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PizzaQue Outdoor Tabletop Pizza Oven 2018

Pizza may be your favorite dish and now with the help of PizzaQue Outdoor Tabletop Pizza Oven it has become easier to prepare the pizzas even at home. There are some of the features which have made it extremely popular.


This is a portable size oven with all the latest features. You can prepare a personal pizza in very quick time with this oven. Because of the portability of the oven you will be able to prepare pizza in the picnics, campsites or tailgates quite easily. The oven is run by propane gas. You are also going to like its attractive design.

The best part with this oven is that you can easily carry PizzaQue Outdoor Tabletop Pizza Oven anywhere comparing to the other pizza ovens available in the market. It is quick and this why in any party you can use it even if you need to prepare too many pizzas quickly.


  • It is a portable pizza oven.
  • The bake time is of five minutes.
  • It will run on 20 lb tank or 1 lb tank of propane.
  • You can find it absolutely ideal for the camping trips and tailgating.
  • The crisp crust patent pending technology is also quite lucrative.
  • The shipping weight of it is 33 pounds.
  • The dimension of this oven is 16.7W x 18.2D x 15.2H.

Positive features:

There are some special features which you are surely going to like.

  • The gourmet like pizza is prepared by this oven within only five minutes. So, with this oven it will be easier for you to prepare pizza in quick time.
  • The thoughtful and innovative design is another best part of this oven.
  • The reflective heat shield will ensure that the heat is directed to the top of the pizza.
  • There is a vent at the top of the oven which releases the vapor. So there is no chance of your pizza becoming soggy at any point of time.
  • Its small size will help you to keep it anywhere in the kitchen easily.
  • The hollow core and the dual layer will ensure that the pizza will be evenly baked from all sides.
  • The customer service is always keen to help you out in any difficulty you face.

Negative points:

It can sometimes be windier and you can face a bit of problem due to that. Sometimes you can find it little slow to prepare the pizza in time.

Market reviews:

As per the market review is concern this oven has got overall positive reviews from most of the customers. The pizzas prepared by this oven have given the experience of delicious taste for sure to the users. A lot of customers have found PizzaQue Outdoor Tabletop Pizza Oven extremely easy to carry this oven anywhere they want. With this oven you can prepare any kind of pizza crunchy and that too in an extremely quick time. Its low use of fuel will be another thing which is going to satisfy you for sure.


Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Coffee is one of the favorite beverages of man. With the morning newspaper or while working or at any time, a cup of coffee is preferred by everyone. Coffee is preferred by everyone because it contains caffeine which makes the mind active and removes tiredness and sleepiness. Coffee is available to us in many forms like as coffee powder, as coffee beans or we can buy it from a nearby café. Making coffee out of coffee beans is tough and time consuming. That is the reason why one uses a coffee grinder machine mainly Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder at home or in the office. It saves lots of time, hard work and money.

About the product

It is basically a coffee beans grinder appliance. It converts coffee beans into fine coffee powder. This appliance is easily adjustable appliance. About 14 different types of settings are available to determine the kind or variety of the grind. Unlike other grinder appliances which use a plastic container to store the powder, the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder uses a borosilicate glass container to contain the coffee powder. A tight nylon or silicon lid along with the borosilicate glass container proves to be an excellent non-spilling coffee grinder. It has dimension of 7.6 by 7.1 by 12.5 inches and weighs about 5 pounds.

Exciting Features

This appliance has many new features to offer. Some of which are –

  • It has over 14 types of grinding settings which can be continuously adjustable by the user. This feature will provide the finest coffee powder as per our liking.
  • Jumping of the coffee grounds is prevented by the use of borosilicate glass containers.
  • It has an in-build timer using which you can set the time of grinding process.
  • A two year warranty is provided on the appliance.
  • Products of various variety and colors are available.

Plus Points

It has many advantages. Some of which are-

  • The appliance provides an even grind with minimum amount of sediment and dust around the appliance.
  • It also as storage for coffee beans.
  • It offers a good amount of efficiency.
  • A borosilicate glass container and a plastic lid provide the best containment.
  • Attractive, cool and compact design.
  • Easily portable.
  • Comparatively cost effected.


  • Not that much of a user friendly appliance as settings are hard to change if done frequently.
  • Capacity is small.
  • Hard to maintain and keep it clean as dust and sediments quickly settle on the appliances especially on the rubber. So, frequent cleaning up is a must.
  • It consumes a huge amount of electricity as its power saving features is poor.


Final Verdict

The coffee grinder is quite a useful appliance. The powdered coffee from it is quite fine as per needed. It’s a true companion while making a cup of coffee. It’s relatively cheap. So, I would definitely recommend that you should try out this appliance and it will certainly live up to your expectations.