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Reasons Why You Should Go On Vegetarian Before Its Too late

The World is a very varied place. It has a varied weather, geographic landscape, climatic condition, different types of people and many more. If you travel all over the world, you can experience that variety and diversity. As people are mentioned as a part of that variedness, let’s talk about it. People all over the world are different from each other in many ways like their language or mother tongue, over all body shape, complexion, habits, etc. By referring to habits of people, a huge portion of people life is included, that is, what they eat, wear, like, dislike and many more. The variedness in food habits of the people around the world is very prominent. People all over the world like and eat different types of food. If you take the whole world population into account, you can find that not everyone have meat dishes. These people are called vegetarian. In this article, everything about vegetarians will be discussed.

A Quick info

Let’s first know what a vegetarian actually is. A vegetarian is basically a person who practices vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is basically the practice of refraining from having (eating) meat i.e. poultry, red meat, meat of any other animal or seafood. Vegetarian means vegetable diet which includes vegetables, fruits, even milk products. If you have juicer or food slicer in your home then having fruit juices and freshly cut veggies becomes very easy.

The History and Psychology behind Vegetarianism

If you go back to the 5th century, then also you can find people who are vegetarian. The ancient Greeks and Indians were the first to take up this practice of vegetarianism. People (i.e. vegetarians) believed in the idea of ahimsa or non-violence towards animals. In old manuscripts and texts, it has been found that many great people were vegetarians and it has been carried on by the generations. Religions atleast some promote vegetarianism and strictly advise its followers to follow and do the same. So, people in some areas of the world are also bound by religions to practice vegetarianism. Hence, there are many factors that make one a vegetarian but the most important thing is what they think and want to do.

Types of vegetarianism

There are varieties of types or forms of vegetarianism which are followed by vegetarians all over the world. These types are made on the basis of the food products included or excluded in the diet of a vegetarian. Here is a list of some of the types- Ovo vegetarianism, Lacto vegetarianism, veganism, fruitarianism, sattvic diet, pescetarianism, macrobiotic diets and lots more.

Benefits of being a vegetarian

According to surveys made years after years, it has been proved that a complete vegetarian diet is nutritionally adequate, very healthy and also provides immunity from varies diseases. People who are on a vegetarian diet are less prone to heart diseases than a non-vegetarian people. This is because a vegetable diet is less in cholesterol, saturated fats, etc. This keeps you healthy and body fit. A vegetarian diet also helps in keeping problems like hypertension, renal diseases, cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and many more at bay. A vegetarian diet is always recommended by doctors all over the world.