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Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ Review

If you are in the search for a convenient and functional toaster oven 7in the market, you are assured to find the best product through reading a best toaster oven review. A particular review that you should read is from Breville BOV800XL. This will help you learn about the features that you can take advantage about the product once you purchase it. With various brands and products that are out in the market, finding the best toaster oven can be a difficult task to do.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from the Product?

People who can purchase the Breville BOV800XL are those that have already read about the best toaster oven review. Since the product is already reviewed, people will have the opportunity to read about what they can get from the product and make it possible to learn everything about what other people have experienced with the product. As they read a review about the product, people interested with the product will be aware of the positive and negative sides of the product and learn whether they should get the product or not.

Product Description

As you read the best toaster oven review for Breville BOV800XL, you will learn that it has this smart oven technology. This technology is used to give the appropriate heating process needed by any food that you would put in the oven. As it distributes the right heating temperature based on your setting, the food is sure to be cooked evenly as your timer finishes. It is sure to give you the ease of cooking just about anything that you want with the use of the product and make it possible to get the best result from every recipe you would prepare.

Product Features

  • Breville BOV800XL is designed to have an easy-clean interior and exterior design, with a housing made from stainless steel with ribbed tray for plate warming
  • It has an interior that is non-stick with 3 positions for its racks
  • Provides a 6-slice toast or 13” pizza capacity
  • It has a glass door that is tempered
  • The product has an auto-eject magnetic rack
  • It offers a 5-quart elements equipped with Element IQ  designed for smart cooking
  • Readable and back-lit LCD for calculating the appropriate temperature and time for food
  • It has an illuminating orange color during preheating that turns blue showing that it has completed the cycle
  • The product is designed with a function dial designed with 9 cooking functions such as broil, bake, cookies, roast, pizza, reheat, toast, bagel and warm that are already pre-set.
  • It has a dial for time and temperature with a sound alert whenever it shuts off automatically alert
  • The crumb tray is removable by just pulling it out easily. Read More


As you read the best toaster oven review, you are sure to feel overwhelmed with all of the interesting features that you can get from the Breville BOV800XL. You will surely love how the product would provide convenience on your part whenever you are cooking a 7aparticular food. It can be used for just about any food preparation you want and give any food an even cooking process needed. You just have to set the dial to the appropriate method you needed for the food, say, for example, meat or pizza, and set the timer according to the recipe you are following. With reading a review, you will be informed about the things that the product can do for you and never make it difficult for you to make use of your toaster over whenever you want.


Since you want to read not only the best functions of the product, in this best toaster oven review you will learn about the particular disadvantage of the product. This disadvantage is that the cooking methods are limited, but you can make use of the pre-set cooking functions to meet the needed cooking methods of a particular recipe you are doing.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The total number of people who have provided reviews for the product is 1,560, which gave it a rating of 4.4 stars. Though there are people who have negative comments, these were outshined by 1,144 people who have rated it for 5 stars. Click Here To See All


With reading a best toaster oven review, you are sure to find an honest review of the product and learn everything you have to know about the product. It is an innovative product packed with useful features and is sure to give you the convenience of have not only a toaster but also an oven that can withstand the standard you have for a toaster oven. You are sure to love this product for whatever cooking purpose you have, just set it and never have to worry about getting a separate toaster or oven for your needs. Click Here To Buy One At Reasonable Discount Now.