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Expert Grill Charcoal Water Smoker

Anyone who takes barbecue very serious needs to invest in a food smoker. There are varieties and types of food smokers on the market in which water smoker is one of them. Water smoker is also refers to as a bullet smoker. Water smoker is a fantastic way of preparing tasty and wonderful dishes for your families and friends. Different woods like hickory, oak, mesquite etc can be used as fuel, which in turn adds fascinating taste and great flavor to the foods.

Fluid pan is the major feature that separate water smoker from the rest. The fluid pan is can be found between the meat rack and the heat source in the chamber. Soda, pop, beer, wine, water, seasoning etc are some of the liquid you can put into the fluid pan to add more flavor to the foods you are smoking. Once the chamber has been heated by the fuel in the chamber, the fluid in the pan will go up slowly to form vapor and penetrate into the meat.

The vapor helps to add more flavors to the meat and at the same time enhances the moisture of the foods. Vertical water smoker is one of the best types of smokers for smoking and barbecuing meat. Water smoker can used charcoal, electricity or gas as a fuel. However, you don’t have to worry yourself about the carrying gas tanks, burner, or search for power outlet if you choose to buy charcoal water smoker. In this article, we are going to review one of the charcoal water smokers that are available in the market. Thus

Expert Grill Charcoal Water Smoker

Expert Grill Charcoal Water Smoker is one of the charcoal water smokers that are available on the market. Though this water smoker is relatively new on the market, it is still one of the next rated charcoal water smoker money can buy. Expert Grill Charcoal Water Smoker in attractive deign with black chrome paint. It features three standing legs which gives the smoker that stability when it is filled up the heavy loads of meats or smoked meals. Expert Grill Charcoal Water Smoker comes with a removable lid at the top part which prevent lose of heat during the cooking process. This charcoal water smoker can use anyone, ranging from complete novice and professional BBQ cook.

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Expert Grill Charcoal Water Smoker features a thermometer on the body which is useful for monitoring the progress of the smoking. It comes with two foods racks, one ins closer to the heat source and other one is found at the top o the chamber. It has a small silver door on one side through which you can fill the inner rack the meats for smoking. This charcoal water smoker has a diameter of 22 by 19 by 31inches. The whole coming space is spacious enough to accommodate 20 burgers or two large birds in combine for smoking. Expert Grill Charcoal Water Smoker weighs about 28 pounds. Wood chips can also be used to fuel up this water smoker. You should first soak the wood chips for some minutes if the wood is still green. Place those wood chips on the charcoal so that they will not burn out too quick. Wood chips of 3 to 4 inches long and 2 inches thickness max work best with this charcoal water smoker.

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Other Accessories You Needed Alongside Charcoal Water Smoker

The Original Bear Shredder Claws – Meat handler

It is pretty difficult to transfer hot turkey, chicken or any other smoked meats from the smoker’s grate to the plate. Some people make use of large fork, but it is not that convenient, it’s either the meat fall and you get your hand burnt. The uses of the bear claw make the task pretty simple. The Original Bear Shredder Claws is one of the essential BBQ tools you need to get yourself. This bear claw is the Amazon’s choice for meat handler. It is designed for easy lifting of smoked meats. It is also suitable for handling, shredding and cutting of the meats. This meat handler has high heat resistance as it is made of super stronger nylon on its construction. The claws on The Original Bear Shredder Claws are well space so that meats which its used to hold will not get stuck on it. The Original Bear Shredder Claws has a dimension of 12 by 6 by 1 inches and weighs about 4.5 ounces


  • It holds any types of smoked meat very well.
  • No need for knives or forks, it shreds the meats perfect without any hindrance.
  • It is easy to clean after use and dishwasher safe with no visible effects.
  • It is has high heat resistance and can withstand heavy useage.
  • It is very tough and sharp on the meats.
  • It is user friendly and easy to use.
  • It is durable, made of strong materials.
  • It is very versatile, can be used for holding, shredding, cutting etc.


  • it requires extra caution as it is very sharp.
  • Storage can be little tricky.

Buyer Guide To Buying Charcoal Water Smoker

There are lots of charcoal water smokers with different features on the market. It may be a tough job to choose from the array of the smokers owning to lots of different brands and types. Before you go ahead and buy charcoal water smoker, here are some of the features you need to consider before you make a purchase.

Budget and Cost: these two factors go in hands with each other. You approach towards buying of charcoal water smoker is should be on long term basis. You should not opt for the one that would not last for a while. In a nut shell, go for the smoker within the capacity of your budget albeit the reliable one.

Fuel: The types of fuel you use in smokers determine the taste and flavor of the foods prepared in it. The charcoal water smoker you are going to choose must be able to work with wide range of wood chips apart from the coal.

Capacity: you need to determine the number of people you will feed with smoked meats and foods before you go ahead to buy charcoal smoker. There is no point in buying charcoal smoker that is not capable of preparing foods for lots of people when you have a large family to feed. Go for mid range smoker if it is just four to five people you want to feed.

Portability: sometime your entire family may want to go on camping, picnic, and other outdoor large gathering. And, you might want to prepare smoked meats as part of the dishes you people want to eat. This will only possible if it happens that on portable which makes it pretty much easy to move about.

Metal Thickness: smokers with thin thickness do not hold heat up for a long period of time, though they may heat up really fast. And it should be noted that maintaining constant temperature is very vital to effective indirect smoking. The smoker you are going to purchase must come with thick metal on the construction and are welded together.

Simple Procedure To Follow When Using Charcoal Water Smoker

  • Before you begin to smoke meats using charcoal water smoker, you need to first take off the cover, take out both water pan and the grate.
  • Use a charcoal chimney to light up some charcoals and pour them in the fire pan after a while. Or simply load the fire pan with some briquettes and ignite them. Put some wood chips in the fire box and observe the smell first before anything else.
  • Next thing to do is the add your desired fluid to the water pan, this can be water, beer, wine etc. Insert the water pan in the directly above the fire box. This should be done when the charcoal has tuned white in the fire box.
  • Place the grate above the water pan and load the meats you want to smoke on it. finally, cover everything with charcoal water smoker’s cover. It is very essential to check the meats regularly.
  • Also try to flip the meats anytime you check the meat for even smoking. It should be noted that the meat is done when the internal temperature of the meats reaches 165 temperatures, this can be determined by the uses of meat thermometer.

How To Maintain Constant Temperature In Charcoal Water Smoker

Lighting up the charcoal water smoker is pretty much simple just like lighting up the coals. Charcoal chimney, quality charcoal and some wad of unused paper are some of the things you will need if you want to light up a charcoal water smoker. Lighting up the smoker is a smiple task compare to maintain constant temperature.

After you have light up the first batches of charcoal, you will need to wait for about 13 to 15 minutes. The charcoal would have been ready to use in the water smoker. Pour the light up charcoal in the fire pan, put in the water pan and the grates. Then you can start to smoke the meat and cover the smoker with its lid.

After you have done that, it is time to start maintain the temperature if you really want the meats to come out more flavorful and taste after smoking. The best way to maintain the temperature in the chamber is to add charcoal to the fire pan at very interval of 50 to 60 minutes. Putting initial fifteen minutes in to consideration, it means new set of charcoal should be ready at every 30 minutes at least.


Nexgrill Charcoal Grill Review

A successful grilling experience is accompanied by having an efficient equipment and adequate firing. No other grill is superior to the charcoal grill when it comes to maximum taste and great flavor on the grilled meals. If you want to enjoy charcoal grilling of the food like sausages, ribs, chicken, meat etc to the fullest, you will need a reliable charcoal grill. There are lots of charcoal grill in the market, choosing the right one can be very intimidating. There are lots of different model and brands to choose from. Apart from that, there are many features to look out for before buying one. In this article, we are going to review one of the charcoal grill in the market. Thus:

Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill

Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill is one of the charcoal grills that you can found on the market. If you are looking for a reliable charcoal with a great performance and still affordable. Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill should make one of the top choices you will go for on your list.

One of the downsides with most of the charcoal grill on the market is that they lack enough space to accommodate lots of the foods. The case is quite different with Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill, because it comes with a large cooking space and this makes it suitable grill meals for large gathering and outdoor camping. Some models are lousy in their design to the extent that they lose heat. You can choose to smoke for a long period of time with Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill and it will not lose heat during the grilling process. Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill features a cast iron grate in the product packing. You can easy adjust the grate height on Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill.

You can adjust the temperature to desire setting of your choice depending on what you are grilling. Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill is very durable in its construction and it is very solid. The rack that often comes with most charcoal grills are made of flexible material, as a result they don’t tend to last long. Nexgrill charcoal grill also features a stainless steel removable rack for vegetables and buns. Transporting charcoal grills from the yard to the garage can be a difficult task especially when they occupy lots of space and heavy. You can easily move Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill about because it has two solid rock tires on the footing. Once you finish the charcoal grill, a little push on your side is all what you need to move it back indoor. Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill has a dimension of 30 by 36 by 45.8 inches and weighs about 45.9 pounds.


  • It is well constructed and it is very sturdy.
  • The charcoal racks are easy to adjust.
  • It is spacious and can accommodate lots of foods at a time.
  • It does not lose heat during the grilling process.
  • It is pretty deeper and can contain extra amount of wood log.
  • It can smoke for a long period of time.


  • It can be cinch to assemble.
  • The vegetable racks seem flimsy.

Customers Reviews

Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill has been tried out by some customers on Amazon.com and they left some reviews about the product. About 38% of the customers gave this charcoal grill 5-stars ratings. About 21% of them left 4-stars rating for it performance. 20% of the customers are mid satisfied with the performance and they left 3-stars ratings. No 2-stars ratings or the charcoal grill. The rest of the customers at 21% are less satisfied with performance of the charcoal grill and they awarded 1-stars ratings. Nexgrill Cart Style Charcoal Grill has overall ratings of 3.5 out of 5 on Amazon rating scale.

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Other Charcoal grill tools

1 Weber 6610 original Tongs

Weber 6610 original Tongs is one of the vital tools you will need when you are doing outdoor grill. This Weber tong is made of stainless steel with soft touch on the handle. You will need to turn foods for evenly grilling on all parts. Tongs are essential if you want to turn ribs and to move large roast. You can also make use of tong if you want to re-arrange the charcoal with ease. It is 17 inches in length and it is both hands compatible. Weber 6610 original Tongs has a dimension of 20.3 by 2 by 2 inches and weighs about 0.16 ounces.


  • It is pretty much long which makes it suitable to use when the charcoal is red hot.
  • It is sturdy, and can handle heavy usage without bending or twisting.
  • It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • It picks up hot delicate foods from the grill without hindrance.
  • It is cool to handling due to the rubber cladding and it is slip resistant.


  • The open mechanism needs improvement.
  • The string is not very tough.

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2 Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter is one of the tools needed for fantastic charcoal grilling experience. Using chimney starter is the easiest and simplest way of start charcoal grill. And it would be good to choose a high quality one. It can be tiresome to use crumpled paper to light the charcoal grill. Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter makes to process of light up charcoal grill super easy. This chimney starter ranks as the best seller in charcoal starter categories on Amazon. This chimney starter is designed to produce hot coals for cooking within short period of time. The body construction is made from aluminium and comes with large capacity bin. It features ergonomic handle which makes it easy to use and you do not need resistance glove to handle it. Weber 7429 Rapid Fire Chimney Starter has a dimension of 13 by 7.5 by 12 inches and weighs about 4.6 ounces.


  • It is easy to use to light up non instant start charcoal.
  • It is well constructed and very sturdy.
  • It light up the charcoal in uniform manner.
  • No need for lighter fluid or readymade cubes.
  • It cut down the time spend lighting up the charcoal grill.
  • It is user’s friendly and simple to use.


  • It dumps out small pieces of charcoal, you just have to be careful when put to use.
  • It is huge for small hands
  • The second handle does not protect your hands.

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  1. Revolutionary 932F Extreme Heat Resistant EN407 Certified Gloves

Grill is the tool that will prevent you from heat or flame when you want to flip the burger, handle charcoal or to move the grilled foods about. It is also useful when you want to turn meats for even roasting or grilling. Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat resistance Grill/BBQ Glove is one of the vital grill tools you will need when cooking. This glove is the Amazon’s choice for grill glove high heat categories. It should be noted that grill mitts are quite different from that of little oven mitts. This grill mitts is designed to protect you from extreme heat of over 800 Fahrenheit. There are time when piece of hot charcoal fell on the ground, you can easily pick them up with this Grill Aid Glove. This glove is made with same material used in making firefighter cloths in order to ensure utmost protection on your hands. It has a dimension of 14.2 by 6.7 by 0.8 inches and weighs about 8.8 ounces.


  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is heat resistance and capable of withstand extreme heat of flame.
  • They are perfect for people with small hands
  • You can handle hot dishes, hot grates or pots without any problem.
  • It is made of high quality materials
  • It comes with better grip and good stability.


  • It is porous, not perfect for hot liquids.
  • The glove tends to heat up when you hold hot material for long time.

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4 Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Nothing taste better than grilled meats that properly done at the right temperature. It is well know that beef needed to be cooked at 145 degree, pork at 160 degree, lamb at 160 degree and poultry at 165 degree. As the grills are cooked at different rate, it is very vital to check the meat if it done in order to avoid over cooking. And this means that intant read meat thermometer is very important grilling tool. Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer is the highly rated meat thermometer you can ever found in the market. This thermometer is very fast, it brings reading in less than 3 seconds. It is waterproof and it can be wash under running water. It features a backlight which makes it good for night use and suitable for those with visual problems. It has battery safe auto off mechanism which turn the thermometer off after few minutes of unused. Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer has a dimension of 6.7 by 1.1 by 2.2 inches and weighs about 3.2 ounces.


  • It read instantly no need to wait, gives reading less than three seconds.
  • It is heat resistance and the reading is not affected by water.
  • It shut off automatically to save the battery.
  • It insert into any meat with any hindrance.
  • It is user friendly and it is easy to calibrate.
  • It can be used at night as it comes with backlight.


  • It the probe is not long enough.
  • The display cannot be flipped for either left or right hand use.
  • The hold button can be difficult to press when you put on hand glove.

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5 Weber 6494 12-inch 3-sided Grill Brush

The first step to healthy grilling is to have the grill racks and grates clean. Therefore, It is very essential to have a good grill brush if you want to keep the grill grate free of debris. Weber 6494 12-inch 3-sided Grill Brush in one of best and top rated grill brushes that you can found on the market. It is design to clean hard to reach space faster and more efficiently. It features ergonomic handle which makes it comfortable to touch with grip. It is made o stainless steel construction with extra thickness for last long usage. This grill brush is capable of reaching hard-to-reach space between the rod and the edge of the cooking rate. Weber 6494 12-inch 3-sided Grill Brush has a dimension of 12 by 0.8 by 1.2 inches and weighs about 0.16 ounces.


  • Crooner parts of the cooking grate can be reached with the short side brushes.
  • It is soft to grip due to the ergonomic handle on the grate.
  • The bristle on the grill brush does not fry and remove.
  • It is sturdy and it is capable of last long.
  • The three-sided brushes are suitable for tough food debris between the channels.
  • The short length on the handle gives the user more leverage to maneuver and cover more grate area.


  • It will make porcelain grates flake in the long haul.
  • You feel more heat on your hand due to the short length on the handle.
  • More bristles along with brush might be better.

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6 Weber Deluxe Grilling Basket, 6434

Grill basket which is multipurpose serves as a useful tool for effective grilling. The grill basket is useful for holding sliced vegetables, delicates sea foods, fishes, fruits etc during the grilling process and prevent them from falling through the rack. Weber Deluxe Grilling Basket, 6434 is one of the best rated grill baskets that are available on the market. Weber Deluxe Grilling Basket, 6434 is the Amazon’s choice for grill basket. This grill basket is made of high quality stainless steel and it is made for high temperature. It is designed to be used as wok pan for diced meat. Weber Deluxe Grilling Basket, 6434 has a dimension of 14 by 11 by 2 inches, weighs about 2 pounds and comes with a year warranty.


  • It is capable of holding long foods like asparagus, carrots, potatoes etc.
  • It is big enough to hold lots of food without falling over.
  • It is suitable for grilling veggies and small diced meats.
  • It is easy to clean and dish washer safe.
  • It is very sturdy and durable.


  • It get discolor over time.
  • It gets heat up while in use.

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7 Cedar Grilling Plank – 12 packs

Wood plank has a great impact on the flavor and helps to keep food moist with the help of the damp smoke emanating from the soaked wood. There are lots of different wood plank for grilling on the market, but Cedar Grilling Pack is one of the best and highly rated wood plank on the market. It has a dimension of 11 by 5.9 by 5.1 inches and weighs about 3 pounds.

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Foggo Grill Review

Everyone likes the taste of foods and meat that are grilled over charcoal. The reason is because the fuel used adds fascinating taste and flavor to the quality of the meal you grilled. Though charcoal grill is not for everyone especially those are just starting out. To make a successful grilling, you will need adequate equipment and a good supply of fire before any other thing. Charcoal is not only good for meats but also simple meals. One of the advantages charcoal grill has over the gas ones is that they are cheaper. Though charcoal grill is not allowed in most apartments, but they are suitable for camping trip due to their portability. Portable charcoal grill are suitable for picnic and tailgating.

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Charcoal grills are versatile, as they are capable of grilling, roasting or smoking meals. But the market is filled with different brands and kind of charcoal grills. And, this makes it hard for new buyer to choose the right one that suits their need from the wide range of charcoal grills in the market. In this article, we are going to review one of the charcoal grills that are available in the market, and it is called Foggo grill. This review will cover the general information about the product, special features, the pros and the cons, together with the customers’ reviews.

Foggo Grill Review

Foggo electric charcoal bbq grill is a portable, smokeless and battery operated grill is a unique charcoal grill is it is relatively a new comer in the market. It is one of the next rated charcoal grills as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor grilling because it is smokeless. It comes with battery operated fans in case of power outage. It is obvious that charcoal grill can be messy and time consuming, these are basic reasons some people don’t like charcoal grill. Apart from that, they also occupy lots of useful space to store. The larger charcoal grills are easy to transport in case you want to go on camping trip.

But foggo charcoal grill eliminate all these barrier and still give you chance to enjoy fascinating taste and flavor of charcoal grill meals. Foggo grill is portable which makes it easy to carry along on camping. It is produces lesser smoke and this give you the chance to use in the ventilated area in your apartment. Foggo grill come work with 4 AAA batteries though they are not included in the product packing. It comes with one carrying bag and a user manual. It has dimension of 14.9 by 14.6 by 10.3 inches and weigh about 10.5 pounds.

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Special Features

TURBO FAN: Foggo grill comes with a battery operated turbo fan. This enhances fast turnaround starting up as the grill will be ready for action in less than 10 minutes. The turbo fan maintains regular airflow through out of the chamber for perfect outcome. Beside the turbo fan, the charcoal grill can be assembled in short period of time.

TRAVEL BAG: There are some like to have their camping meals to be grilled over charcoal for fabulous experience. But the cumbersome nature of the traditional charcoal grills can hinder the experience. However, the case is quite different with Foggo grill, it is light in weight and comes with ready to go travel bag for easy carrying. And these two features make Faggo charcoal grill to become of the best portable charcoal grills suitable for picnic, camping etc.

GOOD VENTILATION SYSTEM: foggo grill features good ventilation system and this helps to reduce the fuel, which is the amount of charcoals you are going to use for the grilling of your food. That less charcoal does not means taste and the fabulous flavor of the grilled foods will be compromised. This feature makes it suitable for indoor use in an apartment where there is proper ventilation. Besides, the charcoal grill is capable of producing lesser smoke while grilling.

DESIGN FOR SAFETY: foggo grill comes with a double walled design which makes the grill safety easy to touch; you can easily move it around while it is still hot if you want to change its location. It also features safety lock on the closed mesh container in which the charcoal burns. The safety lock guides the container from falling on outside.


  • It is light in weight and easy to carry around from one place to another.
  • It gives excellent quality with the charcoal grilling.
  • It is very portable, easy to assemble from the scratch and easy to work with.
  • It does not give lots of smoke while grilling.
  • It is very simple to light up with the gel and heat up very fast.
  • The turbo fan enhances constant airflow and ensures even cooking.
  • The cleaning is breeze; the racks and some other parts are dishwasher safe.
  • It looks attractive on the counter top and comes with safety design.
  • It does not get hot to the other part of grill.


  • It is slow to cook and can take longer period to get the food done.
  • It comes with a small cooking surface.
  • The hotness is not enough to sear the meat.

Customers’ reviews

There are just thirty customers who bought Foggo stainless steel electric charcoal BBQ grill on Amazon and they left some reviews. About 57% of the customers gave it ratings of 5 stars due to fascinating experience they have with the product. Nobody is yet to give it 4 star rating. Just one of the customers is mre satisfied with the charcoal grill and gave it ratings of 3 stars. About 13% of the customers gave it ratings of 2 stars. The rest at 27% are less satisfied with the performance of the product and they left 1 star rating. Foggo stainless steel electric charcoal BBQ grill has 3.3 out of 5 on Amazon overall ratings scale.

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Buyers Guide

There are some important features you will need to consider when you want to buy charcoal grill. In this section we are going to discus some of those vital features you need to look out for if you want to buy charcoal grill. These features include but not limited to adjustable fire level, user friendliness, quality building, portability as well as the charcoal storage. The size of the charcoal grill is also an important factor you need to consider when you want to buy charcoal grill. The price of the charcoal grill should also be considered as this will be affected by the budget of your pocket.

Important Charcoal Grilling Tips

  • Maintain Constant Flames: building a charcoal fire is pretty much easy compare to maintaining the constant flames. Makes you put enough charcoals into the grate. Try to mount the pieces before you ignite the flame. This will helps to keep constant flames and the temperature. It is important to let the flame burn for about 15 minutes before anything else.
  • You should test the temperature of your grill before you start cooking, so that it will not be too hot for meals you want to prepare.
  • Always clean your grill before you start to grill and after you have done with the whole cooking. These simples act will ensure the safety of the food you are preparing on the grill.
  • It is very vital to prepare you foods before you start grilling. Adding Seasoning to the foods while grilling is not a good idea. More so, adding seasoning while grilling may cause the flame to goes higher. And this may leads to burn.
  • Know the cooking time for the particular foods you want to prepare on the charcoal grill. Time taken differ according the foods. The likes of pizza and hamburger will take lesser time than grilling steaks.



Can You Grill Cucumber?

Yes you can grill cucumber if you choose. Cucumber is very versatile and can be cooked in various ways which include grilling. However, grill is the least common method of preparing the cucumber. You should know that grilling will cause the water in the cucumber to dry up through evaporation. Grill cucumbers are used as one of the ingredients of homemade pickles feta dip. To grill the cucumber, you need to first cut them in halves in a length manner. Get large bowl and fill it up with vinegar, garlic and olive oil. Coat the sliced cucumbers with the mixture in the bowl and let them marinate for about 13 minutes. The next thing is turn on the grill and put it on media heat setting. Grill the cucumber for few minutes and flip to the flip the sides. The cucumber will be ready to serve after some minutes.

Can You Grill Duck?

Yes you can grill the whole duck to give delicious and yummy taste. Meanwhile, it should be known that duck does not cook like chicken as the duck comes with thicker layer of fat. Getting rid of the fat is the most vital step to take when you want to cook the duck. There are several ways of removing fats from the duck. You can steam or pierce the duck at interval to remove the fat. Prepare the fire and let it be at 310 Fahrenheit before you begin with anything. Let the duck hang in there about an hour or two. Once the internal temperature of the duck reaches 165 Fahrenheit, then the duck is done. You can then crave the duck and serve as desire.

Can You Grill Garlic Bread?

Sure you can grill garlic bread to make fabulous and yummy summer sides and a great appetizer. It does not take much time to prepare; everything would be ready in less than thirty minutes. to make grilled garlic bread you will need the one Italian or French loaf of bread, butter softener, garlic that has been minced, chopped oregano, olive oil, and shredded cheese preferable the parmesan cheese. Once you get all your ingredients ready, you need to preheat the grill to medium heat setting. find a big bowl, put all the ingredient in it and mix them thoroughly. Rub the bread all over with the mixture and wrap the bread in a thin foil. Then put the bread on the grill for about 15 minutes, you will need to turn the bread at interval to prevent over burnt of one side. Once the bread is done, you can then serve hot.

Can You Grill In A Garage?

No, you should avoid grilling in the garage regularly because of carbon monoxide especially when you are using coal as fuel for the grill. it is very obvious that carbon monoxide is very fatal if it is inhale. Beside that, you garage may end up being stinking even if it properly ventilated. The smoke emanating from the grill chamber will stick to the wall and darken it over time and it may be hard to remove. If you are going to be doing BBQ on regular basis, it is good to do the grilling outside, probably at yard.

Can You Grill Jackfruits?

Yes, jackfruits can be grilled, and can be used as meatless option in your bbq meals. If you are planning to grill jackfruits, you will need the followings as ingredients avocado oil, chopped onions, minced garlic, brown sugar, chili powder, cayenne pepper and sea salt. It will also good if you can prepare bbq sauce or get the ready made from the store. Add teaspoons of avocado oil in a skillet and place it on stovetop of medium heating.

Once the oil is hot, you can add onion and garlic to the oil. Add little salt and some pepper the stir to prevent the garlic from burning. Get a small bowl and mix brown sugar, chili powder and other bbq sauces. Once you have done that, you can add the jackfruits and the spices mixture to the skillet. Allow the skillet to cook for few minutes and get the bbq sauce ready. You can now coat the jackfruits with the sauce for about 2 to 3 minutes. Once the jackfruits are warm thoroughly, you can remove the skillet and serve hot.

Can You Grill Green Beans?

Sure you can grill the green beans and they even taste great in this ways than other methods of cooking. Grill beans go with many meals as side dish. You can have it with steak, chicken, salmon, sea foods etc. if you have grilled beans as leftover as well, you can simply add them to salad and scrambles to enhance their taste. Grilled green beans are easy to prepare if you can follow simple procedures.

Get the green beans ready by trimming the edges and get them washed thoroughly. Spread a thin foil on a flat surface and add the green beans into it. Add non stick spray or olive oil to the green beans to prevent them from sticking to the grill. add some seasoning like salt and fresh pepper to the green beans. You can as well add garlic powder or steak seasoning to enhance the taste of the grilled green beans. Wrap the foil after add the desire seasoning to the green beans and grill for about 8 minutes max. you can make use of grill basket or pan in place of thin foil. These will also prevent the green beans from falling off the grate while grilling.


Masterbuilt Charcoal Bullet Smoker Review

Charcoal grilling seems to be most popular among the types of grilling. Charcoal grill was the foremost mass producing type of grill. Charcoal provides the food with fascinating and distinctive smoke flavor to the food. Charcoal grill gives more genuine and natural taste to the food better than gas or electric grill. Charcoal grill might be the best for you, find you are fond of barbecue and really like the process involves.

The price is the topmost reason people prefer charcoal grill to that of gas and electric type. It can cost you lots of extra cash to acquire gas or electric grill together with their accessories, while it can cost lesser amount to get quality charcoal grill. In this article, we are going to review one the top charcoal smokers that namely MasterBuilt Charcoal Bullet Smoker, thus

MasterBuilt 20060416 Charcoal Bullet Smoker

MasterBuilt Charcoal 20060416 Bullet Smoker is one of the top rated charcoal grills that are available in the market. Though it is relatively new to the market, but it received some positive reviews from the market observes. Masterbuilt charcoal grill is kind of grill that fits perfectly for backyard grilling. Are you fond of organizing tailgate party for your love ones, Masterbuilt charcoal grill will suit your needs. It is portable enough to take out for camping and outdoor activities.

Sometimes you may not have coal to fill up the charcoal grill, Masterbuilt charcoal grill works well if you fill it up with wood chips. This charcoal grill comes in box of about two feet square. The instructions on how to set it up are easy to follow. Masterbuilt can be used in cold temperature but it should be noted that it will take longer time to get the food done. There is adjustable vent on the top of the charcoal grill to control the air and the temperature.

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There is a good distance between the two racks, the distance is about 7 inches apart. The lower rack rests on the water bowl while the upper one is closer to the top side of the barrel. The door on the Masterbuilt charcoal grill has a dimension of 6 by 5 inches. Masterbuilt 20060416 charcoal grill comes with an inbuilt thermometer on it. It has overall dimension of 19 by 21 by 31 inches and weighs about 15.6 pounds.


  • It easy to get the temperature with the grill and it imparts fabulous flavor on the food.
  • It is portable and can easily be stored after use.
  • The rack is capable of holding lots of meats.
  • The chamber can accommodate a turkey of 14lbs at once.
  • The whole chamber is easy to assemble and its users friendly.
  • It will smoke chicken and turkey breast without any hassle.
  • The turkey and chicken came out very fascinating, juicy and tender.
  • It is suitable for those who are new to smoking foods and the experts.
  • It is sturdy, and the parts look durable.


  • The grill can withstand regular usage.
  • More ventilation is needed at the charcoal area.
  • It is not very good with cold smoking.
  • The thermometer are dicey something, extra one might be needed.
  • The firebox is not easy to remove.

Customers Reviews

There are over 110 customers who have bought Masterbuilt 20060416 charcoal bullet grill on Amazon.com and the left some reviews about the product. This charcoal grill receives sheer numbers of 5 stars rating from about 57% of the entire customers. About 15% of the customers perceive that the charcoal grill still need some slight improvement and they gave it ratings of 4-stars. About 9% of the customers are mildly satisfied with the functioning of the grill and they awarded 3 –stars ratings. Likewise, 2-star ratings were giving by 4% of the customers. While the rest at 15% are less satisfied with the performance of the charcoal grill and they awarded 1 star rating. All these reviews lead to overall ratings of 4.0 out of 5 on Amazon overall ratings scale.

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Buyers Guide

Charcoal grill on its self comes with different kinds. It is obvious that some are more affordable, as well as stronger than others. Though Brands can contribute the different in price, price also goes in line with the quality of the charcoal grill. There are some charcoal grills which come with only one grate while some come with more grates in order to accommodate more food for large gathering. If you are planning to buy charcoal grill, it would be a good move to go for quality ones. Though the medium end charcoal will cost more than the cheaper ones, but will save you time and cost of repairing in the long haul.

Portability is another factor you need to consider when you want to buy charcoal grill. If you and your family members love tailgate party and you go on camping so often, then portable charcoal grill will be suitable for you. If you go for portable grill, it will also be a good move to go for that one that comes with wheels for easy transportation. Having wheels on charcoal grill will lessen the damage that may occur while moving it around. Likewise, the charcoal grill you choose must sturdy and durable so as to be able to withstand rigor of outdoor activities.

Cooking space is one of the vital factors you need to consider when you want to buy charcoal grill. It does not make sense going for heavy duty grill when you have only few people to cater for when you are doing grilling. 80 square inches of space is enough for you to place your charcoal grill if there are four members or less in your family. On the other hand, it does not make any sense if you choose small size grill for a large gathering. But it should be noted that the size of your grill is in proportion to the output of your grilling.

We all want easy process for most of the things we do. Therefore, convenience is another factor you need to factor in when you want to buy charcoal grill. There are some models of charcoal grils that come with their own igniters. Trying to light up charcoal grill may take time to start especially for the newbie. The igniter gives the user to start up heating on time.

Go for grill that give you chance to access the ash pan easily. This gives you the chance to dispose the ashes away and makes the cleaning of the charcoal grill pretty much easier. Also, it prevents ash flakes that ar likely to fall on your foods while grilling.

Having a lid cover on the charcoal grill is a good feature. You should choose a grill that has a lid on it. The lid will help to prevent the smoke from being escape and keep them in the chamber to achieve great taste on the food. Also, it helps to speed up and enhance smokeless grilling.

Quality is another factor that should not be ignored whenever you want to buy charcoal grill. Most of the fancy charcoal grill are usually made of flimsy materials that are easily rust out over time. Go for the one that are made of stainless steel or other quality materials. This will help the charcoal grill to withstand heats and harsh weather condition. Alongside with the quality materials, the charcoal grill you are going to use must be durable.

Advantages of Charcoal grill

Apart from the great taste and tenderness charcoal grill has to offer. There are some other benefits of charcoal grill over other. The temperature of charcoal grilling is pretty much high than gas and electric grill. The meats grill on charcoal grill usually have less amount of fat at the end of smoking while other nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals remain in place. The reason is that constant heat exposure liquefies the fats of the meat. And this often leads to fewer calories in the meat at the end of the whole grilling process.

Charcoal Grilling Tips

Charcoal grilling seems to part of show in the part of important ceremonies in most homes. These important occasions can be birthday party, house warning, thanksgiving and other major holiday. Knowing how to grill a recipe or having a charcoal grill in not the only thing required for a perfect grilling experience. Goo grilling equipment, basic knowledge, and safety measure will to contribute to the overall awesome grilling experience.

Before you can start to grill those meats and other food, you need to fashion out an appropriate place to put the charcoal grill. It should be placed far away material or items that may easily cause fire outbreak. If you choose to grill indoor, you should put the charcoal grill a place where is adequate ventilation in the house.

Knowing the type of food will the amount of heat and coal needed to before the foods are properly done. When it comes to grilling foods, there are two techniques involves, it can be either direct or indirect grilling. It is also vital to know the ideal temperature that is needed for different food in order to prevent overcooking of the food or burnt. Adjusting the heat cannot be ignored in charcoal grill. There are times in which you will need to adjust the heat so that the foods can be cooked thoroughly.