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Want To Know About Baking?

Baking for some people is a necessity while for some others it is a passion. The art of baking is somewhat different that normal cooking. Cooking varies from person to person but baking is based on rigid methods. While cooking you have the liberty to alter something from the recipe in order to suit your taste and choice. But while baking you must precisely follow the recipe and method. In baking, every ingredient has to be in a right proportion, mixed up a definite amount of time and the technique has to be precisely followed. Whereas cooking can be defined as an art, baking is more like a science.

The Science behind Baking

The main idea of baking is to heat the food by convection rather than by thermal radiation. Today baking is generally done in an oven but in earlier days hot stones were also used quiet a lot. In baking the heat gradually transfers from the surface of the cake or bread to their centre. That is the reason that the central part is much softer than the outer core. The batter or the dough (which ever term you prefer) on application of heat on them harden and forms the crust on top.

The importance of baking

Bread is one of the earliest baked foods which man-kind cannot survive without. It is a very common food which both important for your daily nutrition and also provides jobs in large number of factories. One of the most common foods in your daily diet, biscuit is actually baked twice. Cheesecake is also baked twice. Other commonly twice baked foods which people consume on a daily basis are bread pudding and biscotti. Therefore we can understand the significance of baked food in our daily lives. Bakeries have existed over centuries and are still going strong.

Some essentials of Baking

Baking is somewhat about chemistry. You have to mix the dough in perfect proportion and know when the right amount of heat has been absorbed. It differs from cooking a bit as it requires less creativity and more perfection.

For Baking the first and most important part is the flour which provides the protein. On addition of water to the flour, the protein complexes form gluten by bonding with one another. The amount of water you add should depend on the type on flour, high protein containing flour requires a lot of water. Then come the addition of leavening agents whose purpose is to provide the airiness to the dough causing it to puff up. Addition of the baking powder, yeast, or baking soda has to be calculated.

If you are baking a non vegetarian cake then one thing is absolutely necessary and that is the egg. The egg helps to hold everything together. Then you need to add some fat providing material on top of that, on addition to providing a nice flavor it also coats the excess protein present in the dough. The addition of sugar, milk and salt is also very necessary and has to be done carefully.



Amazing Food Ideas for a Picnic

Picnics are considered as a time of fun and amusement. The outdoor session will require a special collection of food. Traditional meals would be extremely heavy for the special occasion. When you are ought to go on a picnic with 50 people, you must prepare food properly. The meal must suffice the needs of all your guests and keep you healthy throughout the whole journey. Read on to get a glimpse of few easy picnic recipes.

Cold fried chicken!

Firstly, you can carry cold fried chicken with you. Yummy cold fried chicken does not have a very long preparation time. Also, it does not require special plates or silverware for serving. Unfortunately, the process of buying fried chicken from homes will be very expensive. This is why you should make the dish at home. The fried chicken must be made few hours before the special day and stored in the right temperature. Improper storage will cause food poisoning and contamination. Also, fried chicken has a simple recipe.


Scrumptious salads

Secondly, you can carry salads on a picnic. Salads don’t require lots of dressing or tossing. For example, simple salads like potato salads, macaroni salads and coleslaw can be made in just few minutes. However, remember that mayonnaise must not be used while preparing salads. This is because the scrumptious ingredient would cause food poisoning if it is not stored appropriately.


Crunchy chips

Picnics without chips will remain incomplete. Though potato chips may appear to be unhealthy, the dish will definitely revitalize your journey. Chips will not require any preparation, special silverware, utensils or refrigeration.


Yummy cakes

An ideal picnic will have scrumptious desserts like cupcakes and ice creams. Desserts will not require plates and forks. Moreover, the process of baking cupcakes is very easy! You can bake cakes for 50 or more guests in an effortless manner. If you are unable to make cakes at home, you should order yummy chocolate cupcakes from a well known bakery. Additionally, remember to order cakes that are less “heavy”.


Ask your guests

Moreover, remember to carry light beverages. If the picnic is ought to have 50 or more people, you should check on everyone’s desire. Some people will like cold drinks, while many others will prefer having hot beverages. This is why you should ask your guests, what they want!

Appetizers and side dishes for a better picnic

Conversely, have few appetizers and side dishes with you. Cheese, raw vegetables, pretzels and salsa will be a perfect dish for picnics. The foremost dishes can be used to keep your guests happy for a very long time. Side dishes will be a great way to delight your guests. Finally, you should carry tortilla wrapped sandwiches with you. Sandwiches with beef will leave your guests awestruck. The preceding dishes can be prepared and stored for a very long time. Moreover, the dishes can be shared evenly amongst guests. If you have lots of space in your car, you can carry a grill along with you. The grill will let you make amazing vegetables and chicken. The grilled dishes can be consumed with hot dogs and hamburgers.