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Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Wash with Stainless Steel Tub Review

If you are living in a mobile home, small apartment or in a place xxwhere the space is very limited, the Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Wash with Stainless Steel Tub is the best little machine that you must take into consideration. If you will read on the top pulsator reviews, you can see find positive remarks about this small yet very powerful pulsator washer. It offers setting capability that enables you to choose the level of water for a perfect combination.

Who Can Purchase/Benefit from the Product?

For those homes or spaces where full-sized machines are not appropriate, the Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Wash with Stainless Steel Tub is actually the best product to consider. Those who are living in small apartments or other places with a limited space can take full advantage of this product. This also provides an optimal portability since this can easily be rolled away for storage.

If you have a lot of things to do at home or in the office and doing the laundry seems impossible for you to do, this product is a great help for you. Its great pulsating action greatly results to perfect cleaning performance. It is also gentler on delicate clothes which make it great for items like baby clothes and cloth diapers. This is an amazing little machine that is perfect for every home. When read about the top pulsator reviews, you will discover positive regards about this compact machine.

Product Description

Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Wash is really portable, so you can always more it from one place to another. It provides a top loading machine design which makes it easier for you to load and unload the washer. Its amazing Pulsator system is really gentle on delicate items and it efficiently removes stains and dirt. This amazing washer also enables you to choose from quick, heavy or normal wash cycles that are based on your laundry requirements. It is also possible for you to choose from low to high based on the wash load.

This product also features a stainless steel tub that comes with an efficient self-cleaning lint filter that is essential in collecting stray fibers. If you want to interrupt the washing cycle for some reasons, you can just press the pause button. Its clear viewing window also enables you to check your laundry anytime.  It has a compact design and would easily fit into small sizes. This product also provides a quiet operation that only adds up to its ultimate laundry solutions.

Product Features

  • Electronic control that enables you to control the water levels on just a simple touch pad in order to obtain an ideal combination for your load
  • LED Light Indicators that clearly display an end-of-cycle signal alerts and cycle status
  • Drain and fill hoses included with Quick Connect sink adapter
  • Levelling legs that are adjustable
  • Self-cleaning Lint Filter
  • Caster wheels included
  • Made from high quality stainless steel material
  • Stainless Steel Tub. Read More


According to the top pulsator reviews, the Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound xxPulsator Wash is really an amazing product. It provides a better cleaning capability that cleans your clothes more effectively. It offers gentle cleaning which make it an ideal washer to use with your delicate items such as baby clothes and cloth diapers. If you have been doing all your laundries at Laundromat, using this machine can save you both time and money. This can also load more than laundry that you actually thought.


According to various top pulsator reviews, there are only a few problems with regards to this product. Some customers reported that this product often stops and would mostly report unbalance issues. Nevertheless, it has been noted that this pulsator wash is really efficient. With proper handling and care, this product can last for a long time.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Wash with Stainless Steel Tub is really an efficient product that every small apartments or mobile homes must have. There are a total of 181 customers who have viewed and rated this product and most of them have acknowledged the great functionality that this machine can offer. As a matter of fact, this machine had obtained an overall rating of 4 out of five stars which means that most customers really love this product. Read More


The top pulsator reviews revealed that Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Wash is one of the best products that every homeowner must consider, especially those who have a very limited space. This product is packed with impressive features and it is highly durable. It is very quiet and it does a very wonderful job when it comes to washing your clothes, particularly those delicate items. Even the top pulsator reviews can reveal the great features and the kind of cleaning job that this product can provide. Click Here To Buy One Reasonable Discount Now.