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Kohler K-780-VS Cruette Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless Steel Review

Kohler K-780-VS Cruette Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless Steel updates the look of your kitchen. It is tall, streamlined and simple to use. It has the excellent features with master technology. The product is attractive and stylish which turns traditional kitchen into modern one. It will adjust the flow of water so it is really amazing and lovely product.


  • Kohler K-780 is used for washing the dishes and it has the super technology of cleaning the pot.
  • It has three installations hole with the choice of glossy stainless steel and the oil rubbed bronze with polished chrome.
  • The weight of faucet is around 6.8 pounds and the dimensions are 7.9 inches ×10.5 inches ×16.8 inches.
  • It has the stainless features like the master clean spray face for resist the building of mineral.
  • It is easy to clean with advanced technology for easy removal of the deposits.
  • It has three holes and the one for installation options.
  • The faucet is single handled which is easy to utilize and adjust the flow of water.
  • The spout rotates 360 degree which offers convenience for carrying out the different sink related activities.
  • The water consumption and flow rate of the faucet is 1.8 gallon per minute.
  • The body of the faucet is built up of metal material.


Kohler K-780-VS Cruette Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless Steel is the standard quality and serves the customer marvelously. The most attractive advantage of the Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is a nozzle which can be angled in left and right and also it can bend up and down so that heavy water flow can easily all the time. The simple look of faucet updates the looks of your kitchen. The installation of faucet is very simple and can be done within thirty minutes. Without using the adaptors the hose fittings can be done gently. The Kohler Kitchen Faucet comes with the plate which helps in the conversion of the three holes into single hole. Its function is to vary the flow of water which is handy for washing the particular type of kitchen wares. The spray is quick and powerful so the regular aerator works well. The switch works well to choose the spray modes or aerator.


The stainless steel which is used can easily show the fingerprints on the plate. The water can come out from the faucet and can scatter due to the force in the water which can wet the nearby surface around the sink. The replacement parts of faucet are not much easy to find. The connection of the sprayer hose is not clamped.

Customer Review

The installation of Kohler K-780-VS is very smooth and is very simple and can be done quickly. It takes short time to install and the customer will become happy after utilizing it. Kohler has the plate which can be use and if you want to replace the three holes then it will come under single hole. These plates will go below the single faucet. So the large stainless plate can be fit easily. This is very attractive faucet which is easy to turn the clean area of your arm or wrist when your hands get filthy. The arc of the tall faucet arc allows you to do everything from watering the plants to clean the items which are used to fit in your laundry sink. The spray control buttons on the head of faucet head gives you to pause the water flow if you want without turning off main handle. It is modern, beautiful to look and have unique design.

Bottom Line

Kohler K-780-VS Cruette Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless Steel has a lovely faucet with easy to control. The pivoting from the side to side is effortless and delivers the fine water flow. It is very essential product for your kitchen or office purpose.


How Can Simple Kitchen Makeover for Every Chef be Designed

The kitchen is the most important part of any home and lots of things are considered before designing this part of the home. It is regarded as an excellent dining and entertainment place for families to spend time together. It is ideal to set up the kitchen with modern settings, as it needs to be lively, and create a pleasant surrounding for the homeowner spending most of their time in this place.

Many top chefs prefer to work in a kitchen that delivers commercial grade appliances. The cooking utensils are organized and kept in proper cabinets, so that they can be made accessible easily when necessary. The three basic elements that must be taken care of during a makeover of the kitchen include cabinets, flooring, and the requirement of specific appliances. The foremost thing is that the kitchen must be chef-friendly and the utensils within easy reach.

The main guidelines that must be taken care of for a kitchen makeover and that suits the needs of a chef include:

  • It is very necessary that the kitchen layout is simple to create stunning kitchens
  • The distance between the sink, refrigerator and the range must be placed well, so that the chef can perform his task without any difficulty.
  • The cabinets must be made of high-quality material and the drawers must have good storage space to keep the different kitchen items properly.
  • The flooring must be durable and easy to clean and eye-catching flooring is equally important for achieving good design in the kitchen area.
  • The appliances that most chefs prefer using must be comfortable and homey. They must be designed in a way matching to the cabinetry in the kitchen.
  • Chefs prefer to make use of stoves with high heat burners, and that are provided with facility of additional burners, and dual ovens to carry out their cooking procedures appropriately.
  • The kitchen must not be filled with unwieldy devices, and use of contemporary and sleek items is much preferable to carry out work faster and easily.

Main Aspects Taken into Consideration While Remodeling

Remodeling the kitchen is an alluring project and before deciding to spend capital on it, it is very necessary to keep in mind your budget. The costs of the kitchen layout are the main aspect that acts an obstacle at times to design the kitchen of your dreams. There are different layouts that can be used in the kitchen and some of them include U shape, Galley, L-shape, one wall and G shape. The galley style kitchen layout is designed in homes with less space and it is intended next to one wall.

Get started, give your kitchen a new look by making use of good devices and gadgets that are helpful in getting food to the table within no time. Every woman is a chef in her own house and a simple makeover would make things lot better, and the food more enjoyable to relish.





Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Furniture for Your kitchen?

Many people trend to buy cheap furniture for their kitchen but it is not a good idea at all. Most people buy cheap product to save money but if you buy cheap product then there is a chance that the product in question will not last long and you have to buy another one. So, this means you are actually not saving but you are spending more. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy cheap furniture for your kitchen and knowing it will help you out in making the right decision when it comes to kitchen furniture shopping.

Invest in good quality

Cheap furniture usually is made with low quality materials which means it will not last long. Suppose you buy a good quality cabinet then it will last for 5-6years but if you buy a cheap kitchen cabinet then it will only last for 1-2 years which means after a year you again have to buy another one so that means you will be spending a lot of money by buying this furniture again and again. If you buy a high priced cabinet of good quality today then you may have to pay a lot now but in the long run you will save a lot of money. So, that is why you should invest in good quality furniture.

Wear and tear

The kitchen is the heart of a house. From Sunday family lunch to gossip over mid night snack, these precious moments can take a toll on the kitchen furniture. Beside this, the kitchen furniture has to take constant weight of the kitchen related items which can be very heavy and also all the furniture have to take on the heat of a kitchen. These things can cause damage to the furniture almost every day. So, the cheap furniture which is not strong enough will not be able to withstand the everyday wear and tear and will give out quickly.

Good designs

You house is the representation of your style and that is why you should have beautifully crafted furniture which is reflection of your personality. Good designed kitchen furniture can win the heart of your guest. So it will be a good choice to get some beautifully crafted furniture for your kitchen which will be the center of attraction at any dinner party. Whereas, cheap furniture will do you no good in the style department as cheap furniture are not well crafted.

Some tips for buy affordable kitchen furniture

Cheap furniture are not good still many people buy it as it costs less but if you keep in mind the following tips you can get a good quality kitchen furniture at a reasonable and affordable price.

  • Look out for sales. Many well known furniture stores offers good quality products at discounted price and if you can buy these furniture on sale then you have to pay less for a otherwise high priced kitchen furniture.
  • Online searching. With the help of internet you can visit many furniture stores within few minutes and you can compare the price of a particular piece of kitchen furniture on the different stores and you will find the store which sells the furniture at the lowest price.


So, do not buy cheap kitchen furniture and use these tips to buy the best quality kitchen furniture at a low price for your kitchen.



What are the Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tips?

The cost for painting your kitchen cabinets by a professional can cost a lot. So, to avoid this it is recommended that you paint your kitchen cabinets by yourself. To paint it in way which will make your cabinets look like they were done by pros is quite easy. There are top 10 tips which anyone can follow and the result guarantees an amazing paint job of your kitchen cabinets which can change the look and feel of your kitchen.

TIP 1: Before you start painting it will be best if you take out all the doors your kitchen cabinets and then paint them on a flat surface to get a fine finish. Use dish or packets to keep the nuts and bolts of the doors so that you do not lose it. If you are new at this then it will be a smart move to write in a post-it which cabinets the nuts and bolts belong to and stick it on the dish or packet to avoid confusion.

TIP 2: Clean the surface well. Kitchen cabinets can gather a lot of oil and dust, so make sure that you clean the cabinets well before your start painting.

TIP 3: Choose a Latex paints or oil paints as they do not allow the accumulation of oil or grease and dirt and the cleaning process is done easily.

TIP 4: Use a primer before using the paint. The primer helps the paint to adhere better and also the paint will last longer if you use primer.

TIP 5: If you really want your cabinets to look like it was done by a professional then you should lightly sand after every step. So, in case two coats of primer and paint you should first clean then sand. Then apply first coat of primer and sand again after which second coat of primer and lightly sand the cabinets and then you can apply the first coat of paint after which you should sand again and then apply the last and final coat of the paint.

TIP 6: You must choose the right size of brush and rollers for painting. Measure your cabinets and go online to know the right size. You can ask your local hardware owner too.

TIP 7: If you want to use two colors or do any design then you should use tape the already colored part. This will eliminate any chance of mistake and the finished work will look flawless.

TIP 8: A flat working space with lots of lighting is ideal work space for the painting purpose. So choose your space properly as the right space is crucial for the best result.

TIP 9: For painting the edges put a material like tray or plates below the doors make sure that the material is strong enough to support the weight and small enough so that you can have ample space near the edges to paint without any problem.

TIP 10: The painting process is a long one so divided the work properly. For example let’s say to do two cabinets you will take 4 days and you will take 2 days to do one cabinet. Having a plan of approach will help you to stay focused and get the work done. If necessary take the help of a family member so that you can get the work done faster while enjoying some quality time.

So, keep these top 10 tips in mind while painting your kitchen cabinets and surprise everyone with the smooth and flawless result.


Things You Should Consider Before Buying Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen appliances in your home are one of the largest investment from your wallet, so also your time, which equate to the effectiveness of your operation at kitchen and home generally. it can be a daunt task if you want to buy any of the kitchen utensils, for you have to consider a lots of factor raging from energy conservation, brilliant design, lost cost model to utility and durability etc.The case is not different even if you want to buy little utensil like kitchen faucet.In this article, we are going to discuss some of the simple and basic tips that will guide you through the buying process and to enhance your confidence in order to make buying decision. Here are some of the factors you have to look out for before you make a decision to buy kitchen faucet, thus:



1. Conventional: most of the home owner these days prefer to choose kitchen faucet that has a smaller rinser, which can be pull out and so easy to handle for rinsing the dishes before placing them down to dry.


2. Accessories: try not to forget about soap dispenser whenever you want to purchase kitchen faucet. It would be better to get rid of soap filter or bottle that you have to clean all the the time after using. Better still, you can install a mounted soap dispenser that is easy to refill. it is obvious that soap dispenser, just like faucet, also come in different sizes. All you have to do is to match the curvature look and feel to your faucet.

However, if you make decision to go for faucet without a rinser but you want a shower spray stuffs to clean you dishes effectively, there’s no big deal. More so, to have a sprayer on top of that makes the job done more quickly.


3. Finishing: The finishing style you will have choose must be able to complement the sink and counter top and must not get all the space from the rest part of the kitchen. When it comes to appearance, you may choose from chrome or satin nickel, polished chrome or Brass. So also, you can choose from antique brass, bronze or copper, those colors can be in different style and not being too flashy. You can also have the picture of your sink and counter top ready, this can help you to speed up the process of making buying decision.


Choosing the kitchen faucet of your choice should not only be a rewarding experience but also fulfill the lifestyle you always desire. Also, measure out the clear opening breadth and height for the new appliance. There is nothing sadden that investing you hard earning on kitchen faucet or any other kitchen utensils for that matter and latter find out that it does not fit the lifestyle you want.



Important Features You Must Not Left Out In Planning For Luxury Fitted Kitchen

The rate at which the world is changing now, its of no doubt that modern and luxury fitted kitchen is the choice of most cooks. Its involve great investment in order to remodel our old kitchen into modern ones. The obvious reason most people go for highly equipped kitchen these days is because it makes cooking more enjoyable. Modern kitchens are very costly in both construction and decoration, so as a result of this, it very  essential to take the decision of having luxury kitchen seriously. With this in mind, we are going to discuss some of the important features needed to be includes in the planning of this sophisticated kitchen.

1. Appliance: Modern kitchens are the ones that are packed with standard appliances and high class utensils. In luxury fitted kitchen, appliances like cooker, microwaves, fridge, dishwasher, oven, juicer etc can be found there.  All these appliances are fitted to the kitchen with different designs. Also, all these appliances created a fashionable and stylish look for any luxury kitchens. When planning on remodeling our kitchen, its proper to brainstorm on the right types of appliance that look nice with our choosing kitchen decoration.

2. Extractor: An extractor is one of the necessary piece of equipment which is a must to include any modern kitchen. Most extractor are fitted over the top of the hob in the kitchen. They are available in different sizes and style. Most extractors come with filters which remove smoke and choke smell from air, and this will make kitchen comfortable room to spent more time in.

3. Counter top: When considering another important features to be include in our luxury fitted kitchen, the matter of spacing should not be left out of the planning. There should be a budget for enough space to prepare and eat food. More so, those work surface can be made from many different materials which may include wood, metal, laminated composite board, also natural materials like stone, marble and granite.

4. Storage space: Most of the modern kitchens will always have a lots of small appliances and gadgets. All of these will be needed to store at other places if it is not going to be in the kitchen, that why storage space is also important in the planning luxury fitted kitchen. Together with, the likes of cupboard and drawer are also vital as they will help to decrease the competing space among the kitchen utensils and other stuffs in the kitchen.

5. Sink and tap: The combination of sink and tap to choose depend on the type of counter top of our choice. if it happened that natural stone or granite you are using in you old kitchen, you can have your sink getting to the work surface. This will help to create a modern look for your kitchen.

6. Kitchen Design: There are many types of kitchen designs we can choose for our kitchen in order to give it modern and luxury look we anticipate, and obviously this is very personal. Whenever we want to choose design for our kitchen, its very important to check through portfolio, in which we can browse to find the suitable decoration that fit our taste. Also, it is advisable to consult the service of professional kitchen expert. The expert, with his level of his in-dept knowledge,  can show you how to get the satisfying result with your planning.


Maintaining High Levels Of Hygiene In Kitchens!

Personal hygiene in the kitchen will save you from dreadful diseases. It will reduce the chances of cross contamination and help you prepare healthy meals. Cross contamination is a process in which germs get transferred from one surface to another. Cross contamination would use your food, clothes and vessels as a suitable medium for transmission. This is why you should look into the aspects of Kitchen Hygiene. Proper practices and good personal hygiene will definitely reduce the chances of cross contamination.


Basic procedures to be followed in the kitchen

To begin with, you must wash your hands thoroughly before cooking or even touching food. Remember to wash your hands in running water. Also, you should wash your hands after washing dirty dishes and raw food. When you are in the kitchen, treat the place as a sacred ground! Try to restrain from using the bathroom, eating, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or removing trash while cooking! If you tend to perform the foremost tasks, you are ought to wash your hands as soon as you return. Experts believe that it is wise to make use of paper towels instead of dish towels for wiping hands.


Enhance your hygiene levels

Following on, you should wear appropriate clothing when you are in the kitchen. Proper clothing will enhance your kitchen hygiene levels. Most women tend to have the habit of wearing aprons, while cooking. However, one must remember to check if the apron is clean. Additionally, take extra care if you are wearing dangling items like rings and bracelets. Don’t touch food with raw hands, instead use clean gloves. If you have long hair, you should pull it back or tie it up.

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Hair in food can be a very bad sight. Moreover, if the dish is for visitors, the foremost sight would create a very bad impression of your hygiene levels. Secondly, check if your nails are clean. The preceding check is exceptionally important for people who refrain from wearing gloves. Always take care of your nails, and avoid wearing fingernail polish if you are ought to cook meals everyday!

Kitchen for sick people!

People who are sick must not visit the kitchen frequently. This is because germs would spread from sick people in a rapid order. If the disease is contagious, you must not enter into the clean region! As sneezing and coughing will contaminate the entire region. If you do enter and sneeze or cough, be extra sure to wash your hands immediately. Don’t resume cooking till you have washed your hands in flowing water.

Wellness of families

“The Kitchen” is regarded as a very delicate place. The region is used to make scrumptious meals and enjoy delicious dishes. However, unclean kitchens will spread a wave of distress and annoyance. If you are ought to work in the kitchen for a very long time, you must take care of yourself properly. If you work without high levels of personal hygiene, you would risk your health and the wellness of your family.


Simple And Effective Maintenance of The Kitchens

Kitchen is considered as one of the most important regions in every house. Conversely, kitchen safety is extremely important. Cooking tends to span across various facets, from the process of removing cookware from ovens to the part of frying dishes. When you are in the kitchen you must focus on safety. To be more precise, you should be very vigilant when kids enter into the kitchen. As improper use of small elements like knives and pans will cause immense harm to your loved ones!


Cleaning wet floors

Initially, you should remember to keep the kitchen clean at all times. Make the process of cleaning spilt water, beverages, grease and food items a regular habit. Conversely, when you spill slippery material on the floor, you should wipe it immediately. Kitchen floors with wet, slippery substances will be extremely dangerous.

Bringing down massive explosions

Secondly, you should not leave aerosol cans open. When you cook on gas stoves, you should keep aerosol cans at a far away distance, as such cans would explode when they are exposed to high heat. Moreover, remember that fire could begin at anytime in the kitchen. Thus, the kitchen would be the best place to have a fire extinguisher. When a fire begins in the kitchen, you can use the fire extinguisher to save the whole house from serious damage.

Preventing accidents with baking soda

Many mothers fail to turn handles inwards. Cooking on stoves that are stored improperly will cause significant burns and scalding. Bear in mind that the handles of pans should be stored away from the front edge of stoves. When handles are turned to face the back of vessels, serious accidents can be prevented. If you love cooking on


stove tops, you will be more likely to exploit through the use of back burners. Many users tend to cook on four burner stoves and forget to turn off the back burners. Thus, take extra care when you make use of four burner stovetops. Also, have baking soda close to stovetops. This is because baking soda can be used as an effective extinguisher.

Clean metal surfaces

Also, clean all cooking utensils with water and soap. When you are ought to clean stainless steel, you must use scouring powder and non-metal abrasive pads. Never clean the foremost vessels with sharp materials. This is because metals will scratch the metal surface easily and trigger the growth of bacteria. Following on, you should wash essential appliances like food processors and blenders separately. Use old toothbrushes to clean the crevices and cracks in these devices. Conversely, you should air dry the different parts of the appliance.

A very important investment

Finally, when you store knives, you must make sure that the blades don’t touch one another. Knife magnets will protect the blades in a proficient manner. Also, sharpen the knives with a clean sharpening steel and stone. Knife sharpeners are regarded as a very important investment. The sharpeners will increase the lifetime of knives and let you use the equipment efficiently.

Few Steps Towards A Friendly And Healthy Kitchen!

A clean kitchen will definitely confer you with a perfect cooking experience. A cluttered pantry will make your journey in the essential region complicate. It will make the process of planning and preparing meals difficult. Thus, you should always check if your kitchen is well organized before working in it. The foremost move will certainly make the process of identifying ingredients and the essential cutlery easy. When you want to organize your kitchen pantries, you must follow the subsequent processes.

Pantries of different sizes and shapes

Initially, you must understand that kitchen pantries will be of different sizes and shapes. From huge walk in pantries to small freestanding cupboards, you should arrange your kitchen pantries in a wise manner. Before you organize the pantry, check if the space will help you function to the fullest. If you are unable to use the space properly, analyze the kitchen and identify any potential problems. As you fix these issues, you can maximize your storage area and access items in a hassle free order.


Pantries that are well organized

Secondly, remember to organize your containers uniformly. If you feel that the original packaging of food items does not let you function to the fullest, you must rearrange the vessels. You can use boxes of different sizes and utilize the shelf space to the fullest. Some food items will be prone to spillage, thus you should store such products in bigger containers. Another special kind of container for food items like rice, grains and dry beans would be “Canning Jars”. Similarly, large plastic containers should be used to store cereals. When you are ought to buy new containers, always decide on products that will fit properly in shelves. Moreover, you can use various organizing tools. Exploit through customized storage schemes to use pantry cupboards to the fullest. For example, bleacher styled shelves will progress upwards. Such shelves can be used to store small ingredients like spices. While, short wire racks can be used to store utensils.

Merging Pantries effectively

Like books and CDs, you should put together similar items. “Food Types” is considered as one of the best ways to organize items. Also, sort everything that you store in the shelves. When you group items together, you can find and replace them effortlessly. For example, you can group sugars, salt and flours together. When you have huge pantry cupboards, you should make use of shelf dividers. Conversely, the products must be organized with respect to the item’s frequency.

Four essential facets

Finally, when you want to childproof your kitchen, you must follow the subsequent steps.

1)      Bear in mind that lighters, match sticks, cleaners and sharp utensils must be kept away from children. The dangerous elements must be stored in cabinets.

2)      You should make use of child-safety latches. The latches of lower level cabinets should be closed.

3)      You should unplug appliances and keep cords away from children.

4)      Never leave hot drinks near kids. The handles of back burners and vessels must be placed away from children.

The Kitchen and The Need For High Hygiene Levels

“The Kitchen” is regarded as a very important place in any house. It is an essential region where meals would be prepared and enjoyed. Many people tend to neglect the idea of kitchen safety. Safety procedures must be followed properly, to avoid unforeseen injuries and dangers. Food handlers who are aware of their safety and the health of others will definitely focus on kitchen hygiene. The foremost effort will definitely help them eradicate the presence of food borne illnesses.

Cleanliness to reduce food borne diseases

Proper cleanliness measures will reduce the chances of food borne illnesses by prominent amounts. Raw vegetables, fruits and vessels must be washed carefully. Also, the place must be prepared properly before you begin your cooking sessions. It is wise to clean wooden surfaces before you cut vegetables and fruits in it. Additionally, never cut meat on wooden surfaces. As wood surfaces will trap bacteria and facilitate quick growth. Also, you should separate the surfaces used to cut vegetables and raw meat. Over the years many people have not stemmed or washed vegetables before using them.


Knife safety for easy working!

Similarly, knife safety plays a very important role in kitchen care. Knife safety will save you from unforeseen dangers. For example, the amount of danger that is caused by the inappropriate use of knives would be quite high. If you want to reduce such injuries, you must use sharp knives very carefully. Well maintained knives will reduce the amount of effort you must exert while cutting vegetables and meat. Also, sharp knives will require a smaller amount of effort whilst cutting and this will eradicate the amount of accidents that could occur by slippage.

Maintaining the right temperature

Thirdly, you should maintain the temperature of refrigerators. Often improper refrigerator temperature tends to cause various food borne diseases. This is because refrigerators that are not chilled properly will trigger the growth of bacteria and spoil food. Moreover, to keep the freshness of meals, you should check the refrigerator’s temperature appropriately.

Preventing fire accidents

Stovetops and ovens are also known as a major source of fires and injuries. If you don’t handle stovetops properly, you will have to suffer severe burns. Also, it is important to monitor the elements that are placed on top of ovens and stovetops. Never leave the food while cooking, as it will cause overflowing and burning.

Keeping kids at a safe distance

Finally, you must keep children away from the kitchen. When you make use of stovetops while cooking, you must make sure that the handles are not facing outwards. This will prevent small kids from grabbing or spilling hot meals. As mentioned previously, you must keep knives away from children. Also, make sure that open ovens are kept away from children at a predestined distance. This will save kids from serious burns and accidents.

Gaining control over your kitchen

Likewise, you should keep the kitchen free of clutter. According to the very old adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place”, organized places will definitely remain under control.