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Why Does My Electric Stove Smell Like Gas

The popularity of electric stove in most homes these days are on steady rise. Electric stove is similar to that of gas but it runs on electricity instead of gas. It is often seen as the most versatile option out of all the heating system available for home use.

Why Does My Electric Stove Smell Like Gas?Sometimes while you are cooking on the electric stove, some food particles get stocked on the coils, they tend to produce unpleasant odor like gas when they get burnt. And, this may seems like the electric stove smells like gas which is not. It is not possible for electric stove to emit some kind of gas. What really happens is that there is a gas leak from somewhere else; it needs to be found and fix with immediate effect better still reach out to the gas company nearby to come to your aid.

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Electric stoves are one of the common supplementary cooking equipments found in most kitchens. Some people like them because they are more eco friendly than gas stoves and they consume less energy also. An electric stove is very cheap to purchase and install compare to that of gas type. Though, it can be very expensive to operate in the long run. When it comes to safety, an electric stove has an upper arms compare to the gas ones. The reason is because there a chance of having leakages with gas stove.

Cooking on an electric stove may appears simple, to be very honest, it is can clunky especially for the new user who is not familiar with it before. If you green to the uses of electric stove, it would be advisable to be very cautious with the burner so as not to get yourself burn. Though, it obvious that everyone who owns electric stove might have get burn at least once.

The steps involves in operating electric stove is straight forward. You just have to turn on the dial to the temperature level you want and then start cooking. After that, your electric stove will supply steady heat consistently until what you are cooking is done. Tuning off the electric stove is simple as turn it on. When it comes to clean, electric stove are pretty much easier to clean than the gas stove.

One of the downside of electric stove is that, the electric coils take a bit longer time to heat up, until like those on the gas stove that heat up instantly when you turn it on. Hence, gas stove helps to speed up the cooking process faster. In this way, they heat up both the bottom and the sides of the pot or pan put on the burner. And, n this way, the heat will quickly be distributed around the cooking material on the fire in no time.

How Does Electric Stove Really Work?

Some people are curious about how the electric stove they have at home works. If you are one of such people, I would urge you to continue read to discover the trick.

Electric stoves drive their power from electrical connections. An electric stove comes with a thermostat, a set of coiled shaped burners on the top side and heating elements for cooking. The heat producing elements are controlled by the thermostat.

Electric stoves work mainly by converting electricity to heat for cooking. The whole process starts by turning on the burner dial. The electricity will flow through the coils and gradually heat up the metal. The dial on the electric stove helps to control the amount of electricity that pass through the coil i.e the intensity of the heat coming out. Then, the heat generated from the burner is transfer to the pot or pan through contact and convection. The heat that comes from the burner can be set high or low by the means of rotating the dial.

Also, some of the electric stoves do come with timer on them, and this helps to set the exact cooking time needed for your recipe. Another fascinating feature of the some electric stove is self cleaning mechanism which makes the removal of sticky food particles on the burner easier.

Can Electric Burners Go In The Dishwasher?

Sure, electric burner can go in to the dishwasher but you should avoid doing so on regular basis. The electric element, the spill rings and the trims can go into the dishwasher. More so, most of the coil burners are designed to self clean because they burn off food particles that stuck on them at highest heat setting for a while. You can easier clean the burners with a damp soapy cloth after they have cooled off.

Can Electric Stove Cause Carbon Monoxides?

No, electric stoves are not capable of producing Carbon Monoxide. The reason is because only devices that make use or runs on combustible fuel can produce carbon Monoxide. And, electric stoves do not produce Co because they run on electricity. However, it should be noted that Carbon Monoxides can be produced when a food is burnt or the electric stove catch fire during the cooking process.

Can Electric Stove Explode?

Yes very well, electric stove either new or old one, can explode if care is not taking during the cooking. There are so many reasons for the electric stove explosion to occur. One of the reasons is when water found its way to the burner either through bullet hole on the pot or other means, and this cause the burner to get over heat then results into explosion.

The explosion of electric stove can also happen when the inner heating element touches the out shell on the burner. When such thing happens, you should call the attention of the electrical personnel to the explosion in order to prevent further calamity.

Why Is My Electric Stove Sparkling?

One of the common occurrences during the uses of electric stove for cooking is sparkling. The sparkling may happens repeatedly or once in awhile. There are some many causes of the electric stove sparkling. One of the causes is loose connector on the coil surface; which is needed to be tightening properly in order to work effectively.

The sparkling can also occur when you place a very big pan or pot on the burner. Sparkling can also happens when the insulation on the wire of the burner wear out. Damaged element socket and defective cook top elements can also sparkling to occur while cooking on the electric stove.

Can An Electric Stove Light a Cigarette?

You can expect a question like this from teenager who is not up age to buy cigarette at the store but wanting to try it out at home. They tends to ask this question when they don’t have anything at their disposal, like lighter or matches to light up the cigarette.

On a more serious note, can an electric stove light up a cigarette? Sure you can, just turn on the burner on high setting. When the burner turn on full blowing red, bend down a little bit then inhale. Better still, you can get yourself a piece of old newspaper, roll it long enough in form of cigarette, and then inhale. Once the newspaper brings fire, you can light up your cigarette with it. After you have done with the lighting, don’t forget to turn off the burner.

Can Electric Stove Shock You?

Yes, electric stoves are capable of shocking you while you are cooking when touch. This can result from a break in circuits along the neutral line of the electric stove. It can also happen when there is a fault on the heating element. You can experience the shock probably when you unknowingly touch the stove while you are stirring food in the pot. Whenever you experience the shock, the first thing you should is to turn off the electric stove and stop using it completely. Don’t try to re-sit the element and check the stove again. If the incidence happens again, you need to call electrician as soon as possible.

Can Electric Stove Be Transported On Its Sides?

Assuming you want to go and pick up an electric stove you purchase from a long distance. One of the question that my pop up on your mind is that can electric stove be transported on either of its sides without causing any harm to it?. Yes, very well, an electric stove can be transported on either its left or right. A place to avoid transporting an electric stove is rear side.

It can still be transported on its back but you have to remove the racks out first and avoid the elements from flipping out. Also, you need to careful and make sure the heating elements and the burners are not disconnected. Don’t forget to remove the trays if there is any and tap the door shut. Any radiant cooking surface should be care for and protected.

Can Electric Stove Be Plugged Into A Regular Outlet?

No, An electric stove is one of the powerful electrical appliances found in the kitchen. And, they consume large amount of energy and required a 220 volt outlet before you can run them to avoid any upsurge in the house.