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Different tastes and different one-meal dishes

One-dish meals are a favorite amongst all due to the short time span they take to be prepared as well as the treat they bring to our taste buds. These dishes can not only be prepared in short span of time but some of them are also super easy to make. A few of such types have been listed below.

Indian one dish meals

Among Indian style cooking, there are a wide variety of options starting from the West Indian to the North and the South. Each of them brings a different flavor to the dishes. For example, among the South Indian dishes there is the Appam, which requires about 15 minutes for preparation and 30 minutes for cooking. The ingredients used are as plain as rice, yeast, sugar and flour, readily available in the locale households. Other than that there are Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi and others to include in the one meal dish platter.

Chicken one pot dishes

If you love chicken and are usually on a time crunch, these dishes are the perfect ones for you. You can go cooking chicken on a short span of time and you never have to complain about how they taste. Chicken soup is perhaps one healthy meal which is easy to cook and sip. Apart from that you can prepare the simple Chicken casserole by adding mayonnaise to the chicken along with some lemon and pepper seasoning, which gives you a tasty dish within minutes.

Delight for Vegetarians

If you are a vegetarian, you must have a lot of options to cook for a one dish meal. If you are looking for some dishes that are delicious and easy to make then there are some as follows:-

  • Batata Poha- This one takes 10 minutes for preparing and 8 minutes for cooking. So if you are on the rush, this is your dish.
  • Vitamin Khichdi- Now this is one highly protein rich recipe. It is not only time saving but also healthy to add on to your recipe list.
  • Spinach Sambar- This is a south Indian dish. It is quite a treat to the taste buds.
  • Lentil Vegetable broth- This is a breakfast dish which is ideal for those who prefer a healthy start to the day. This one takes about 20 minutes to cook.

Quick and simple one pot dishes

Dinner is the best when you do not have to worry about the clean up after that. Some recipes have been mentioned in these section which promise you a hearty meal and minimal clean up. So enjoy these dishes knowing you do not have much to worry about their clean up afterwards:

  • One pot Primavera- This is an easy to cook pasta dish that leaves you wanting for more.
  • Shrimp boil- This is perhaps the most common dish where you just add up your veggies, sauce and the shrimp and allow it to cook.
  • Irish Beef Stew
  • Greek Frittata- A frittata is nothing but a huge omelet, but is quite easy to make.