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What are the 6 Tips for Optimizing Your New Home’s Energy?

You should optimize your new home’s energy so that you can save energy and also save money in the process. Yes it is true that by saving energy you can save money and this reason should alone be enough to motivate you to get the right energy efficient things for your home but there is also another important reason for buying energy efficient home materials. By using energy efficient materials you can reduce the pressure on earth and its environment and thereby help to make the environment a little better for everyone by reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Energy efficient insulation

There are many energy efficient insulation processes which you can take to optimize your home’s energy. You have the option to choose from insulating concrete forms to VIP and also natural insulation. The different energy saving insulation can help you out in many ways and each of them provides different advantages. So, research well and you will find the right insulation for your home which will suit your preference and budget.

2. The roof of your home

By choosing the right material and the right color you can control the heat exchange through your roof. Many company sells roof which can save energy and you if you search thoroughly you are bound to find the best one for your home. The design of the house will represent your style, which is why these companies sell roofing materials in different designs. So you can save energy and have a stylish home at the same time. If you do not like any design then you can always hire a professional who will make you your desired roof with energy saving materials.

3. Doors, windows, blinds

Almost every company sells energy saving doors, windows and blinds in different color and design. These things are made with energy saving materials which means in winter they will keep the cold air of outside out and the warm air of the inside in thus reducing the use of heater and thereby saving electricity. In the same way in the summer they will keep the outside heat out and the cold air of inside in which means less use of air conditioner which will result in less use of energy.

4. The right lighting

Also, you should use compact fluorescent lamps instead ofincandescent light bulbs as they are known for their energy saving properties.

5. Heating and cooling system

You should look into the new energy saving heating and cooling systems which are sold both in online stores and also in local stores. Nowadays due to the benefits of energy efficiency every manufacturers are producing electrical appliance which are made in such a way that it will save energy and it will be a smart move to buy these affordable and functional products.

6. Water heating system

Lastly; by installing a good quality water heater and also by insulating your hot water line, you can have hot water for a long time but at a less electric bill. So, do not forget to take this into consideration.

So, these are the 6 tips for optimizing your new home’s energy. While constructing make sure you keep this mind and you will have an energy efficient home.




iSpring 75GPD 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review

Water is called the source of life. But this water if not pure can spread many types of diseases which have every chance to turn into epidemic. That is the reason drinking pure water is most essential for living a healthy life. And that is because every household needs to possess a well built water filter system that will ensure pure water for the members of the house. A good water filter destroys the germs and other foreign agents so that water becomes clean and also of good taste. iSpring 75GPD 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System has brought one of such filter in the market.

What the product offers

This is a filter which purifies water through 5 stages of water filtering. This filter not only extracts rust, dust or silt from the water but also cleans out the many types of chemical agents like chlorine, phenol, mineral oils and other such product. With ultra violet ray it purifies water in an extra level


  • It has specially certified steel made storage tank which keeps water free from any flavor
  • Have the capacity of filtering water in 5 scientific stages
  • The specially made Osmosis Membrane purifies water amazingly.
  • The body is a solid one and does not create any noise while on work
  • A shut off valve is included with shuts off automatically
  • At the time of low water pressure a built in booster pump is available
  • It is free from water gap
  • The lead free faucet is a certified one
  • All essential hardware for installation are given with the product

The good factors

This iSpring filter unit is able to clean the dirtiest water. There is a clear difference in purity factor between this 5 stage filtering unit and those providing fewer stages. A sip to both of the types of water will ensure the difference. It effectively reduces the chlorine level and thus the water it purifies if of good taste. It even cleans cancer causing radium from the water and this has made it a good alternative of making expenses on bottled water. The installation process is quite easy and one can do it following the flow chart given with the unit. One can fill the unit with cold water from the tap just by turning on the faucet.

The bad factor

There is a minor issue with the set. The handle of the faucet is made of plastic and it makes a cheap look to the unit.

The customers’ opinion

This iSpring product has caused the most positive reaction from those who have installed this water filter in their home. All the users are quite satisfied with the clean and tasty water it provides. Those who were compelled to drink tasteless water with high chlorine level were most satisfied with this unit as it reduces the chlorine level in the water.

Thus iSpring 75GPD 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System has been proved as a reliable source to have water that is pure in true sense. Now one does not need to depend on packaged water to get clean water. This water filter system will provide that in the household.