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KRUPS F20342 Coffee Grinder Review

There are few things in life that are worth living for, a hot shower before and a good snooze after a romp in the sheets; and a good cuppa Joe to kick-start your mornings. While the former is not appropriate discussion material, the latter, contrastingly can provide us with a topic of discussion.

Any coffee lover worth their caffeine will tell you that the key to a rich cup of coffee is the bean and the way the bean has been turned into a powder. Pre-ground coffee has a bitter aftertaste to it, because the coffee starts to oxidize as soon as it is ground. The longer the interval between the grinding and the brewing the lesser will be the aroma and the flavor. For the best coffee, you need the Best Coffee Maker your money can buy. So a Coffee Grinder is manna from heaven for us coffee lovers.


The KRUPS F20342 Coffee Grinder is one such gadget inspired by visionaries and made for lovers of coffee the world over. This beautifully crafted gadget has sound mechanics that make it the ideal accessory for the Best Coffee Maker you probably already have sitting on your kitchen counter.


  • 200 watt electric motor for fast, efficient grinding
  • Very Compact, 6 inches high
  • Lid activated safety switch
  • Oval design of the grinding space to accommodate more beans per grinding cycle
  • Stainless Steel blades that make quick work of the toughest beans
  • Yields enough powder to make up to 12 cups of coffee
  • 2 year global warranty


  • Compact size, will not take up much space on the kitchen counter
  • Powerful motor that effortlessly grinds anything you throw at it
  • Lid Activated Safety Switch is a “well thought of” feature
  • Best and most efficient grinder for the money you spend on it
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Low mounted blades that pick up and grind up all the beans
  • Higher RPM motor when compared to few other models at the same price point
  • Shock-Proof Plastic wraparound for the housing


  • No regulation over grinding. You have to learn to correctly stop grinding for the right type of consistency of the powder, coarse or fine
  • Not the grinder to use if you are an espresso connoisseur
  • High speed motor means you will feel the heat while grinding, literally. It is best to use short bursts of grinding power than a continuous volley.
  • The slanting design of the lid makes a mess of removing the powder from the grinder, you have to invert the whole thing so that all the powder falls into the lid. Then only you can extract the powder without spilling it all over the counter. One workaround would be to literally turn the thing upside down measure the coffee beans using the lid, put the housing into the lid and turn it upright. Yes, go all topsy turvy on the thing.


To say that the KRUPS is the best coffee grinder for home use is most accurate and descriptive of the nifty little thing. It weighs only 1 pound when empty and has such beautiful aesthetics and minimal footprint, it will compliment the look of your kitchen counter, placed next to the best coffee maker.