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Mr Coffee Espresso Maker: your bed side coffee made delicious

How will you feel if you get the coffeehouse’s cappuccino at your bed? Have you ever thought of having an espresso or some latte in your hand at 3 AM? Yes! It’s possible with the Mr Coffee Espresso Maker. Just one touch and you can choose any coffee you want from the whole list of amazing cappuccino, espresso and latte. Brew it whenever you want! Get the coffee house taste at your home. With one touch, brew coffee and make some amazing espresso’s at home. One of the best coffee maker at home.

Add some milk and turn your espresso into a cappuccino and other latte selections. So, now you need not to go to any coffee house and spend some bucks to enjoy a cappuccino. Bring the coffee at your house with the Mr Coffee Espresso Maker and make espresso anytime. Just fill in the milk, select the best shot –single or double, select your ground and select the brew you prefer. Simple and easy!

With the recipe book, be a professional in coffee making! Choose from many varieties and try a different one every day. Save your money and time with the best coffee maker at home!

Specifications/ features

  • Brews rich-tasting espresso coffee through a pump system of 15-bar
  • 3-in-1 Semi-automatic cappuccino, latte maker and espresso
  • Easy-fill and clean, removable water and milk reservoirs
  • Programmed cleaning cycle
  • Creates single, double and customized servings
  • You can select the drink with a control panel controlled with One-touch
  • Hassle free, automated milk frother helps in the making of a better coffee without any hard guess.

Positive points

  • Use whatever you want to. You can use any coffee brand that you like and you will not get stuck with costly capsules/pods.
  • The strong pump produces rich cream.
  • Milk frother. Milk frother works really well. You can even control the milk frothing manually.
  • Easy to use. Just press a button and get anything you need. Be it a cappuccino or espresso or latte, it’s just one touch away! The machine is capable of adjusting automatically the quantity of coffee and milk and makes it easy for you to get any variety of coffee.
  • Options. You have options for single and double shot servings. You can even customize them.
  • Washing. Washing is easy. The container for the milk and its lid are easy to wash. You can even put it in the dishwasher. It’s safe and easy!
  • Price. The machine comes at an affordable price.


  • You need to apply greater force to insert and take out the milk can.
  • Sometimes it comes with loose hoses which cause water leakage from the espresso maker.
  • The cord is a bit shorter


Bring it because it will be the best coffee maker at home! With all those exciting features and ease of use, Mr Coffee Espresso Maker is one thing you can spend money on. With the recipe book, you can try new lattes. It also saves a lot of money and time if you are an avid coffee drinker. Coffee aficionado’s, go get it! This is for you!



Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System review

A cup of excellent brewing coffee is enough to bring you the reputation of being a great host. You can win the heart of your guests at a cold evening by offering them a real good coffee at the afternoon chatting session. And only a good brewing machine can help to prepare lot of cups of fermented coffee without creating any hassle. This is the reason brewing system has become an integral part of any middle class household. And Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System has brought a real good one to offer their customers.

What the system is

This brewing system can prepare 6 cups of fermented coffee, tea or hot cocoa at a time within less than one minute. Those who want to prepare real bon vivant quality coffee at home this product is just the right choice for them.

A few features

  • One can made both infused coffee and tea with this machine
  • The set offers a removable water reservoir enable, to contain 48 ounce of water at a time which is brewed after 4 minutes of turning on the power of the machine
  • This Elite Brewing Machine is ready to fit for regular 7-1/4 ounce cup and bigger mug of the size of 9-1/4 ounce
  • The cleaning process is completely hassle free
  • It has an automatic auto-off technology
  • It is brewing machine of the power capacity of 1500 watt.

The goods

This Elite brewing machine has some of the best positive notes those are expected from a gourmet quality coffee maker. Some of the most improved features are included with the machine. Once one switches on the machine it heats up quite fast. It is ready to accommodate two sizes of cups. For regular use the normal cup is enough. But when one needs some extra energy the bigger mug accommodation is quite satisfactory enough. Even if one forgets to turn off the machine while going out he does not need to worry. The machine will automatically shut down after 2 hours. One can refill the coffee basket with any type of coffee of his liking. And if one wants to experiment with the strength of the coffee by roasting it dark or brown he can also do that with this machine.

The bad

The only complain about the machine is it vibrates a little and makes some noise at the starting point. But one should also remember that this is not a normal coffee maker but of brewing quality. And brewing always needs some extra power. And then the noise only lasts for a few seconds.

The feedback

The online market feedbacks about this product say the best about the product. The users have found it of an excellent quality one. And according to the users’ this brewing machine has far improved features than other of the same range.

Those who are really fond of gourmet quality coffee and want to present themselves as coffer lover have found this Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System as the best one. It is ready to offer some excellent coffee within an affordable range and that to in the kitchen of the house. It really is a benchmark product of its type.