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Can You Drink Cooking Wine

Can You Drink Cooking Wine?

For the sake of those who don’t know what cooking wine is and what it is used for.  I will take a short time to explain.  As the name implies, cooking wine is simple a wine which is used as an ingredient to enhance the taste, aroma and flavor of food dishes rather than use as beverages. It is similar in nature to rice wine that is very popular in Eastern and Southern parts of Asia.  It can be used on various food dishes like assaulted meat, cooked poultry, fishes, vegetables, stew, sauces, minimy etc. Most cooking wine in the market have alcoholic level raging from 10 to 17 percent per bottle,  salt content of about 3 to 6 percent, grape extract etc. It can be used as food preservatives pretty much like salt, improve the aroma and food coloring.

Difference between cooking wine and the regular wine

  • Cooking wine has more salt in its content than drinking wine
  • There is greater Alcohol content in regular wine than the cooking ones
  • Cooking wine is suitable for preservation of food item
  • Most professional chefs prefer drinking wine for cooking to the cooking wine
  • Cooking wine has long shelf life span much more than the regular ones
  • Drinking wine turns vinegar after exposing to air within few minutes
  • Cooking wine is manufactured from grape and some are not of high quality
  • Drinking wine change taste and turn sour
  • Cooking wine is a bit less expensive than regular wine

Some people assumed it would be better get drunk with cooking wine due to its cheap price and high alcoholic content.  Some also want to know out of curiosity maybe someone can get drunk by consuming cooking wine. These and some other reasons make them to ask that:

Can you drink cooking wine?

The best response is NO.  You shouldn’t drink cooking wine either for pleasure or to get drunk. It is not advisable to drink cooking wine of any types because of large portion of salt in their content. As it is known that consuming much of salt in any form is not good for the body system. If you drink a bottle of cooking wine for instance, the salt level in the body tends to rise by 10 percent. As a result of this, the kidney works harder to regulate the amount of salt to normal level by processing water into the body. This reaction leads to miserable effects likes welling of hand, ankle, leg, wrist, belly etc. These effects couple with some other factors led to high blood pressure in the long haul.

Aside from that, consuming cooking wine is possible of making you sick. Even, it’s horrible to taste as some claimed it to be, because most cooking wines are salty. Also, cooking wine is quite inferior to the regular ones that are really meant for drinking purpose. So to be on a safer side, it is important to use cooking wine moderately (as much of it can affect the taste of the dishes) for cooking dishes only.

Can you drink baking soda?

Sure, anyone one can drink the mixture of baking soda and water provided that it’s consumed at moderate quantity. It should not be consume more than 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in a 8oz in a day. To avoid building up of gas, the mixture should be sip slowly. Baking soda is easy to afford with less cost. Baking soda has natural antacid properties which makes it one of the popular household items. It is also a great household cleaning item.

Baking soda is a multipurpose and it can be used in very many ways. The health benefits of baking soda are numerous. Drinking small amount of baking soda is good for the body and can help to cure the likes of heartburn, stomach upset or outright indigestion. It is advisable to drink backing soda when there is a stomach upset. But, never go overboard in consumption, as that can result in producing more acid in the body albeit aggravate the initial problem.

The active ingredient knows baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which aids in neutralizing stomach acid. In contrary to the aforementioned points, drinking soda is capable of causing stomach ulcer. This may likely to happen when you drink the mixture on empty stomach. It interacts with mucosal to produce hydrochloric acid and this destroys the wall of stomach to cause ulcer.  However, small quantities of baking soda mixture help with gassiness.

Baking soda is also good for removing coffee maker tea stains on the clothes. It helps to get rid of vinyl flooring scuffs. It’s good for cleaning chrome. It can be used as solution for cleaning microwave, fridges, freezer, meat grinder etc. It helps to minimize odors in laundry hamper and lots more. Other uses of baking soda include whitening of the teeth to some extent.  It fastens up the up muscle recovery when consumed after a rigorous and intense workout to avoid soreness on the part of the body in days to follow. It also helps to boost kidney health as it has effect on kidney stone.  It also alleviates Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Can you drink aloe Vera gel?

Yes of course, you can drink aloe Vera gel. A lots of people are aware of its benefits to our health and its extraordinary power of curing various ailments like sunburn, constipation, skin irritation at but to mention few. Aloe Vera plant is hearty lust and it is capable of growing under a wide range of range of climate, unlike some other plants. It can survive at temperature of 120 F.  It okay to drink aloe Vera on regular basis due to the lots of benefits proffers. Aloe Vera plant is categorized as one of most healing plants ever knows to man. It was reported that aloe Vera gel has been benefiting man for many centuries.

Consuming aloe Vera comes with many benefits. These include ability to reduce dark spots on the skin. Consistent application of aloe Vera gel helps to reduce stress marks on the body, minimize Tan and eradicating sunburn. It is widely supported by medical expert that consuming aloe Vera gel helps to prevent signs of aging. Aloe Vera is also parts of aftereffects solution used by dermatologist after facial surgery as it helps to fasten up marks due to its wound healing properties. It is a good aid for anyone who is having a dry skin for it helps to moisturize the skin and help to reduce wrinkles.

Aloe Vera gel contains vitamin A, C, E and B 12 as well as important elements like iron, zinc, potassium, Folic acid, calcium, and magnesium. Some of these vital substances enhance the aloe Vera’s ability to reduce the quantity of harmful yeast and bacteria found in our gut. Aloe Vera gel contains anti inflammatory effect substance. The gel contains bradykinase (an alkaline) that helps the body to get rid of harmful waste products. Drinking aloe Vera gel helps to boost immune system due to the presence of vitamin c and other similar resources in it.

It should be noted that just because aloe Vera is herbal does not means it has no side effects.  In fact, aloe Vera plant has a lot of biochemical make up. So, drinking unprocessed juice is large amount can cause diarrhea, crimps and dehydration of the body. If you easily feel nauseous, drinking aloe Vera gel can cause you to vomit incessantly. The laxative contains n aloe Vera gel can inhibit the absorption of some drugs as well as their effectiveness.

However, drinking of aloe Vera gel helps to absorbs all the toxins while moving in the intestinal tracts and keeps the colon clean and healthy. It also increase health bacteria in the intestine which speedup the rate of digestion.  The antioxidant in aloe Vera gel fights free radical elements in the body system and this reduces the growth of cancer tumor on any part of the body.


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Omega Nutrition Center J8006 Low Speed Masticating Juicer Black Review

One of the major problems for most people these days is how to get high level of nutritional value from fruits and vegetables. it is obvious that those fruits and vegetables have body nourishing nutrients like vitamin A, K and C, also the likes of potassium and frolic acid that help to build up the immunity strength of the body, reduces the sugar content in the blood stream, and reduce the risk of cancers. As a result of these, most people engage in the uses of any counter top juicer in order to get most from fruits and vegies. With this, they encounter some problems in the process of using the juicer like over heating the juicers motor which can cause a change in enzyme action, wet pulp from the raw products which make the juicer hard to clean etc. As a result of these problems, we are going to review Omega J8006 masticating juicer, highlight some of its features, benefits and draw back of the product in order to guide people so as to make a right choice in selecting juicer.


 Omega J8006 nutritional Center Masticating Juicer is designed to work at slow speed of 80 rpm, unlike most of the common juicers out there which work atrange of 1600 rpm to 12,000 rpm. The juicer is made in that way in order to prevent the enzyme from changes and maintain the level of oxidation from the final product.


* Low speed masticating juicing system which prepossess at 80 rpm

* Include with GE ultem Auger which is eight times stronger than most plastic.

* Powerful gear reduction which is equivalent to 2MP motor

* Dual stage juicer which results in high yielding of the juice and drying of the pulp.

* Engineered for quiet operation and longer life span.



* You can use this juicer to turn nut into nut butter, make the baby foods from natural and fresh ingredients.

* The juicer works at low level speed in order to maintain clear color, natural taste, vitamins and minerals.

* It helps to get greatest amount of juice from the least amount of raw material.

* The juicer helps to squeeze up the pulp and make it dry with no moisture.

* The juicer has four major parts which are easy to disassemble and reassemble and require less efforts to clean.

* The juicer comes with 15 years warranty compare to low cost juicers which come with one or two years warranty.

* it is very efficient and easy to use and you can use it on multiple times daily without getting knock down.


*The size of the chute is very small which leads to time consuming of cutting down of the raw materials into little pieces.

* The plastic on the output units are not transparent which make it difficult to see any fault line on time.

* It cannot process large amount of fruits and vegetable meaning that you cannot use it produce juice for a lot of people at a time.

* You may sometimes get clogged up with some fruits like apple after using the juicer for vegetables.

Customers Review

Out of 1354 customers who buy this particular product on amazon so far, over 1000 gave the juicer 5 stars, 192 people gave it 4 stars, 46 people gave it 3 stars, 33 people gave it 2 stars while 44 people gave it 1 star in their reviews. This implies that a lot of people who gave this product a trial have high level of satisfaction from it.


if you are comebody who like to make juice in flash and urgently, due to the slwo nature of the product (at 80 rpm), this juicer may not be a good type for you. But, if your priority is to get clear color, natural tastes, high level of nutritional value from juice, also, you want easy to use and less effort to clean juicer,  Omega  J8006 masticating juicer is for you.