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Discover Reason Why You Should Start Including Herbs In Your Meal Planning

When was the last time you add herbs to your food and recipes? OR has it ever cross your mind to add herbs to food and recipes? Well if your answer to those questions is no, that’s not a big deal. Most people never think of adding herbs to their meal planning, let alone rely on them. However, there are many reasons; i mean the good ones, to add herbs to your cooking recipes, here are some, thus

* they serve as good substitute for salt in our cooking,

* they add up a lot of exquisite flavor to our meal,

* they are of good benefits when it comes to digestion of food

* they have in depth of nutritional and medicinal properties.

Herbs are one the most expensive commodities in the ancient time, to the extent that people risk their life in order to get them. But today, herbs can be found in most kitchen in all part of the world. Herbs are cultivated extensively in the garden, flower beds or windmill pots. Most of the herbs contain high percentage of antioxidant which may supply the body with long term health benefits.

We can cut down the consumption of salt, fat and sugar in our diets by practicing the uses of herbs in our meal planning. In the rest part of this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of including herbs in our daily meals.

1. Slat alternative; one of the facts people don’t know about salt is that it slowly deaden our sense of taste over a long period of time, and this is the reason why people develop salt related problems later, this result from adding more salt to our diets in order to retain the same flavor. if you take notice, you will discover that most processed foods these days contain high level of sodium, reason is that people would not make purchase if they know that the food is not salty enough.

However, we can start making substitute for salt in our daily food by beginning to test which of the these herbs will goes with our meal in order to get the same flavor and taste. Well, you can make the uses of recipes books, which are valuable resource for discovering which fresh herbs would work with particular foods. For instance, add fresh herbs such as chives, basil or mint to salad or sandwich. By practicing, you are bound to eliminate salt completely from your diets.

2. Health benefits: it is necessary to note that most herbs are major living food source. Meaning that, we can get to enjoy many body beneficiary nutrients and necessary compound they contain. it should be note that some of the herbs contain healing and medicinal properties while other are said to enhance digestion of food substance. And, these are part of the reason we need to include herbs in our day to day diets. Take for example; you can add few mints leaves in the tea very early in the morning instead of cubic sugar, sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg over cat wad or wholegrain toast for breakfast.

Before you jump start on the consumption of herbs and spices anyhow, always have it in mind that you are going to purchase the best and fresh herbs in the market. No matter the type of herbs you ant to buy, either fresh or dried ones, always ensure that you buy the organic ones. Most herbs get their concentrate aroma and tastes because they are loaded with a type of oil know as volite oil. herbs can help to boost our health as they bring a lot of pleasant experiences. To get most of the best benefits from these herbs, if we have them in excess, it is very important to store and keep them properly. Wood herbs like thyme and rosemary can be wrapped in a foil or kept inside a paper towel and be frozen for a long period of time.

In order to protect and enhance their delicate flavor together with color in our cooking, leafy herbs like alontro and paresly should be added at the end of the cooking. While dried herbs can be added at the beginning of the cooking so that their strong aroma and flavor will infuse into the dishes.