric smokers do.
  • The meats come out perfect and flavorful from this electric smoker.
  • It maintains even heat distribution throughout the smoking period, does not get your hands burnt due to insulated construction.


  • It does not come with handles on both sides to move it from one place to another.
  • The temperature fluctuates sometimes during the smoking process.
  • Changing and refilling of the wood can be tricky.

Customers Reviews

There are over 220 customers who have bought Masterbuilt Smoke hollow es230b digital electric smoker on Amazon.com and they left some reviews. This digital electric smoker receives lots of 5 stars ratings from about 54% of the customers. 13% of the customers left 4 stars ratings for the smoker due to some slight lag the experience on the electric smoker.

About 6% of the customers are mildly satisfied with the functioning of the smoker and they left 3 stars ratings. 2 stars ratings were given by 9% of the customers. About the rest of the customers which stood at 18% are less satisfied with the performance of the electric smoker. All these ratings contribute to the overall ratings of 3.8 out of 5.0 on Amazon overall ratings scale.

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Buyers Guides

Electric smokers are kitchen equipment that are used to prepare smoked foods and they are in high demand. Lot of people are considering to buy electric smokers due to the convenience they provide. Electric smokers have become a trend among the lover of smoked foodies and barbecue. It is now pretty much easier and more fun to prepare smoked meats, pork, turkey all to your personal taste and preference.

The market is filled with lots of electric smokers all promising to make smoking experience an enjoyable one. It can become a challenge for newbie to choose the right one that is suitable for their needs. It does not make any sense to invest your hard earn money on an electric smoker that will not last long. In this section, we are going to look at some of the important features you need to check out for you go ahead to buy an electric smoker that suits you preference. Thus:

Budget: budget is one of factors that hinder the ability to get preferable electric smoker that suits your need. Electric smoker that are available come with different price. And, these prices usually reflect the features and the capabilities that come with those electric smokers. There are some of the within the mid price but few feature and there are some on the high price range and they do come with lots of features. If you are planning to go for the one that will last long it would better to go for the one on the high end. There is no point in buying a kitchen gadget that will breakdown after few usage.

Temperature Adjustment: temperature control and adjustment is the feature that set electric smokers apart from the traditional ones. Temperature controls gives the use the chance to set the temperature to the desire level. The temperature controls works with the thermostat which ensure even distribution of heat across the chamber of the electric smoker. The kind of electric smoker you are going to choose must come with temperature adjustable on the control panel. This will give you the flexibility to set the heat to you preference whenever you want to smoke meat, fish, turkey or any other foods.

Extra Capacity: this feature depends large on the amount of smoked food you will be making. Electric smokers come in various size and capacities. If it happens that you will always prepared smoked delicacies for large gathering camping or thanksgiving, there is no point in buying an electric smoker that cannot accommodate lots of food items. If you have a family of four members or less, it would be appropriate to go for electric smoker that comes with few racks.

Safety: Safety is also an important feature you need to consider when you want to buy electric smokers. There are some of the electric smokers that come with insulated construction on the out section and this brings about safety. The insulated construction will prevent heat from being transfer to the outer section of the smoker. Sometimes you will touch the electric smoker unintentionally probably when you want to check food items in the chamber. Also some kids may find their way to the smoker at the backyard and they may like to touch it. If the smokers are not made from insulated materials on the outside, in both cases, your hand may likely to get burnt anytime you touch the smoker.

Brand: Brand is also one of the important features you need to consider when you want to buy electric smoker. it is very obvious that some companies are pretty good in a particular niche than the others. And the case is not different when it comes to electric smokers. You should choose an electric smoker that belongs to reputable brands with track record of quality product and good customer service. The electric smoker you are going to choose must have long life span and the spare parts are easy to come by anytime you need replacement.

Benefits of Electric Smoker

Apart from easy to operate and user friendly that most electric smokers offer, there are host of other benefits that come with the uses of electric smoker to prepare delicacies. Electric smokers are automatic in their operation and functions. Electric smokers just require you to place the meat in the chamber and set the timer together with prefer temperature.

No need for babysitting, you don’t have to keep monitoring the food often. Most of the electric smokers maintain constant temperature through even distribution of heat. Electric smokers can be used indoor, unlike the traditional one which fill up the whole yard with thick smoker. Electric smokers trap the smoke inside the chamber until the foods are done. They are designed to be very spacious in order to accommodate lots of different food items.