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Aquasana AQ-5300.55 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel Faucet review

The Aquasana AQ-5300.55 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel Faucet was invented with the expansion of chemicals basically in the chlorinated water, in states of real life. The filter makes utilization of particular filtration that is much better than refining. It has the arrangement of dual filtration that wipes out contaminants, however, saves the common minerals. This brand is budget friendly as compared to the other regular associations. It could be installed effortlessly and can be maintained without trouble as its mechanism is quite simple. It has prevalent backing support. It also accompanies a guarantee for one year.

Picking up water filter from the market for your home is a complete approach to help you in each and every way. You should think about the well being and soundness of your family by having the best water filter at home. There are a few water filters that can’t satisfy their guarantee though they are branded as the purest and best quality water straight through your home. However, you must realize that by having the best kind of filtration techniques you can improve the health of each individual in your family.


  • It gives incredible clean water from your tap. This filtration technology evacuates in excess of 97% of chlorine and chloramines including, asbestos, lead, herbicides, pesticides and a lot of unexpected things, by diminishing 60 percent of basic water contaminants. The prefilter gives assurance against substantial silt and particles to keep up the best water filtration technique in high sediment zones.
  • Provides clean and healthy water quickly! The Aquasana 3-stage water filter emphasizes a 25% increment in stream rate to 0.5 gallons for every moment.
  • Includes all that you have to get delightful filtered water with the comfort, from your tap within one hour.
  • Intelligently designed so everything you need to do is a basic quarter turn of the new cartridge loaded for simple evacuation. There is no need to remove the hoses or water lines.


The Aquasana AQ-5300.55 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel Faucet has no complexes in installation system and it can be installed within 30 minutes. The required fittings for installation are well guided so that you don’t have to purchase tools from the hardware shop. With its 25% of faster flow rate, this water filter creates clean drinking water at a rate of 0.5 gallons for every moment that you don’t have to wait for a glass of water. It is now incorporated inside the bundle which is accessible in two smooth styles, either Brushed Nickel or Chrome. The new and better water filter design implies that replacing it is easier than before as, no lines are needed to be detached. Essentially, it gives the channel a quarter-turn, then it might be removed. Additionally, there is no mystery required to focus when the channels need changing, simply look at the performance indicator.


A few purchasers found that the directions for the filter installation are difficult and they are not well introduced or discussed.

Customer review:

According to client surveys, Aquasana AQ-5300.55 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel Faucet is an assembling with a decent track record of producing a high qualified water filtration technique which are not difficult to keep up. They are additionally famous for their excellent customer care services. This is exceptionally suggested for those who are searching for a quality.

What are the Common Mistakes People make in Cleaning Kitchen and How to avoid them

Cooking is an art that has been known ever since the evolution of mankind. The techniques made use for in this art differ from one place to another, and it depends mainly on the cultural traditions and environmental conditions. Every cook in spite of being well trained, at some point tends to make some common mistakes and this state is natural. The list of common mistakes that occurs while cooking a dish includes:

Common Mistakes One Needs to Avoid


  • Cooking food is like performing a chemical reaction in a lab, and for that purpose, it is necessary that you be prepared with all the ingredients well in advance to avoid any confusion. Cooking done with haste would never provide good results and the end result would be either food getting burnt or tasteless.


  • It would increase your work all the more, and even the place would look messy around if the work is not planned well. Hence, it is better to keep all the necessary cutlery and ingredients handy before cooking.



  • It is also necessary to follow the measurements provided in the recipe you wish to prepare to attain a delicious delicacy.


  • It is very essential that the oven is preheated before its use and at the right temperature. The Meat that is taken out of the refrigerator must be thawed, well in advance before using it in preparation of a dish.



  • The pan or dish used for the purpose of cooking must not be overcrowded with the ingredients used for cooking food, as it would not get cooked properly.


  • To enjoy tasty, healthy food it is necessary that you do not compromise with the quality of oil used for cooking purposes. Natural oils are best oils that can be used for this purpose, and that would make available to you the preferred aroma.



  • While preparing rice it is necessary to maintain the ratio of water to rice and it must be 2:1 and not more than that. Water added in excess quantity would soften the rice and even reduce the nutrients present in it.


  • The level of stirring a dish on its preparation varies from dish to dish. But care must be taken that it is neither flipped nor stirred continuously. The main reason for this being it would end up spoiling the food. The stirring spoon must be used slowly after adding the spices and the ingredients of the recipe in the pan.



  • Before trying out any new recipe, it is very essential that it is read properly to make the procedure simple. The vegetables must also be washed well before making use of them for cooking purpose.

There are certain mistakes that are committed while cooking and that disrupt effective cooking. The best ways to avoid such problems occurring is to be careful and attentive while cooking. An effective soap liquid must be used to clean the utensils well to make it free from any bad odor. So, don’t hurry and prepare a tasty dish with the required ingredients, and with the right measurements to enjoy it better.

Things You Need To Know About Cooking

People present all around the world are different form each other in many ways. But one thing they must have in common which is they eat food. Many people all around the world doesn’t eat because they have to but also because they love to. To make eatable substances into food, it must be cooked. Cooking is done to as just a duty i.e. you and your close ones may be able to eat or it is also done because it’s a job i.e. profession.

Let’s first have a quick briefing on what cooking actually is. Cooking is basically the art of food preparation for consumption.  Cooking is said to be a form of art. It is said that everyone can cook but not every can cook well. In recent times, you can use appliances like juicer, mixer, slicer, etc to make cooking easy.

Methods of Cooking

It is said that there are various ways of cooking food. These categories are made on the basis of levels of heating, cooking time and moisture. The method you will use in cooking your food will surely affect the cooked food. It will affect the taste, moisture, flavor, tenderness, etc of the food material. Here are list of methods people use in cooking- Roasting (like grilling, barbecuing), Baking (like flash baking or just baking), Boiling (like steaming, pressure cooking, infusion, etc), Frying (like partial frying, deep frying, pan frying), Smoking and many more. A brand new method of cooking has come up which is microwaving.

Advantages and Disadvantages of cooking

Cooking ensures food safety. Cooking in the presence of heat kills germs, bacteria, parasites and viruses or makes them inactive.  Food poisoning can occur if your food is not properly cooked or undercooked. This can cause very serious health problems. So, to escape such dangerous conditions, you must cook your food properly. This is the benefit of cooking. Now let’s discuss about the ill effects of cooking. Scientists and researchers have said that over cooking of food can actually remove all the nutrients present in it. By referring to nutrients, it includes vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc. According to surveys, too much roasting meat can result in the formation of carcinogens in it. This may lead to cancer on its consumption.

Tips for making cooking cheaper

In the last 5 years, the cost of everything in the market has increased to a great extent. So, nowadays, good cooking is not only the priority, you have to also be an efficient cook so that you save money and still cook something good and healthy. One of way keeping cooking under budget is by using energy efficient ways of cooking. Like using a microwave oven or an induction oven is a smart and easy way of saving the fuel price. You should always toast breads using a toaster and not a griller and always used a pressure cooker wherever you can. Some other tips are – you should defrost the frozen food kept in the fridge overnight, use glass or ceramic or non-stick pans and many more. These small tips are so effective that if you follow them you can see your cooking budget is going down.