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Can You Microwave Coconut Oil

Majority of the people have the conviction that coconut oil is bad for our body system. In contrary, it is ranked among the healthiest oils for cooking and consumption. Coconut oil has smoke point of 232 Degree. As a result, it one of the oils use for deep frying of food items at home. Unlike other cooking oils we use at home, coconut oil do not turn into fat in our body system. The reason is because it contains MCT, a compound which are easy to breakdown in the body system without leading to fat. Coconut oil is commonly use by the people at the tropical region. They consume it in large amount and they stay healthy instead of getting fat. Coconut oil is very versatile and can be used in various ways in cooking.

Can You Microwave Coconut Oil? Sure, you can microwave coconut oil, you just have to put it microwave safe container first, avoid using metal of stainless steel, then microwave for about two or three minutes. it should b noted that melting the coconut oil in the microwave would not hurt the oil bad, you have ensure that it does not heat above the smoke point. Coconut oils come with lots of healthy benefits.

Source: Healthline.com

Coconut oil promotes fast metabolism. Coconut oils don’t cover to oil easily in our body system. As a result, it increases metabolism which aids weight loss. When the metabolism rate increases, the fat in the body burnt faster. Coconut oil contains certain amount of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. It is known that coconut oils contains anti-fungal and ant bacterial effects. It contains sheer number of antioxidants which protect the body from free radiation in the body. Also, antioxidant helps to fight wrinkles and saggy skin.

Coconut oil comes with high smoke and this prevents the oil from going rancid after it has been used for either deep or shallow frying. And, it should know that rancid oils can cause free radical damage in the body when consume. Coconut oils have anti-aging effects too because it does not contain petrochemical agents in it. Coconut oil is a good treatment for the hair as it helps to fight the dandruff and head lice on the scalp. In fact, coconut oil contains lot of healing properties than any other cooking oils. Coconut oil is pretty much lower in calories compare to other cooking oils.

Can You Microwave Salmon?

Sure, you can microwave salmon; there are recipes online that support that. You just need to place the salmon in the microwave save contain and ensure you cover it with plastic wrap. Place the container in the microwave for about four or five before you take it out. Salmon ranks among one of them most nutritious sea foods and it is very delicious. It house high percentage of Omega 3 fatty acids which good for combating obesity and reducing the chance of heart attack.

Salmon is also contains vitamin A, D, B12 and essential minerals like phosphorus, iron, calcium and selenium. The selenium that present in salmon is good for healthy hair and nail growth, together with tussle build up. The protein in the salmon helps in the formation of strong muscle in the body. The vitamin A found in the Salmon helps to strengthen and brighten the sight. There are lots of recipes which include Salmon as parts of their ingredients like Salmon marinade with lemon juice.

Can You Microwave Beans?

Sure, you can microwave beans they tend to stay hot for long period of time than when they are warm in the pan. If it is dried bean, you should first soak in the water before you go ahead to microwave it. But, you should avoid microwaving the baked beans; explosion is possible to occur if you try it. Beans are very delicious if they are cooked properly. Beans requires thorough cooking, otherwise it would be easy to digest for whoever consume it. Beans are nutritious and economical.

Beans are one of the cheap ways of enrich our body with enough proteins. Beans are one of those foods you can store for a long period of time and they will still retain must of their nutrients. It is stated that beans is one of the natural fat burners at everyone’s disposal. Beans come in different varieties including pinto, kidney, navy, black, mung and lime. Beans are not only the excellent source of proteins, but a good source of folate, fiber, potassium, vitamin B, magnesium and iron.

Can You Microwave Carrots?

If you have a great fascination for cooked carrots and you don’t have much time to prepare it on the stovetop, you may want to know maybe you can microwave it or not. You may tend to ask that can you microwave carrots? Sure, you can microwave carrots. The freshness and sweetness of the carrots are usually retained when you microwave them. With microwave oven, delicious and healthy carrots are pretty simple and easy to prepare. Carrots can be consumed either cooked or raw, but the cooked one seems to be more nutritious.

A recent research shows that mashing the carrots are liable to give more nutrients that eating it as whole. It should be known that carrots house more carotene than any other vegetable out there. Carrots contain vitamin A which makes it good for improving the sight. Also, vitamin B and C are present in the carrots. Potassium, folic acid, magnesium and copper are among the vital nutrients present in the carrots.

Can You Microwave Frozen Vegetables?

Assuming you want to want to prepare a vegetable recipe and you don’t have much to go to the grocery to buy but you still have some left in the freezer. You may want to ask yourself that can you microwave the frozen vegetable? Sure, you can microwave frozen vegetable. Steaming your frozen vegetable is fast but microwaving it is pretty much faster.

In fact, microwave is one of the great ways to cook both fresh and frozen vegetables and still retain some of their nutrients. You just need to sprinkle them with little amount of water before you place them in the microwave. a light sprinkle of salt on the vegetable will helps to preserve their color while they are in the microwave.

Can You Microwave Cream Cheese?

Cream Cheese is a fresh from dairy cheese which comes from cow milk. Sure, you can microwave cream cheese and butter. Microwave is used to soften up cream cheese and butter. First place the cream cheese in microwave safe plate or container, then microwave the cheese on high for about 15 seconds. You need to mix it with other ingredient evenly in order to prevent the cream cheese from forming lumps. By soften the cream cheese; it would be easier to spread during the baking or preparing recipes. Using soften cream cheese will prevent unnecessary lumps during the cooking.

The recipes that uses soften cream cheese include Cinnamon Roll Apple Cake with Icing Cream on it, Peach and Blueberry Cream Cheese Tart, No bake Oreo dessert and Cool Whip etc. Cream cheese ranks the best when it comes to spreading. It is a good spread on bagel, crackers, toast etc. Cream cheeses are always in perfect texture, lice yummy and mildly thick, a little spread on it will make the bread yummier. It is also used as fillings for some pastries like croissant.

Can You Microwave Chocolate?

Sure, you can microwave chocolate bar. Microwaving is one of the fast ways of melting chocolate bar. Melting chocolate in the microwave is simple and straightforward, take each bars of chocolate and put them in a clean glass or microwave safe container. Then microwave on high for about fifteen to twenty seconds, remove the container and stir the melted chocolate.

If the chocolate bars are yet to fully melt, wait for few minutes and replace the container into the microwave, do this at interval of twenty seconds on the bars are fully melt. Chocolate bars come in different form. Chocolate bars are delicious and fun to make. There are lots of homemade recipes for chocolate bars which can fun to the picnic.

Can You Microwave Crawfish?

Sure, crawfish can go into microwave oven. If it happens that you have leftover crawfish, you can simply reheat them in microwave. Clawless crawfish is a delicious and healthy food. Apart from putting it in microwave for reheat, frying is another way of cooking crawfish, you can even boil it depend on how you want it.

Can You Microwave Donuts?

Very well, donut is one of the snacks that can go into microwave. In fact, there are some recipes that require you to microwave the donut as parts of the procedure. Donut comes in different size, shapes and color, they are always look yummy, fascinating and hard to pass by. Donut can be bake at home whenever it convenient for you to do.

This is even cheaper and healthier than the one bought at the store. The reason is because they are served fresh and hot. It easy simple to make, once you are acquitted with the correct procedures and right ingredients. The only equipment you will need when you want to make donut is deep fryer.

Can You Cook Ramen In The Microwave

It’s quite hard to find someone who does not like eating noodles. There are specific categories of people who live most on noodles. These include the college students, young professional, single ladies etc as well as those who are always on the go and do not have enough time to prepare sumptuous meal. Ramen noodles are not only taste but they are also cheap and easy to get at most supermarkets. Ramen noodle seems to be cheap, no wonder it gains popularity in the western world. Ramen noodles are usually in flat shape, fat, slim and ribbon side like. Fun thing is that most people think you only need hot water to make Ramen noodles. If that is the case, can it be prepare in the microwave? Let’s check at the answer below.

Can You Cook Ramen In The Microwave? Yes, it is possible to cook ramen in the microwave, even if it is done correctly, you can cook it without leaving water in the microwave. Ramen is one of the common Japanese dishes which simply mean pulled noodles. It is made of wheat noodle which resemble that of Chinese style, fish based broth or spiced meat. Soy suace or miso are used to flavor Ramen up, together with toppings like nori, pork, menna etc. Cooking Ramen in the microwave is great if you don’t have enough time to boil water and you still want to enjoy the noodle.

Credit: SimpleRecipes.com

The process of cooking Ramen noodle is very simple and straight forward. Take the Ramen noodle you want to cook and crush them in a bag, as this will speed up the cooking process. Get yourself a microwave safe container and pour the noodle in it. Fill up the container with clean water that will be enough for the noodle. Place the container in the microwave and let the noodles and water stay for about three minutes. it is good to keep eyes on them as the water may boil out quickly and overflow out of the container. Once the Ramen is done, you can then spice it with whatever you desire on it and enjoy. If there is any water left in the container, you can drain them in the out the container with the uses of a strainer. After that, you place the container back into the microwave and let the noodle sit for twenty seconds or less.

There is a slight different between stove top cooked Ramen and that of microwave. The different is the amount of water used in cooking either of the two. As it requires about two cups to cook stove top Ramen while you need lesser water to cook the one of the microwave. For perfect result, make sure you place the Ramen in a microwave container, and fill the container with water that is enough to cover the Ramen. Don’t forget to fully absorb the Ramen in the water to make it soft before cooking it in the microwave. Apart from using microwave, there are many other ways you can prepare Ramen. You can even cook it without using heat; this is very common at the camping and other similar places.

Can You Cook Bacon In Microwave?

Yes it is possible to cook Bacon in the microwave. You just need to put about three sheet of paper towel on a microwave dish before you place strips of bacon in the microwave. Also make sure you do the same at the top and then microwave the bacon. The paper towel will help to soak up the grease that comes out of the bacon during the process and the ones at the top prevent splatter. You just need to keep eye on the bacon to avoid mess. If it is done correctly, the bacon will be very crisp with little or no mess. One of the advantages of cooking bacon in microwave is because of the less mess it involves. You just simply cleaning the microwave after the whole process, compare to that cleaning you will do if cook it on the stove top. It involves short time to prepare and easy to cook a couple of slice. But, if you are planning to cook lots of bacon, microwave might not be a good option.

Can You Cook Rice In The Microwave?

Imagine you found yourself in the vacation rental house with malfunctioning stove and you have a simple rice recipe you are willing to try. How will you go about/ you tend to ask that can you cook rice in the microwave? Provided you have one with you. Sure, you can cook rice in the microwave and it is a bit faster than cooking it on the stovetop. Convenience is one of the reasons people opt in to cook rice in the microwave. As you can easily get rice done with just one plate, which eliminate lots id dishes at the end of the whole process. Also, if you cook rice in the microwave, you don’t have to worry over rice getting stuck at the bottom of the pot or rice cooker. In fact, microwave is suitable for cooking all varieties of rice be it short, medium or long grain ones like basmati rice.

Can You cook Chicken In The Microwave?

Sure, you can prepare delicious chicken in the microwave. Majority of the people who buy microwave don’t know they can cook chicken in the microwave. It is said that cooking chicken especially the breast is one of the best ways to make it tender and look juicy. Fried chickens are very simple to prepare there are lots of ways to prepare it and microwaving is one of them. It obvious that cooking chicken at home is pretty much healthier than the ones got from the fast food outlet. Microwaving chicken comes in handy when you need chicken cooked faster for recipe. To get the fascinating result, you should make use of glass casserole dish and should not let the chicken sit in the microwave beyond five minutes.

Can You Cook Mushroom In The Microwave?

Sure, mushroom can be cooked in the microwave. it is even considered by some that cooking mushroom in the microwave is the healthiest way of doing so. A new research has shown that the best way to retain the Antioxidant found in the mushroom is to microwave it. While the boiling of mushroom should be avoid as it reduces the antioxidant in them. Mushroom houses important nutrients like protein, vital amino acid, a good amount of fiber and vitamins.

Also, you should desist from fry mushroom as it reduces the level of protein and carbohydrate got lost in the frying oil. The short amount of time and low level liquid requires makes microwaving of mushroom the best option among the rest. Mushroom comes with a natural fragrance and it’s often cooked with meat. Most vegetarians use mushroom stock for base in most of their recipes. Mushroom has low amount of fat and can make your stomach remain filled all day long.

Can You Cook Turkey In The Microwave?

In the real sense, the best way to cook turkey all depends on ones sense of taste, one rule does not fit all. Although people have different views in it comes to turkey cooking. But the question here is that can you cook turkey in the microwave oven? Probably yes, you can prepare turkey in the microwave provided it does not exceed 12 to 14lb pounds. Reason lots of people disagree with the idea is because microwave might cook the turkey unevenly and this might pose a great risk to your health if it’s consume that way.

Simple trick to prevent uneven cooking is to microwave the turkey in oven cooking bag as this enhances even distribution of heat. Also, you should avoid microwaving a stuffed turkey. Stuffed turkeys are not usually cook to safe and adequate internal temperature.

 Can You Cook Broccoli In The Microwave?

Sure, you can steam broccoli in the microwave oven. Microwaving broccoli is lot faster than boiling, steaming, stir frying, or sautéing it. Broccoli is a vegetable that related to cabbage and it one of the cruciferous we have. There are wide varieties of broccoli, but the common one is sprouting broccoli. Broccoli is one of the vegetables that house highest percentage of vitamin A and C. it is rich in fiber and has good percentage of folic acids. Broccoli has some potent antioxidants in their nutritional fact which support healthy cells and tissues in our body.

Can You Cook Shrimp In The Microwave?

There are times you don’t fill like taking a lot of stress to prepare some foods. This may also happens when you have a shrimp recipe you wanted to try out. Then, the question pop up on you mind, can someone cook shrimp in the microwave oven?

Yes, it is possible and healthy to cook shrimp in the microwave oven. Shrimp is one of the delicious and tastiest sea foods. It is a common ingredient in making some sumptuous dishes like shrimp scampi. There are some recipes that require microwaving shrimp as part of the procedure. But, it is very vital to know how to cook shrimp before you can attempt to use microwave to prepare it.

Can You Cook Spinach In The Microwave?

Sure, spinach can be cook in the microwave it requires less than five minutes to prepare it and water is not need to be added. Some people do not like the taste of spinach but it is one of the healthiest foods. It has high proportion of good nutrients. It comes with good amount of antioxidant and essential vitamins. The dark green Savoy with curly leaves seems to be the most common type of spinach. Spinach is very versatile as it can goes with the like of lemon juice, low fat yogurt, parmesan cheese etc. spinach is easy to prepare and has low amount of calories. It can be used in place of lettuce in preparing most Salads. Making green smoothies is one of the ways you can add Spinach to your diets.

Can You Cook Sausage In The Microwave?

If you are tired of buying sausages with little or no flavor added to them, or you worried about the quality of ingredients used in making them, then the idea of prepare one will looks appealing to you. It is very obvious simple way to consume delicious and sausage is to make them by yourself. But can you cook sausage in the microwave? sure, you can possibly cook sausage in the microwave. you just have to take the sausage, wrap them in paper towel before you place them in the microwave. This helps to trap away the moisture as the grease are channeled during the process. You can wrap each of the sausage in paper towel for better outcome. Make sure you rotate the sausage at interval to avoid splattering and exploding of the sausage.

Can You Cook Salmon In The Microwave?

Sure, you can cook salmon in the microwave oven. In fact, it requires about 5 minutes to microwave Salmon for a portion of fillet. Salmon ranks among the versatile fish and can be cooked in different ways which in clued microwaving. Salon cooks fast and it easy to tell when it’s done after cooking. You can serve salmon unseasoned or you can add more seasoning to it in order to enhance its flavor. Aside from microwaving the salmon, other common ways of cooking it is baking, poaching, pan frying, grilling, broiling etc. While you are cooking Salmon in the microwave, you should not let it sit for long to avoid getting it tough and dry.

Can You Cook Corn In The Microwave?

Yes, you can cook corn on the cob and it always comes out delicious. You can simple do this by placing the corn in a plates and add little amount of water it. After that, cover the corn in a loose manner and place the corn in the microwave. make sure you cut the bottom and let it spend about four to five minutes in the microwave. After the corn is done, you will need to wait for it to cool before strip off the cob. Another common way of cooking corn is to boil it. If you are going to boil it, you can add a teaspoon of sugar to make it sweet and tender. Avoid making use of salt as this tends to make the kernel dry out and tough.

Why Is My Microwave Wet Inside?

Microwave oven deserves a special place in the kitchen among modern cooking appliance that could be found in the kitchen. Owning to the convenience in using the microwave oven, it has become one of the indispensable gadgets in the kitchen. Microwave oven has widened the cooking and recipes options for most people. Cooking with the uses of microwave helps to save time and effort, also it is comfortable to use. Some food items which are tedious to cook on gas burner can easily be prepared in the microwave oven. But sometimes someone might notice that the microwave oven got wet on the inside. This can cause worries to the new user who is not familiar with it. If you are curious to know the causes, then continue to read this article.

Why is Microwave Wet Inside?

Microwave oven will wet inside when you cook foods that are of high moisture contents like frozen foods for a long period of time. Condensation, when it occurs repeatedly, can be as a result of the vent on the microwave oven is blocked.

Source: cdkitchen.com

Microwave ovens are simple, easy to operate and most come with series of buttons on the control panel for easy cooking. Since the invention of microwave oven, it has been helping people in lots of ways. Microwave ovens are commonly used both in catering sectors and household large gathering as well. Microwave oven is the most convenient appliance for making meals in short period of time these include reheating, defrosting, baking, roasting, grilling etc. Thawing food is also much faster with microwave oven than other means of cooking. So microwave oven got you covered anytime with proper technique either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Microwave oven is suitable for those who have limited space in the kitchen, as it can also be placed in any other room apart from the kitchen. Most foods cooked in microwave are often retain their color and flavor also they taste better than the one cooked with induction plate.

Microwave oven helps to retains the nutrients of vegetables foods like potatoes and tomatoes than when they cooked by steaming or boiling. The same goes for the vitamins and minerals of other foods as more liquids are needed in the process. Food retains their nutrients with microwave as it cook food faster and prevent prolonged cooking which destroys vital nutrients of the food. Unlike conventional oven which requires pre-heating before any baking could be done, microwave oven does not need pre-heating, it starts heating instantly once it is switched on. No babysitting or long supervision is required, as most of the cooking done with microwave oven are time based. All it requires is to place a dish on the turntable, set the timer and you can attend to other cooking chores. The risk of getting burn with microwave oven is pretty much lesser with microwave oven.

So far that no fire is involves in the use of the microwave oven makes it safe for the children. They can easily reheat foods like muffins, pizza with microwave oven. Microwave is a big time saver as the heat produced in it is so intense that it heats up food faster. It boils water much faster for the beverages like coffee than most coffee maker. It is capable of bringing water to boiling point in sixty seconds while it takes up to three or four minutes even with the fastest coffee maker. Microwave oven is also energy efficiency as it consumes much lesser energy than the gas stove and convection ovens. Also microwave oven does not heat up the kitchen either during or after use.

Which Is The Best Microwave Oven In The Market?

Selecting the right type of microwave might be difficult owing to lots of brands available in the market. But, here we are going to review two top rated microwave ovens out of all that are available in the market. The review will cover importance of the features of each products, their pros and cons together with the customers’ reviews. Here we go:

1 Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN651WAZ White Countertop with Inverter Technology and Genius Sensor

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN651WAZ White Counter top with Inverter is one of the best and top rated microwave ovens available in the market. This microwave oven is the Amazon’s choice for white microwave oven. This microwave oven is stylish and it is suitable addition for any kitchen. It is well built and powerful as it runs with 1220 watts. Ability to prepare breakfast quicker remain one of the top hindrance for the professional parents who have to get up earlier to prepare for the children in order to avoid being late to the office. This microwave oven comes with sizable turntable of 13 ½ inches which is large enough to cater for the breakfast of mid range family in a short period of time. This microwave oven enhances convenient cooking as it comes with 12 auto cook options for quick preparation of foods like popcorn, pasta, pizza, soup, oatmeal etc. guesswork can be a detriment in preparing a delicious meal. But, this Panasonic microwave oven eliminate the issue of guesswork by setting power level automatically and adjust cooking or defrosting times for the utmost convenience to the users. This oven features advanced inverter Turbo Defrost which helps to reduce time spent on defrosting. The smart genius sensor on the microwave oven helps to achieve effective cooking as it adjusts power and time for different food. It has a dimension of 15.8 by 20.7 by 12.2 inches and weighs about 23.4 pounds.


  • It is one of the strong and powerful ovens with 1200 watts.
  • The turntable is large and suitable for family of seven members.
  • The cooking is pretty much faster and hotter with this microwave oven.
  • It is easy to set, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • It comes with varieties of cooking options for different kind of foods.
  • The smart sensor on the microwave oven enhances effective cooking and defrosting of foods.
  • It heats up food evenly and good for daily uses..


  • It is a bit noisy due to its high wattage.
  • The end alarm is not that loud, it can be missed.
  • The light fails sometimes when you open the door.

Customers Reviews

There 1,286 customers who have bought Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN651WAZ White Counter top with Inverter on Amazon and they left some reviews. This microwave receives lots of 5 stars ratings from about 57% of the customers. 4 stars rating were given by 17% of the customers. About 6% of the customers gave it ratings of 3 stars. Also, 2 stars where given by 5% of the entire customers. The rest at 15% are less satisfied with the function of the microwave oven and they left 1 stars ratings. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN651WAZ White Counter top with Inverter has overall ratings of 3.9 out of 5 on Amazon ratings scale.

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2 Counter Top Rotary Microwave Oven 0.9 Cubic Feet, 900 Watt, Black, WCMH900B by Westinghouse

Counter Top Rotary Microwave Oven 0.9 Cubic Feet, 900 Watts is one of the top rated and best microwave ovens available in the market. This microwave oven is the Amazon’s choice for small microwave oven counter top. There are some people who wants simple and elegant when it comes to microwave ovens. If you are one of those people, this microwave oven might be the one that suit your need due to its simple and light weight construction. Its compact design makes it suitable for a person living in a tiny house, dorm or studio apartment. Sometimes you might want to prepare quite large dishes for all members of the family; well it is possible, as this microwave is capable of accommodating microwave safe dishware that is up to 10.5 inches. One of the attributes of quality microwave oven is the ability to prepare a wide range of foods evenly. This microwave oven comes with six power levels for varieties of coking tasks. The mechanical dial control on this microwave oven set it apart from other ovens as it pretty much easier to use and this makes suitable for visual impair people and the senior citizen. This microwave oven works on power of 900 watts for fast operation. It features a 30-minutes timer which helps to keep the dish safe. It has a dimension of 19 by 14.4 by 10.9 inches and weighs about 29.9 pounds.


  • It is suitable for limited space countertop, dormitory, tiny kitchen and studio apartment.
  • It is perfect for preparing small and medium sizes dishes.
  • It is pretty much easier to clean and it requires low maintenance.
  • It features manual dial controls which makes it suitable for senior citizen and people with vision disability.
  • It is durable and the handle is easy to grip and comfort.
  • It consumes relatively less energy than the microwave ovens.
  • It is of compact sizes and suitable for small RV.


  • It takes longer time to get food ready sometimes.
  • It vibrates during the operation.
  • It does not display time.

Customers Reviews

There are 797 customers who bought Counter Top Rotary Microwave Oven 0.9 Cubic Feet, 900 Watts on Amazon and they left some reviews. About 56% of the customers gave it ratings 5 stars due to its performance. 4 stars ratings were given by 18% of the customers. 3 stars ratings were given by 7% of the customers. 2 stars ratings were given by 6% of the customers. The rest at 13% are less satisfied with the performance of the microwave oven and they left 1 stars ratings. Counter Top Rotary Microwave Oven 0.9 Cubic Feet, 900 Watts has overall ratings of 3.9 out of 5 on Amazon ratings scale.

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Can You Cook Long Grain Rice In Microwave

Rice is a very popular food around the world. It comes in different varieties which include white rice, brown rice, short-grain rice, medium grain rice and long grain rice etc. rice is one of the most foods commonly cooked in most household virtually every day. Most people make use of stove, hot plates, rice cooker etc to prepare rice. But the uses of microwave to cook rice helps to save time and stress. Cooking rice is easy and simple for those who know the right steps to take. But some people find it difficult to cook rice perfectly. Rice cooking does not require much utensils lust a saucepan or a pot preferably the one with a lid, a fork, a colander as well as following simple rules and make use of appropriate methods for the type of rice you are planning to cook.

Can You Cook Long Grain Rice In Microwave?

Sure, you can cook long grain rice perfectly in a microwave. It usually takes about 15 minutes for the liquids used to cook the rice to get absorbed and the rice becomes tender. You just have to make use of two cups of boiling water for every single cup of long grain rice for perfect cooking. You can cook the rice on high power setting preferable level ten, for three or four minutes for fast result.

Source: pillsbury.com

The simple rules to follow whenever you want to cook rice are using appropriate amount of water, using a saucepan or a pot with tight fitting lid, mild heating and resting period for about three minutes after the rice is done. Though some people claimed that these simple rules as secret, but they are not.

Types Of Rice Base On Grain Length

There are hundreds of varieties of rice but there are three major kinds namely short-grain rice, medium-grain rice and long-grain rice. All the three kinds have distinctive attributes which make them different from one another. Thus,

1 Short-grain rice: These are the fattest and roundest rice breed. Short grain rice cook up sticky and chump. They stick together when they are being cooked and this is due to the large starch content in them. They are also soft and moist when cooked. They are perfect for desserts and pudding. Short grain rice are commonly used for preparing sushi. They are usually 5.0mm or less in their length.

2 Medium-Grain Rice: These kinds of rice are creamy when they are cooked and they are often associated with Risotto. Medium-grain rice are also suitable for pudding and desserts. They are often use interchangeably with short grain rice in most of the recipes. Medium-grain rice are about two to three times longer than their width. They are usually up to 6.0mm in their length.

3 Long-grain rice: these are rice that do not stick together when they are being cooked, they are fluffy and separated after cooking. Long grain rice are usually over 6.0mm long and are about five times their width. They are always turning out they way they are needed to be after cooking. Basmati and Jasmine are common examples of long grain rice. Long grain rice are most suitable for rice salad.

Step By Step On How To Cook Rice In Microwave Perfectly

Rice is one the fabulous staple food out there with balanced nutritional value and it is very nourishing. Cooking rice in a proper way helps to save a lot of money. Most people prefer Basmati rice most of the time, due to its slim grain and sharp points on the edges, together with it inviting flavor after cooking. Perfect cooked rice goes with chicken, stir fried beef and veggie, Broccoli, Basil shrimps, maple pork etc. Rice cooker seems to be the easiest gadget use to cook rice. But cooking rice in the microwave offers lots of benefits other than saving cost.

Cooking rice with microwave is pretty much faster than rice cooker. It takes about 25 – 30 minutes to prepare rice with rice cooker, while it only takes about 10 – 12 minutes with microwave. Cooking rice with microwave offers free hands to some of other things unlike in which you have to keep watching the rice when you are using stove or hotplate. Also, there is no change in taste of the rice you cook with microwave. However, using the right amount of water to cook rice is the key to achieve perfect cooking of the rice with microwave. The step by step procedures are as follows:

Step 1: Measure out the amount of raw rice you want to cook, get a colendar and microwave save container to cook the rice with.

Step 2: Put the raw rice in the colander and fill it up with clean and cool water. Use the water to wash the rice thoroughly. The water becomes cloudy after washing. Tilt the colander to get rid of the water. The water becomes cloudy due to the presence of starch in the rice. Fill up the colander with another clean water to wash it and do it one more time in order to get rid of the dirt in the rice completely. The water becomes less cloudy after washing the rice three times and it time to move to the next step.


Step 3: fill up the rice with another clean water to cook the rice with. The water should cover the rice at least by 1 inch above.

Step 4: Use your index finger to measure the depth of the rice to the water. If the water reaches your first knuckle of your finger from the surface touch of the rice, you are on the right track; otherwise, you should add more water to reach the appropriate level. This method works irrespective of the amount of the rice you want to cook or the size of the saucepan you want to use to cook the rice.

Step 5: cover the lid of the container and microwave the rice for about 8 – 9 minutes and let the rice rest for 3 – 4 minutes after it is done for the rice to be ready completely for serving. Note, the microwave should be set on high level for fast turnaround.

Health Benefits of Eating Rice And Nutritional Values

Rice is a staple food that offers quite amount of health benefits and lots of nutritional values. Rice is a great source of carbohydrate and this makes it a good fuel for the body. It provides the body with instant energy and this aid proper functioning of the brain. The starch present in the rice is beneficiary to the diabetic patients as the carbohydrate content is lower compare to other starch rich foods. Rice have fiber in their content but it vary depending on the type of rice in question. But, brown rice has more fiber in their content than the white rice. Rice is good for Celiac patients as it does not cause inflammation in the gut due to its gluten free nature. Rice have a trace fat content, low amount of cholesterols and sodium which makes it suitable for minimizing obesity. A research shows that there is no correlation between excess consumption of rice and weight gain.

source: countdown.co.nz

Rice seems to one of most suitable foods for those suffering from hypertension because it has low sodium content. As it is known that excess sodium in the body cause blood pressure to rise. Rice is consider as a diuretic agent which helps to get rid of toxin substance like uric acid from the body.  The husk of the rice can also serve as a potent medicine for dysentery treatment. The presence of vitamin D, calcium, iron, thiamine and riboflavin in the rice helps to improve the rate of metabolism and boost the immune system. Rice is very rich in vitamin B which enhances the ability of the nervous system. Brown rice comes with adequate amount of antioxidant which helps to prevent inflammation in the body.

What type of rice has the best taste among the rest?

The term “best taste rice” is a relative term because what seems to be best to one person might not be okay with another person. But due to popular demand, most people prefer Jasmine rice due to it fragrance and awesome taste. Basmati is also one of the best because it is used in most of the recipes.

Can you eat rice at night?

Yes, you can eat rice at any time of the day including night. You can only avoid eating rice at night, and any other food for that matter, if you have a dietary restriction from doing so.

What happen when someone eat hot rice?

Hot rice is liable to cause burnt if it happens that you have soft tongue and in turns you may not enjoy the meal after all. Besides that, you will be sweating profusely is you east hot rice continuously and fatigue once you finished eating. So whenever you are served with hot rice, you should have patience and wait by allowing the rice to cool off before you start eating it.

Can You Cook Garlic Bread In The Microwave

Garlic bread is among those recipes that the majority of the people know how to prepare. The reason is that they are very simple and easy to make, and it does not take much time to prepare, most recipes take less than twenty minutes. Having the right proportion of butter to bread is very important in making of garlic bread that will not be too greasy and soft. French bread seems to be the most suitable choice of all types when it comes to garlic bread recipes. French bread tends to preserve the chewy texture after the garlic bread is ready. Try and avoid left over or old bread in making of garlic bread, as either of them often leads to crunchy or messy most time. There may be time you want to make garlic bread at home, but the oven might not be available due to cleaning or it develop fault, and you really want to devour the garlic bread. What do you do, maybe you can make use of microwave instead of oven, who knows?

Can You Cook Garlic Bread In The Microwave

No, you should avoid using microwave to cook garlic bread if you really want to enjoy the delicious taste of the bread to the fullest. Though it is possible to make use of microwave to cook the garlic bread but it makes it turn hard and becomes difficult to chew. Microwave will render the bread crack and does not toast it up to the right taste, as it is designed to remove moisture from the foods, in which the bread is inclusive.

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Garlic bread cooking times vary for different recipes and this largely depends on the size of the bread in most case. Large French loaves, large banquettes or Chapattis usually take twenty minutes to ready in an oven with temperature of 200C. While small bread like hotdog rolls takes just ten minutes under the temperature of 200C. It is good to make use of quality butter whenever you want to prepare garlic bread. It is also essential to use single sheet of foil to wrap the bread for even cooking, so also the thickness of the bread should not be too thin.

Step By Step On How To Make Sumptuous Garlic Bread

Garlic breads are great accompanied of various meals especially the dinner. There are many ways of preparing garlic bread and different recipes to follow, though French bread is the best choice for the making of garlic bread, though you can any bread of choice. Garlic bread can be served along with pasta and soup, good with pizza, seafood etc. in this section; we are going to look at the step by step procedure of making fabulous garlic bread. At first, the ingredients you will need include French loaf, a set of garlic herbs, about 5 oz of butter, parmesan cheese (optional), garlic clove, table salt, green pepper, small food processor, traditional oven, mixing cup, pastry brush, butter knife.

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Step 1: Pre-heating the oven: you need to pre heat the oven by setting of the oven to about 185 C (335F) at least. Better still, you can make use of actual temperature setting on your recipes.

Step 2: Prepare garlic butter spicy: get the butter out of the freezer, dice it into small cubes and let those butter cubes soften up for a while. Get handy garlic and chop it into fine cuts. Get a little bunches of parsley, wash and dry it with hand towel. Cut the parsley into smaller units, put all the spicy into small food processor until smooth texture is formed.

Step 3: slice the bread: you can slice the bread into three sections. Then cut each section into slices with about 1 inch to 1 ½ inches thickness. Try to leave the bottoms of the bread so as to let the bread remains intact.

Step 4: slather up the bread: you need to first create gaps between the slices to do this. Fill up the bread with prepared butter spicy. Use the butter knife to spread the garlic spices smoothly to the slices. The garlic bread will maintain it spicy freshness provided the garlic cuts are not cooked.


Step 5: wrapping the bread: cut out large pieces of aluminum foil and use it to wrap up the bread. And, you should try and seal up the two ends for proper baking. You can as well make use of baking sheet to wrap the bread if it happens that you don’t have aluminum foil at your disposal.

Step 6: bake and serve: bake the bread in the pre heat oven until it is thoroughly heated. The whole heating should not take more than 15 to 20 minutes at maximum. You can unwrap the bread for another five minutes to make desirable crunchy of choice. Serve the garlic bread hot after the whole process.

Can You Cook Egg In Microwave

Yes, you can cook egg in microwave, but you should try as much to avoid overheating in order to prevent the egg shell from exploding. Scrambled eggs are easy to make with microwave, just break the egg shell and empty it content into the microwave safe cup and place inside the microwave oven. But it should be noted that it is not possible to be 100% safe to cook egg in microwave, and they are not as delicious as the one cooked on stove. Microwave eggs are easy and quick to make, and it is good alternating method in case the skillet pan is not available, or you leave in dorm room with no other means of cooking, or you just want to prepare poached egg from the office’s kitchen. But you should always make use of conventional method of cooking eggs if you really want to enjoy the egg because microwave egg does not taste as good as the stove cooked ones.

Cooking egg in microwave can be best alternate if you don’t have enough time to prepare any fancy foods and you are in hurry to go out in shortest time possible. Cooking eggs in microwave is the best method when it comes to nutrient retention. Other methods like frying, cooking or boiling often leads to lost of essential nutrients in the egg. Using microwave to cook eggs gives room for flexibility as you can do some other things with less supervision. Unlike frying, in which you have to stay glue to the stove in order to prevent over crispy of the egg. If you are going to make use of microwave to prepare eggs, you just have to make sure that you always use microwave safe containers that are non plastic like glass cup, ceramic plates, paper plates etc. you should as much avoid using metal or plastic materials to cook egg in microwave oven for safety.

Healthy Benefits of Consuming Eggs

Eggs are found in most place and they are not really expensive to get. Egg is very versatile, and it is one of most foods with high dense of nutritional values. Eating eggs is beneficiary to the body a lot as both its white substance and yolk are full of essential nutrients. The white substance contains nutrients like proteins, vitamins while the yolk contains fat soluble, cholesterols, fatty acids etc. one large sized egg contains six grams of high quality proteins and stack array of amino acids in it. And it is known that amino acids are essential for strong and healthy immune systems, it aids metabolism and reduces the development of the body tissues.

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Egg also comes with carotenoids in its nutritional values. The carotenoid houses important supplements like retinol which is very vital for clear vision, as well as lutien and zeaxamthin, which are important for healthy skin and optimal brain functioning respectively. Egg also comes with vitamin k12 which enhances cardiovascular health and also improve the influx of calcium into the bone tissues. Eggs also provide the body with vitamin D3 and vitamin E. Vitamin D3 along other nutrients, plays pivot roles in improving health of the bone and improve cognitive performance.

While vitamin E contributes to the vascular health. Vitamin B complex and selenium are also present in egg, they both contribute to the healthy immune system in the body. Egg is one of the foods that are highly rich in Choline. Choline enhances healthy nervous system in the body and normal brain development in young kids.

Can You Cook Chicken In Microwave Oven

Yes, you can possibly cook chicken in the microwave oven and it is safe, though the cooking times for the chicken may vary and this largely depends on the microwave oven in use. Boneless chicken takes lesser time compare to the chicken with bones. Before you cook the chicken in the microwave, you need to first thaw the chicken. Thawing of the chicken helps to prevent the bacteria from infecting the chickens. Some of the things you will need to cook the chicken effectively in the microwave are medium casserole dish, garlic or lemon, salt and pepper. Also, half cup of chicken broth and meat thermometer will be needed too.

Put the chicken in a large dish, preferably the microwave safe ones. Add suitable amount of garlic or squeezed lemon, salt and pepper so as to give the chicken an inviting flavor. Cover the dish and place it in the microwave oven for about five minutes. The microwave should be set at 170F for perfect cooking. Once the chicken is done, take it out of the microwave and leave it for few minutes before you serve it. It is very important to ensure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked before you serve it, if not return the chicken back to the microwave and check at interval of a minute or two. Consuming raw or uneven cooked chicken is liable to cause some illness in the body.

Sharp R-820JS 0.9-Cubic Foot Grill 2 Convection Microwave, Silver Review

Top microwave review is readily available on the internet, which can 41M31GYKX8Lserve as your guide in choosing the best and the most reliable microwave ovens that are available on the marker these days. Microwave convection ovens are equipped with both convection and microwave facilities. Microwave ovens will cook you food with outstanding speed heating the food alone, while the convection facility offers fans and an airflow circulation that will cook the food while using less electricity.

Among the many excellent options is the Sharp R-820JS 0.9-Cubic Foot Grill 2 Convection Microwave, Silver. This excellent microwave convection oven broil, bakes, re-thermalize, cook, and warms food effectively and easily. This is indeed one of the best options when it comes to Sharp microwave convection oven, providing the users with tasty fast cooked, delicious foods.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from This Product?

Anyone can benefit this product, and it is created to meet and the needs and requirements of every kitchen household. This microwave convection oven can be extremely helpful equipment inside the kitchen.

Product Description

The Sharp R-820JS 0.9-Cubic Foot Grill 2 Convection Microwave, Silver is equipped with 900 watt microwave convection that provides effective crisping and browning capabilities. It also has a 1500 watt ‘double’ grills that emit enough heat over and under the food. You can also utilize its eleven power levels to offer better functionality and performance. It offers you absolute flexibility benefits in addition to the standard microwaving functions; it can be used for grilling, baking, and roasting. With a minimum space required, this Sharp convection microwave can offer you that functionality. Since is comes from Sharp – one of the most sought after and leading manufacturers of such type of oven, this convection microwave has a lot to offer.

Product Features

If you want to know more about the Sharp R-820JS 0.9-Cubic Foot Grill 2 Convection Microwave, Silver, you should consider reading a 41M31GYKX8Llot of top microwave review on the internet. Surely, this convection oven from Sharp is one of the trending topics on the online world for it is equipped with all the essential features that you would want to have from a convection oven.

–          A convection microwave that is equipped with 900 watt that can provide you both crisping and browning capabilities.

–          It features a 1500 watt double grills, this emits heat on top and below the food.

–          You can use the eleven power levels to stabilize its functionality; it aimed to provide extra benefits.

–          When it comes to design, the Sharp R-820JS 0.9-Cubic Foot Grill 2 Convection Microwave, Silver has it all. It has 2-line, with 12 digits interactive display, and an auto touch feature for added convenience. Not to mention that it also has seven automatic settings.

–          It is made with absolute durability, with its stainless steel body, 0.9 cu. Ft. interior equipped with lighting, and with a 12 ¾ inch turntable that provides even or balanced heating. Read More


With a lot of top microwave review on the internet, consumers will have all the essential information about convection microwave before buying specific products. Well, among the many brand options out there, this Sharp convection oven is one of the best options. It can offer a whole lot of benefits and advantages, the reason why it is gaining more popularity from the consumers.

ü      Its baking features exceed the standards.

ü      With its fast baking feature, users will have a whole new baking experience

ü      This convection microwave can easily and effectively brown, crisp, and roast food and also cook foods quickly. It offers the users with additional advantages of heating, cooking, baking, and broiling.

ü      Equipped with cooling and heating switches, ideal to cool and heat food perfectly.

ü      The nutrients of the food are preserves; the taste of the foods will remain.

ü      It operates in a lower temperature, leading to a 20% decrease in your cooking time.


According to a lot of top microwave oven review, convection microwave is one of the best kitchen appliances that one should equip a kitchen with. But despite of its benefits and advantages, it still has its drawbacks sometimes. Some users complain about the functionality of the Sharp R-820JS, some concerns are about its price, but all in all this microwave convection is still a great option.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Out of 154 customer reviews, 85 of them rated it 5 stars, 34 rated it 4 stars, 9 rated it 3 stars, the other 9 rated it 2 stars, and the remaining 17 reviews gave it 1 star. The majority of the reviews are the evidence of how excellent this product is. Read More.


In conclusion, though it still has some drawbacks and disadvantages. With the help of top microwave review, you will discover how beneficial and effective the Sharp R-820JS can be. It deserves to be included on your list of potential microwave convection oven that is definitely ideal in your kitchen. Click Here To Buy One At Reasonable Discount Now.