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Why Does My Electric Stove Smell Like Gas

The popularity of electric stove in most homes these days are on steady rise. Electric stove is similar to that of gas but it runs on electricity instead of gas. It is often seen as the most versatile option out of all the heating system available for home use.

Why Does My Electric Stove Smell Like Gas?Sometimes while you are cooking on the electric stove, some food particles get stocked on the coils, they tend to produce unpleasant odor like gas when they get burnt. And, this may seems like the electric stove smells like gas which is not. It is not possible for electric stove to emit some kind of gas. What really happens is that there is a gas leak from somewhere else; it needs to be found and fix with immediate effect better still reach out to the gas company nearby to come to your aid.

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Electric stoves are one of the common supplementary cooking equipments found in most kitchens. Some people like them because they are more eco friendly than gas stoves and they consume less energy also. An electric stove is very cheap to purchase and install compare to that of gas type. Though, it can be very expensive to operate in the long run. When it comes to safety, an electric stove has an upper arms compare to the gas ones. The reason is because there a chance of having leakages with gas stove.

Cooking on an electric stove may appears simple, to be very honest, it is can clunky especially for the new user who is not familiar with it before. If you green to the uses of electric stove, it would be advisable to be very cautious with the burner so as not to get yourself burn. Though, it obvious that everyone who owns electric stove might have get burn at least once.

The steps involves in operating electric stove is straight forward. You just have to turn on the dial to the temperature level you want and then start cooking. After that, your electric stove will supply steady heat consistently until what you are cooking is done. Tuning off the electric stove is simple as turn it on. When it comes to clean, electric stove are pretty much easier to clean than the gas stove.

One of the downside of electric stove is that, the electric coils take a bit longer time to heat up, until like those on the gas stove that heat up instantly when you turn it on. Hence, gas stove helps to speed up the cooking process faster. In this way, they heat up both the bottom and the sides of the pot or pan put on the burner. And, n this way, the heat will quickly be distributed around the cooking material on the fire in no time.

How Does Electric Stove Really Work?

Some people are curious about how the electric stove they have at home works. If you are one of such people, I would urge you to continue read to discover the trick.

Electric stoves drive their power from electrical connections. An electric stove comes with a thermostat, a set of coiled shaped burners on the top side and heating elements for cooking. The heat producing elements are controlled by the thermostat.

Electric stoves work mainly by converting electricity to heat for cooking. The whole process starts by turning on the burner dial. The electricity will flow through the coils and gradually heat up the metal. The dial on the electric stove helps to control the amount of electricity that pass through the coil i.e the intensity of the heat coming out. Then, the heat generated from the burner is transfer to the pot or pan through contact and convection. The heat that comes from the burner can be set high or low by the means of rotating the dial.

Also, some of the electric stoves do come with timer on them, and this helps to set the exact cooking time needed for your recipe. Another fascinating feature of the some electric stove is self cleaning mechanism which makes the removal of sticky food particles on the burner easier.

Can Electric Burners Go In The Dishwasher?

Sure, electric burner can go in to the dishwasher but you should avoid doing so on regular basis. The electric element, the spill rings and the trims can go into the dishwasher. More so, most of the coil burners are designed to self clean because they burn off food particles that stuck on them at highest heat setting for a while. You can easier clean the burners with a damp soapy cloth after they have cooled off.

Can Electric Stove Cause Carbon Monoxides?

No, electric stoves are not capable of producing Carbon Monoxide. The reason is because only devices that make use or runs on combustible fuel can produce carbon Monoxide. And, electric stoves do not produce Co because they run on electricity. However, it should be noted that Carbon Monoxides can be produced when a food is burnt or the electric stove catch fire during the cooking process.

Can Electric Stove Explode?

Yes very well, electric stove either new or old one, can explode if care is not taking during the cooking. There are so many reasons for the electric stove explosion to occur. One of the reasons is when water found its way to the burner either through bullet hole on the pot or other means, and this cause the burner to get over heat then results into explosion.

The explosion of electric stove can also happen when the inner heating element touches the out shell on the burner. When such thing happens, you should call the attention of the electrical personnel to the explosion in order to prevent further calamity.

Why Is My Electric Stove Sparkling?

One of the common occurrences during the uses of electric stove for cooking is sparkling. The sparkling may happens repeatedly or once in awhile. There are some many causes of the electric stove sparkling. One of the causes is loose connector on the coil surface; which is needed to be tightening properly in order to work effectively.

The sparkling can also occur when you place a very big pan or pot on the burner. Sparkling can also happens when the insulation on the wire of the burner wear out. Damaged element socket and defective cook top elements can also sparkling to occur while cooking on the electric stove.

Can An Electric Stove Light a Cigarette?

You can expect a question like this from teenager who is not up age to buy cigarette at the store but wanting to try it out at home. They tends to ask this question when they don’t have anything at their disposal, like lighter or matches to light up the cigarette.

On a more serious note, can an electric stove light up a cigarette? Sure you can, just turn on the burner on high setting. When the burner turn on full blowing red, bend down a little bit then inhale. Better still, you can get yourself a piece of old newspaper, roll it long enough in form of cigarette, and then inhale. Once the newspaper brings fire, you can light up your cigarette with it. After you have done with the lighting, don’t forget to turn off the burner.

Can Electric Stove Shock You?

Yes, electric stoves are capable of shocking you while you are cooking when touch. This can result from a break in circuits along the neutral line of the electric stove. It can also happen when there is a fault on the heating element. You can experience the shock probably when you unknowingly touch the stove while you are stirring food in the pot. Whenever you experience the shock, the first thing you should is to turn off the electric stove and stop using it completely. Don’t try to re-sit the element and check the stove again. If the incidence happens again, you need to call electrician as soon as possible.

Can Electric Stove Be Transported On Its Sides?

Assuming you want to go and pick up an electric stove you purchase from a long distance. One of the question that my pop up on your mind is that can electric stove be transported on either of its sides without causing any harm to it?. Yes, very well, an electric stove can be transported on either its left or right. A place to avoid transporting an electric stove is rear side.

It can still be transported on its back but you have to remove the racks out first and avoid the elements from flipping out. Also, you need to careful and make sure the heating elements and the burners are not disconnected. Don’t forget to remove the trays if there is any and tap the door shut. Any radiant cooking surface should be care for and protected.

Can Electric Stove Be Plugged Into A Regular Outlet?

No, An electric stove is one of the powerful electrical appliances found in the kitchen. And, they consume large amount of energy and required a 220 volt outlet before you can run them to avoid any upsurge in the house.

How To Get Fever With Onion

How To Get Fever With Onion

Faking fever is one of the weird practices among the people especially the teenagers and the young adults. People try to fake fever with different reasons best know to them. Some people may fake fever to get absent or take-off day from workplace, or to avoid going out with friends. While, some other people do it just to have enough time to rest at home. Some teenagers who are lazy try to fake fever just to avoid going to school, participating in examination or to get some attention from their parents.

If you are planning to fake fever for one reason or the other, I would advise you not to do that, because it does not worth, as you will have to go extra length just to prove yourself. But, If you want to find out how fever can be fake for knowledge sake, I would urge you keep reading this article, because I am going to explain in details on how to increase your body temperature over night and fake fever the following morning. With this knowledge, you bound to detect anyone, be it your child or your employee, who try to fake fever in your presence within few minutes. Also in this article, we are going to discuss some interesting facts about the onion together with how to get rid of fever naturally at home.

Can Onion Increase Your Body Temperature?

Yes, An onion can increase body temperature. An onion is capable of increasing your body temperature when whenever you place it under you armpits overnight. The process behind the temperature increase is that when sliced onion is place under your armpits, it attracts different microorganisms and even some viruses to its surrounding, and this, in turns, increases the number of microorganisms on your body. The large number of microorganisms triggers the defense mechanism to fight against the microorganism by increasing the temperature of the body. When the temperature is increases, though the microorganisms get destroyed, but you tend to get fever after the whole process, albeit the fake one.

Step by step Methods To Increase Body Temperature With An Onion To Fake Fever

  • Here are steps to follow in order to get your body temperature to increase to fake fever
  • Get a big-sized onion from the kitchen, or you can simply buy from the store if you don’t have any at home.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut the onion into two equal halves from the middle.

    Source: 123RF.com

  • Cut out thin-sliced onion rings from the two halves; make sure that inner parts of the newly sliced ones are intact, because that is what you will need to get the job done.
  • Eat more of spicy foods like pepper, chill etc with less water, as these will help to increase your body temperature over the night.
  • You can also try and include a bowl of curry in your meal before going to bed.
  • Go to the bed with thin-sliced onion rings under both armpits over night.
  • Cover yourself with a huge blanket and burry your head under the pillow, this may sound weird but you have to know that it works that way.
  • In the following morning after when you wake, tell your family that you are feeling cold, note, this should be done in subtle ways, and you can as well fake some kind of shivering a bit.
  • You can drink a cup of hot coffee or two in order to maintain the temperature increase.
  • Don’t overdo it or engage in it on a regular basis.

Can Garlic Increase Your Body Temperature?

Yes, garlic is capable of increase your body temperature due to its quick antiseptic effects on the body. When the smell of the garlic get into the bloodstream, either eating it in raw form or by placing it under the armpit, the brain will induce the body to release immunoglobin E to fight against the garlic protein which is perceive as a harmful substance. This reaction causes the body cells to soften up and produces excessive histamine that leads to tissue inflammation of the cell and this in turn causes increase in temperature of the body to result into fever.


Does these reactions of the body against garlic means it does not good for our health? The answer is No; Garlic is beneficiaries to our body and health in general, so many ways. Garlic has a quiet number of antioxidants in it together with the sulphur compound are useful in the body to prevent to spreading of the cancer, liver diseases, cardiovascular etc. Allicin that is found in the garlic helps to lower the level of cholesterol, reduces the blood pressure and platelets aggregation in the body. Also, garlic has Allium compound which is good for boosting immune system of the body, ti helps to increase the insulin sensitivity and lower the metabolism syndrome.

Can Toothpaste Increase Body Temperature?

Not really, though some people claim that toothpaste can increase the body temperature by placing it under your tongue over, to fake fever, but in reality it won’t, no evident to support that claims. But injection of toothpaste in large quantity can cause sickness. Swallowing of toothpaste on daily basis can cause a disease called Fluorosis. It can lead to intestine blockage. It can also cause stomach pain to those kids who are highly allergic. Research shows that a kid who is fond of swallowing is liable to have diarrhea.

Source: qvc.com

Eight Other Uses Of Toothpaste At Home

1 Dark shoe scuffs removal: Having scuffs on the shoe can be frustrating. Toothpaste can be used to remove dark scuffs on the shoes as well as belts, bags etc. Get toothpaste, preferably the old ones, fill it with toothpaste, deep it in the water and rub the scuff area in a circular pattern, do this continuously for some time, rinse and dry the shoe.

2 Freshen Up Baby’s Bottle: Are you a nursing mother and you would like to get rid of those sour-smells from your baby’s bottle without spending on detergents? No problem, toothpaste might be a better choice for you to get the bottles free from sour smell. To get the bottle clean, get clean water, mix it with toothpaste instead of using soap or detergent, scrub the bottle thoroughly with the mixture and rinse.

3 Carpet Cleaning: Using toothpaste to clean carpet can be apply only if you want to remove mild stains, tough stains like bloods, cat vomits etc requires the service of carpet cleaning service. Squeeze a portion of toothpaste on your old toothbrush, scrub on it the mild stain and clean it with damp clothes, repeat the process until you get rid of the stain completely.

4 Fighting Pimples: it is very obvious that toothpaste is one of the home remedies for pimples and acnes, and it is preferable to use non-gel and non-whitening toothpaste for effective results. It would be better to apply the toothpaste to the affected area overnight. The toothpaste works by drying up the pimples oil and reduces their heads. Though, this method might not be good for those who have sensitive skin.

5 Remove Crayon From Painted Wall: children are found of doing weird things, one of such things is to paint the wall with crayon, or rite something on it with tempo or chalk. It this happens, no need to worry, all you have to do is to get a damp clothes with some toothpaste added to it, then rub the clothes on the wall repeatedly until the crayon is no longer visible on the wall.

6 Cleaning Refrigerator’s Seal: Toothpaste is suitable for whitening the seal of the refrigerator. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on the brush and clean the seal of the refrigerator gently for a good result after wash.

7 Patio Furniture Cleaning: toothpaste can be used to clean patio furniture at home. To do this for excellent results, get yourself elbow of grease, mix it with toothpaste and water, then scrub the mixture on the furniture very well and leave them to dry up.

8 Other uses: Toothpaste can used to clean other things like goggles, diamond rings for brighter shining, headlight screen, shower door mirror, DVD or CD, chromes, bathroom and kitchen zinc, tennis shoes and sneakers, coffee stains on the mugs etc.

Can Ice Or Cold Drinks Increase Body Temperature?

No, ice, cold water or chilled beverages do not increase the body temperature. The reason is that water does not go directly to the bloodstream which is responsible for overall temperature of the body. A research shows that if a person takes a glass of cold water, the temperature of the stomach might be lower depending on the volume, but the temperature of the body remains virtually the same. Whenever we drink cold water or chilled beverages or juice, our stomach receive a shock, our body now work very hard to bring up the temperature of the cold water to normal, though some calories were burnt during the whole process. The body also heat up in order to speed up the normalization of cold water. And, it should be noted that increase in the body heat does not necessarily means increase in the temperature. During the normalization of the cold water in the stomach, other parts of the body that received excessive heat does tend to excrete the heat through sweating. The processes and changes in body temperature when a person drinks cold water or chilled beverages obeys the laws of thermodynamics which stated that heat can neither be destroyed but transformed from one form to the other. Calculations made by the experts requires roughly 6.4fl oz of how that it iced drink to reduce the body temperature by 0.1 Celsius.

Five Home Remedies For Fever

1 Drink Lots of Water: when you have a fever, your body loses lots of fluids and this can lead to hydration, therefore it is advisable to drink lots of water. Viral fever causes your body to sweat in order to cool the effect down. Drinking lots of water helps to replenished and make up for lost of fluids in the body. It is not necessary you drink only water, you can as well drink juice, broth, decaffeinated tea, sport drinks etc.

Source: skinnyms.com

2 Take A Bath: taking the bath when someone have a fever helps to bring down the temperature of the body. This should be done with cool water. Some might think that cold water might bring faster result, not at all, it only brings adverse effects on the body. Having a bath with cold water will aggravate the fever as the body tends to struggle in order to maintain normal temperature. After bath, you can soak a cloth strip in a bowl filled with water, squeeze it a bit, place it on the forehead and inter-change it with the back of the neck at regular interval.

3 Get a Lot of Rest: fever is a defense mechanism which shows that your body is having a serious battle with a certain infection. It is advisable for you take lots of rest in order to give you body chances to recovers quickly. It is very obvious that lots of activities can cause rises in body temperature, so it would be a good choice to avoid some fitness activities for the time being. You can simply add more hours to your resting time, ideally, nine hours per night will enhances quick recovery.

4 Stay Cool all Time: There are so many things you can do to get yourself cool when you are have a fever, like putting on light clothes during the day, exposing your body to the fresh air, sleeping on a soft bed sheet or light blanket, making use of a fan to maintain ventilation in the room and lots more. But you have to stop some of these if you discover that you are about to be shivering. Shivering tends to increase your body temperature and this can cause a rise in fever.

Source: elements.envato.com

5 Herbal Engagement: Some people make use of herbal like garlic to fight fever. Garlic has a lot of antibacterial properties in its content which helps to keep the body at bay. Moringa seems to be one of the herbs some people use at home to cure fever, as well as kudzu roots and Basil. Before you take any herbal supplements, it is imperative to talk to your doctor and try to avoid self-medication in any form. Wring doses of Medication, without the help medical practitioners, is dangerous to your health.

Some Interesting Facts About Fever You Should Know

  • You are considered to have a fever if you body temperature rises above 39 Celsius, usually between 39 Celsius and 39.4 Celsius.
  • A fever with body temperature between 100 F and 103 F in both children and adult is that harmful or out of hand.
  • Fever is not a disease but a symptom, a body defense mechanism to tackle foreign bodies that found their way into the body.
  • A fever helps the body to fight infections by destroying them with high temperature. It also stimulates the releases of white blood cells and other infection fighting hormones in the body.
  • It is normal for a young child to have a fever once in a month, when it is more than once in 30 days, it calls for concern.
  • A fever enhances the body’s ability to recover faster and to reduce the effect of harmful infections in the body.
  • Fever helps to protect the iron store in the body, which are needed by bacteria in order to multiple at fast rates.
  • Fever medication are not always needed when you are having a fever
  • Fever only comes down by 2 F or 3 F with fever medication.
  • Viral fever is quite different from bacterial fever.

Can You Keep Onion In A fridge?

No, you can’t store an onion in a fridge. The reason is that if you keep an onion in a refrigerator, the humid temperature in there will convert the starch in the onion into sugar and this makes it become soft and rotten out. The onion becomes soggy and affects how every other thing you store in the refrigerator to have onion-like smell. Onion can be best kept in a dry, dark and well ventilated place like pantry. Keeping onions in a cool dry place helps to extend their shelf life span up to 25 days.

Some Interesting Benefits of Onion you Might Not Know

  • Eating a slice of raw onion for few minutes regularly can helps to kill most germ in the mouth that are capable of causing tooth decay.
  • Consuming one onion serve per day helps to minimize the risk of having several types of cancer like stomach cancer, ovarian cancer etc.
  • Diuretic properties of onion helps relieve burning sensation during urination for those who urinary disorder. Just drink boiled water with about 7gm of onion on regular basis.
  • Onion has antioxidant properties which protect the body from free radiation and this in turn boost immune system.
  • An Onion has some compounds in it which are essential for hair growth and helps to prevent dandruff.
  • An Onions with qeucetin-rich helps to protect the body against stress and bolster bone density in old adults.


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