Manual Meat Grinders

Best Manual Meat Grinder:Norpro Meat Grinder Mincer And Paster Maker Review

Norpro meat grinder is one of the most sought after type of manual meat grinder still available today’s market. The kitchen machine comes with the well built and durable mincing plates which facilitates the quick of making of hamburger and sausage mixture. It is build to combine three functions in one unit, i.e grinding, mincing and paste making. The blade of the grinder are made of stainless steel, it comes with suction base and locking key which prevents it from unnecessary sling after using.


*The grinder has a dimension of 8” by 5” by 5”

*2 pounds of shipping weight

*Strong and high impact body of plastic casing

*Sturdy mincing plates, sausage funnel with 3 pasta attachment

*Suction base with locking key.


*The grinder is perfect for extremely lean meat, vegetable, cooked grain and other soft foods

*It is faster and easier to assemble and clean

*The device has the capability of grinding onion, garlic; mini stem and dried break all hitch free.

*Its capable of the grinding a handful of various types of meat without much effort

* The suction is very secure; it does not bulge during the grinding process

*The grinder can handle small chicken without much or any issue whatsoever

*User don’t have to worry about rusting after washing, for most parts are made of strong plastics

*It doesn’t produce unpleasant noise during the grinding process

*The machine is much and prettier easier to operate for a first time user by following the instruction

*The machine is the best option for those who doesn’t like the short comings of electric meat grinders


*The handle is longer than the unit, so it does not stick to the counter top surface except the edge

*The machine get clogged up if any fat or tendon material is push into the grinder

*The grinder does not work perfectly with semi frozen meat and related stuffies.

*stuffing the sausage with this device may be a pain experience for the user

*There is always some portion left in the machine after the grinding operation.

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