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Vitamix 5200 Series Blender, Black Review 2018

Known for their versatility and high performance Vitamix have been in the market for over years and is doing well beyond expectations. There had always been new and new inventions and innovations in the blending designs, manufacturing and dealings. This is because Vitamix is solely liable for the production and manufacturing of blenders and they are extremely good at that. Vitamix is a well-known company in the United States who deals with blenders and any product related to blending. There are tremendous varieties of blenders to choose from as per your applications and requirements. Vitamix has been dealing with only blenders and their appliances. This is why this is the best Company for all food blending related necessitates.


The Vitamix 5200 Series Blenderis one such blender that is manufactured by the Vitamix Company in the United States. The specifications and details about the products are explained well in this article and you can summarize the complete Blender features. According to the Vitamix 5200 Series Blender, Black Review this blender comes in different quantities, colors, sizes and shapes. Also, the performance of this blender is dependent on the need. The performance or the quality of any blender is determined by the horsepower of the motor used for blending purposes. In the Vitamix 5200 Series Blender,there is approximately a 2 horsepower motor which is good enough for food blending operations? Also, there are different colors that the blender comes in and you can choose an appropriate color as per your choice.

Specifications/ features 

  • This Vitamix 5200 series blender has a perfect design and delivers high performance.
  • There can be an optional recipe book or a CD provided along with the purchase of this blender.
  • The different quantities or the capacity of the containers of the blender may vary and you get a choice to select from.
  • There are 48 oz and also 64 oz, also in some cases 32 ozs are also available.
  • The added advantage to the Vitamix 5200 Series Blenderis that they are available in most needed sizes and shapes.

Positive points

The most important positive point to note is that the blender comes with a 7 years warranty. This means that you can check your blender for any abnormalities up to 7 years that too free of cost. Only physical damages will not be considered in this damage. Other than that you can easily replace or repair any part or complete blender from the company free of cost.


The only con about this blender is that there are no cons. You get everything built in with this blender. You can have a smoothie or a fruit juice. You can easily perform all sorts of food related blending with this blender.

Market Feedback/ customer review/Verdict

The Vitamix 5200 Series Blender, Black Review and the feedbacks of the people in the United States have been tremendously increasing the rate of sale of the Vitamix 5200 Series Blender. This added an advantage to the Vitamix Company.

Planning a better Christmas And New Year Feast

Are you planning on a grand Christmas party? Do you want to delight your guests with “one of a kind” meals? Are you keen about your budgets? If yes, feel happy! This article revolves around few affordable, but scrumptious dishes. Bear in mind that Christmas planning must begin few weeks ahead the final day. First and foremost, you should plan on a scrumptious Christmas dinner. You can decide on a traditional, contemporary or modern meal plan. The process of finalizing on an ultimate Christmas diner could be a very big challenge. This is because everyone in the family will want to create fresh traditions.


Hale and hearty veggies

You can go against grain on a Christmas dinner. Picky eaters, dieters and allergy sufferers will want a customized menu with lots of vegetables. Though green, these dishes will be very yummy. The recipes must be prepared with lots of care and concern. For example, you can make savory stuffing with non-dairy products. Moreover, you should make special desserts for dieters. These desserts must not have extra calories or added-fat. Simple, healthy desserts would include veggie crusts with bananas!

Crispy and savory dishes

If you want a memorable Christmas dinner you must follow the advice of popular chefs like Jennifer McLagan, Sarah Kramer, David Rocco and Bonnie Stern. Few famous recipes from these experts would be crispy potato pancakes and savory briskets. Also, the foremost chefs are well known for their dishes with pepper, salt, nutmeg and diary free butter.

Meals with a heritage

When you want to celebrate Christmas in a proficient manner, you must remember your heritage. For example, Italians tend to celebrate the festive season with more than 10 fishes. Moreover, they tend to serve seven different sea food varieties during Christmas Eve and New Year. Italian Christmas octopus is one of Italy’s much loved dishes. Similarly, Mexico’s Christmas menu has a huge variety of ground beef, veggies, multiple fillings, tamales, shrimps and fajitas. The nation’s guacamole is also regarded as the country’s favorite. Likewise, Germany has special Christmas meals like red cabbage, beef, dumblings and potatoes. Another sensational Christmas menu would be of the Norwegian tradition. The foremost patrons tend to enjoy Caribbean crab and roasted cauliflower. The turmeric-roasted cauliflower dish is paired with green bean casserole.

Modern Christmas recipes

Simple Christmas menus will have scrumptious dishes like burgers and hotdogs. If you are a veggie you can prepare burgers with mushrooms, lettuce, onions, mustard, ketchup and pickles. Burgers can be combined with French fries and baked parsnip slices. Finally, Christmas recipes would remain incomplete without candy cane wands and lollipops. Candy cane wands will increase the season’s magical spirit. Candy tends to come in different colors and flavors. Thus, you can ask you kids the flavor they want and surprise them with holiday shaped candies. Candies and lollipops that look like angels, pine trees or snow men will definitely delight your little ones.

So remember, that the Christmas season will be extra special when it has mind blowing recipes and food items.