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Important Features You Must Not Left Out In Planning For Luxury Fitted Kitchen

The rate at which the world is changing now, its of no doubt that modern and luxury fitted kitchen is the choice of most cooks. Its involve great investment in order to remodel our old kitchen into modern ones. The obvious reason most people go for highly equipped kitchen these days is because it makes cooking more enjoyable. Modern kitchens are very costly in both construction and decoration, so as a result of this, it very  essential to take the decision of having luxury kitchen seriously. With this in mind, we are going to discuss some of the important features needed to be includes in the planning of this sophisticated kitchen.

1. Appliance: Modern kitchens are the ones that are packed with standard appliances and high class utensils. In luxury fitted kitchen, appliances like cooker, microwaves, fridge, dishwasher, oven, juicer etc can be found there.  All these appliances are fitted to the kitchen with different designs. Also, all these appliances created a fashionable and stylish look for any luxury kitchens. When planning on remodeling our kitchen, its proper to brainstorm on the right types of appliance that look nice with our choosing kitchen decoration.

2. Extractor: An extractor is one of the necessary piece of equipment which is a must to include any modern kitchen. Most extractor are fitted over the top of the hob in the kitchen. They are available in different sizes and style. Most extractors come with filters which remove smoke and choke smell from air, and this will make kitchen comfortable room to spent more time in.

3. Counter top: When considering another important features to be include in our luxury fitted kitchen, the matter of spacing should not be left out of the planning. There should be a budget for enough space to prepare and eat food. More so, those work surface can be made from many different materials which may include wood, metal, laminated composite board, also natural materials like stone, marble and granite.

4. Storage space: Most of the modern kitchens will always have a lots of small appliances and gadgets. All of these will be needed to store at other places if it is not going to be in the kitchen, that why storage space is also important in the planning luxury fitted kitchen. Together with, the likes of cupboard and drawer are also vital as they will help to decrease the competing space among the kitchen utensils and other stuffs in the kitchen.

5. Sink and tap: The combination of sink and tap to choose depend on the type of counter top of our choice. if it happened that natural stone or granite you are using in you old kitchen, you can have your sink getting to the work surface. This will help to create a modern look for your kitchen.

6. Kitchen Design: There are many types of kitchen designs we can choose for our kitchen in order to give it modern and luxury look we anticipate, and obviously this is very personal. Whenever we want to choose design for our kitchen, its very important to check through portfolio, in which we can browse to find the suitable decoration that fit our taste. Also, it is advisable to consult the service of professional kitchen expert. The expert, with his level of his in-dept knowledge,  can show you how to get the satisfying result with your planning.


Maintaining High Levels Of Hygiene In Kitchens!

Personal hygiene in the kitchen will save you from dreadful diseases. It will reduce the chances of cross contamination and help you prepare healthy meals. Cross contamination is a process in which germs get transferred from one surface to another. Cross contamination would use your food, clothes and vessels as a suitable medium for transmission. This is why you should look into the aspects of Kitchen Hygiene. Proper practices and good personal hygiene will definitely reduce the chances of cross contamination.


Basic procedures to be followed in the kitchen

To begin with, you must wash your hands thoroughly before cooking or even touching food. Remember to wash your hands in running water. Also, you should wash your hands after washing dirty dishes and raw food. When you are in the kitchen, treat the place as a sacred ground! Try to restrain from using the bathroom, eating, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or removing trash while cooking! If you tend to perform the foremost tasks, you are ought to wash your hands as soon as you return. Experts believe that it is wise to make use of paper towels instead of dish towels for wiping hands.


Enhance your hygiene levels

Following on, you should wear appropriate clothing when you are in the kitchen. Proper clothing will enhance your kitchen hygiene levels. Most women tend to have the habit of wearing aprons, while cooking. However, one must remember to check if the apron is clean. Additionally, take extra care if you are wearing dangling items like rings and bracelets. Don’t touch food with raw hands, instead use clean gloves. If you have long hair, you should pull it back or tie it up.

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Hair in food can be a very bad sight. Moreover, if the dish is for visitors, the foremost sight would create a very bad impression of your hygiene levels. Secondly, check if your nails are clean. The preceding check is exceptionally important for people who refrain from wearing gloves. Always take care of your nails, and avoid wearing fingernail polish if you are ought to cook meals everyday!

Kitchen for sick people!

People who are sick must not visit the kitchen frequently. This is because germs would spread from sick people in a rapid order. If the disease is contagious, you must not enter into the clean region! As sneezing and coughing will contaminate the entire region. If you do enter and sneeze or cough, be extra sure to wash your hands immediately. Don’t resume cooking till you have washed your hands in flowing water.

Wellness of families

“The Kitchen” is regarded as a very delicate place. The region is used to make scrumptious meals and enjoy delicious dishes. However, unclean kitchens will spread a wave of distress and annoyance. If you are ought to work in the kitchen for a very long time, you must take care of yourself properly. If you work without high levels of personal hygiene, you would risk your health and the wellness of your family.


Few Steps Towards A Better And Brighter Kitchen!

Kitchen is regarded as an important room in the entire house. It is a common place when friends and family can enjoy their special meals. This is why kitchens must look unique and clean. Well designed kitchens will definitely have a prominent impact in the amount of fun you would have while serving or eating meals. However, the process of decorating a kitchen will be a very big challenge.

An impressive kitchen

Luckily, experts have come up with several ideas on kitchen designs and decorations. The beautiful themes will help you make your kitchen special and cozy. Always remember that a cluttered kitchen would be exceptionally unimpressive. May it be the utensils or the decors, kitchens must appear to be spacious. Try putting away things that will destroy the spacious outlook of your kitchen.

Newer and brighter decors

Secondly, decide on a suitable color and theme for your kitchen. The right mix of colors will definitely ordain your kitchen a spacious look. It is quite true that light colors would make you kitchen look big, while dark shades will make your kitchen appear less spacious. Moreover, you should refrain yourself from using white bands of shade. Always choose a color from the monochromatic color palette. You can give off shades like purple, green and blue. Conversely, remember to add a pinch of originality and uniqueness to the room. As you make your kitchen look spacious, you will definitely have more room for newer decorations.

Natural and lively furniture

Also, finding the right furniture for the kitchen could be very intricate. You should always give more space for food preparation. Likewise, the furniture you choose must synchronize with the room’s


theme and shades. If you have lots of space, you can go for bulky kitchen furniture units. However, never decide on anything that will reduce the natural and lively look of your kitchen. Think twice & shop hard for accessories and furniture that would enhance the room’s unique appeal.

Shades and tones of a sleek kitchen

Sleek modern kitchens are designed to de-emphasize the small and cluttered look of kitchens. These kitchens will demand for novel equipment and utensils. Thus, remember to check if your microwave and toaster matches with your kitchen’s colors! Do some research to get a clear glimpse of the kind of shades and tones that would suit your kitchen.

Moving into and out of the kitchen!

Also, never leave furniture near doorways. Kitchens would be accessed frequently. Thus, the essential room must have an open doorway. This will let you walk into and out of the room in a hassle free manner.

Make your kitchen look special

The process of designing and decorating kitchens is a true art. If you enjoy cooking in the special area, you will definitely amuse over the part of decorating! You can make use of several techniques to bring out a perfect kitchen. However, bear in mind that “small amounts of imagination” would redefine the room by impeccable amounts. Even if your kitchen is the smallest area in your house, relax and think of decors that will make it look special.