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Know How: Freezer Friendly Appetizers

Freezer friendly meals are a necessity on certain days when you are running out of time. There are delicious meals out there that would not only make your cooking easier but would also help you out by being totally compatible with your freezer. These recipes are ideal for you if you are working student, or a working mother with little or no time for the chores. These meals sort out the cooking part for you impeccably.

Heavy and tasty

Yum and tasty mini meat balls are not only a delight to your senses but they are also very easy to prepare. And more importantly they are completely compatible with your freezer. So the next time you have to cook in a rush, you know what recipe you need to keep at hand. Another yummy dish is the Chicken risotto cake. It is not a beginners dish to be made though. It can be quite difficult to make.

Easy to cook meals

There are several items that can be prepared easily and are less hassle when it comes to cooking. These are one of those dishes that you can just cook during weekends and put in your freezer and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Baked Penne with Chicken and fried tomatoes is one of those dishes that any one in your family will enjoy. Noodle Casseroles are another thing that goes along well with your freezer. Mediterranean Tuna noodle casserole will come to your rescue when you have to use the freezer.

Food that you can make from your leftovers

After relishing all the food that adapts well with your freezer, the question arises what can you do about the leftovers? Now here are a few dishes that you can try with the leftovers. A busy mom can always use these fantastic ideas to chalk out a make ahead meal with these recipes. Some of the recipes included in that list is the chicken tortilla soup, chicken tortilla. Both of which can be mixed for preparation and kept in the freezer for about four months, after which they obviously would have to be taken out. Spicy peanut chicken, Pesto turkey soup and sweet and sour meatballs are some other recipes of this kind.

If you are a Vegan

Being a vegan leaves you with a lot of options for cooking freezer friendly food. Some of the freezer friendly meals are in fact very easy to cook. Garlic and chives Quinoa cakes are one of those recipes. Dinner recipes include Spinach lasagna roll ups, pumpkin risotto, winter pizza, and so on. For breakfast you might like to try out apple crust muffins, peanut butter pancakes both of which are a delight to your taste.

If you are a new mom

We all know that for new moms, having a freezer friendly dish is a blessing. Lentil soups are quite nutritious and yummy and also serve as a freezer friendly dish. Chicken enchiladas, chicken pot pie, homemade chicken noodle soup, is all good for the new moms.


Want To Know About Baking?

Baking for some people is a necessity while for some others it is a passion. The art of baking is somewhat different that normal cooking. Cooking varies from person to person but baking is based on rigid methods. While cooking you have the liberty to alter something from the recipe in order to suit your taste and choice. But while baking you must precisely follow the recipe and method. In baking, every ingredient has to be in a right proportion, mixed up a definite amount of time and the technique has to be precisely followed. Whereas cooking can be defined as an art, baking is more like a science.

The Science behind Baking

The main idea of baking is to heat the food by convection rather than by thermal radiation. Today baking is generally done in an oven but in earlier days hot stones were also used quiet a lot. In baking the heat gradually transfers from the surface of the cake or bread to their centre. That is the reason that the central part is much softer than the outer core. The batter or the dough (which ever term you prefer) on application of heat on them harden and forms the crust on top.

The importance of baking

Bread is one of the earliest baked foods which man-kind cannot survive without. It is a very common food which both important for your daily nutrition and also provides jobs in large number of factories. One of the most common foods in your daily diet, biscuit is actually baked twice. Cheesecake is also baked twice. Other commonly twice baked foods which people consume on a daily basis are bread pudding and biscotti. Therefore we can understand the significance of baked food in our daily lives. Bakeries have existed over centuries and are still going strong.

Some essentials of Baking

Baking is somewhat about chemistry. You have to mix the dough in perfect proportion and know when the right amount of heat has been absorbed. It differs from cooking a bit as it requires less creativity and more perfection.

For Baking the first and most important part is the flour which provides the protein. On addition of water to the flour, the protein complexes form gluten by bonding with one another. The amount of water you add should depend on the type on flour, high protein containing flour requires a lot of water. Then come the addition of leavening agents whose purpose is to provide the airiness to the dough causing it to puff up. Addition of the baking powder, yeast, or baking soda has to be calculated.

If you are baking a non vegetarian cake then one thing is absolutely necessary and that is the egg. The egg helps to hold everything together. Then you need to add some fat providing material on top of that, on addition to providing a nice flavor it also coats the excess protein present in the dough. The addition of sugar, milk and salt is also very necessary and has to be done carefully.