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Can You Reheat Dumplings

Dumplings are Chinese cuisines; they are so good and delicious.  Dumplings can be in various shapes. They can be made in either whole round or half depending on your preference and choice. The making of dumpling can really be fun as you can involve all members of the family even the kids. Reason is because the different task can be assign to every member of the family and thereby creating fascinating experience.

Dumplings are very versatile and can be prepare with different cooking methods. They can be prepared by boiling, steaming and frying. However, boiling seems to be the most common method of preparing dumplings. Though there are Japanese, Korean and Russian dumplings but the way they taste is quite different from that of Chinese one.

Can You Reheat Dumplings? Yes you can reheat dumplings if you lots of it as leftover at home. The reheat of the dumplings can be done with the uses of microwave for fast action and skillet. To reheat the dumpling in the microwave, first cut the middle in order to ensure that the middle is hot. Then put the dumpling in the microwave safe dish with a cover and sprinkle some water. If the dish does not have a cover, you can simply use thin foil to cover the dish loosely.

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Place the dish in the microwave and let it sit for about thirty to forty seconds. Check the dumplings it has been done. You can make use of cooking thermometer to check the warmth desire. The process is almost the same on the skillet except for the heat source and that time taken. It takes about three to five minutes before the dumplings got reheated on the stovetop which pretty slow compare to microwave.

You can make use of different kinds of fillings that suit your taste when you are preparing dumplings at home. Fillings can be of different kind of things like meat, vegetables, cheese, mix pork, garlic, eggs, chives, soy sauce etc. Dumplings are amazing and are easy to prepare from the scratch. if it happens you have not make dumplings at home before and you are will to give it a trial, it is advisable to first start with wontons dumplings. The reason is because wontons require less ingredients and process. And they are the easiest to make dumplings among other recipes. It requires just meat alone as the fillings. Just prepare the dough and put the meat the center. Wrap the dough around the meat and boil the dumplings until they float.

One of the common mistakes people when preparing the dumplings is to go over fillings. Dumplings need good balance and nice texture, and these can be determining by the fillings. If you get too excited and over fillings the dumpling, it is certain that the filling will come out dryer after the dumplings are ready. Try as much as possible to avoid using braised meat for the fillings. Braised meats do not bring good texture to the dumplings.

When you are preparing the dough make sure you have some flour dust on the board. This will help to prevent dough from getting sticky to the board. Do not get yourself frustrated when the pastry sheet does not give perfect texture at first. If every other thing is done right, dumplings will come out looking perfect after the whole preparation.

Can You Reheat baked Potatoes?

Potatoes seem one of the vital foods that are very common in the market today. Baked potatoes are one of the ways in which you can enjoy potatoes at home with your family. Baked potatoes rank among the best sides dishes in many homes. A freshly baked potato gives most exciting and fantastic kitchen smell after you done with the preparation. Baked potatoes which are meticulously done usually give crispy golden brown on the skin.

Can you reheat baked potatoes? Yes you can reheat baked potatoes with the uses of electric oven. Sometimes you may want to prepare baked potatoes ahead of the time or you may have lots of leftover at home. So you might want to know either you can reheat baked potatoes. The most suitable way to reheat baked potatoes is to use electric oven. Preheat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit. Place the baked potatoes into oven safe container and put it the electric oven for 15 minutes. Choosing the right type of potatoes is the most vital factors in making delicious baked potatoes at home. And in this case Russets are the best type you can choose among the rest.

Can You Reheat Chinese noodles?

Chinese noodles are very delicious, the cooking can be very simple and at the same time very complicated. Cooking can be very simple if it only requires just adding veggies, minced meat and sauce. But the complicated part is the one that involves adding special color and flavor. Boiling is the most common method of cooking Chinese noodles. Sometime Chinese noodles may require frying in the olive oil in order to make them look crispy. And they can also be stir fried also. You can make Chinese noodles into different form after you have finished boiling them.

Chinese noodles go with chicken soups as well as mixing them with sauce. Can you reheat Chinese noodles? Sure you can reheat Chinese noodles if you can some as leftover at home. You can reheat Chinese noodles in the microwave. Get a microwave safe dish and put the Chinese noodle in it. Cover the dish loosely with thin foil and put it the microwave. let the noodle sit in the microwave for about three to four minutes. Check if it done, if not let the noodles sit for few seconds more.

Can You Reheat fried Rice?

Fried rice is tasty and delicious. Cooking fried rice is pretty simple and they are easy to make from the scratch. There are variations to the ways and methods in which people cook fried rice. While rice is the main ingredient for preparing fried rice other that go along with it are veggies, eggs, meat, shrimps, green bean, carrots, plantain etc. fried rice can a perfect meal for dinner, and some people prefer it as breakfast.

Can you reheat fried rice? Sure you reheat fried in case you have lots of it as leftover and you don’t want to go the bin as waste. You can reheat you leftover fried rice in the microwave. Get the left over fried rice in microwave safe container. If the leftover is very many, then you have to do the reheat in batches.

Sprinkle some water on the rice to provide some moist and cover the dish with thin foil slight. Place the dish in the microwave at mid temperature setting. Let the fried rice sit in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Check if it is done if not, you can put the container back into the microwave and heat at interval of 30 seconds for even reheating.

Can You Reheat Cooked vegetables?

Cooking vegetable is one of the great ways of adding extra dishes to our meal. Some people choose cooked vegetable as one of their main dishes. It is regarded as one of the vital part of our dishes. In fact, it should b parts of the foods that we are supposed to be eating everyday because of their enormous nutritional benefits. Therefore, it is very essential to take out the guess work out whenever you want to cook vegetables.

However, there are ongoing debates, among the people, on which is the best to get most out of the vegetable between cooked one and raw ones. The reason is because the heat which vegetable undergo during the cooking process has reduced some value of nutrients in the veggies. While the raw veggies when consumed provide the body the vital enzymes our body requires to digest foods.

That does not means you should always eat raw vegetables only and avoid the cooked ones. Can you reheat cooked vegetable? Sure you can reheat cooked vegetables if you them as leftover. The most suitable way to reheat your leftover vegetable is to reheat in the electric oven.

You should avoid using microwave as vegetable are liable to turn mush under microwave modules. Preheat the oven to 390 Fahrenheit. Get the vegetables spread on oven sheet. You can sprinkle some olive oil on them. Let the cooked vegetable spend about three to four minutes in the oven. Check if it is done and serve it.  Try to avoid cooking vegetables for a long period of time if you want to get best out it.

Can You Reheat Grilled Cheese?

Grilled cheese is one of the lunch favorites for a lot of people. And it is also one of the best comfort foods. They are healthy and delicious. Though most of these cheeses are either fried or boiled, but we often called them grilled cheese sandwich. Grill cheese are simple and easy to make at home. If you are going to prepare grilled cheese sandwich at home, you need to cook it low and slow with a lid on top.

There are many ways you can spice up the grilled cheese, one of it is to add slice of meat to the sandwich. However, can you reheat leftover grilled cheese? Yes you can reheat leftover grilled cheese. You can reheat it on the frying pan. Heat the frying pan to a mid temperature and add a slice of butter to it. Put the grilled cheese in the pan heat for few minutes. flip the sandwich in the sides heat. Serve when it is thoroughly heated.

Another way in which you can spice up your grilled cheese is to add sliced tomatoes and vegetables before you grill the cheese. You can as well add mustard. The mustard helps to add fascinating tangy flavor to the grilled cheese. You want Mexican flavor on the grilled cheese sandwich, you can add some salsa and slice of onion to the cheese.


Can You Drink Cooking Wine

Can You Drink Cooking Wine?

For the sake of those who don’t know what cooking wine is and what it is used for.  I will take a short time to explain.  As the name implies, cooking wine is simple a wine which is used as an ingredient to enhance the taste, aroma and flavor of food dishes rather than use as beverages. It is similar in nature to rice wine that is very popular in Eastern and Southern parts of Asia.  It can be used on various food dishes like assaulted meat, cooked poultry, fishes, vegetables, stew, sauces, minimy etc. Most cooking wine in the market have alcoholic level raging from 10 to 17 percent per bottle,  salt content of about 3 to 6 percent, grape extract etc. It can be used as food preservatives pretty much like salt, improve the aroma and food coloring.

Difference between cooking wine and the regular wine

  • Cooking wine has more salt in its content than drinking wine
  • There is greater Alcohol content in regular wine than the cooking ones
  • Cooking wine is suitable for preservation of food item
  • Most professional chefs prefer drinking wine for cooking to the cooking wine
  • Cooking wine has long shelf life span much more than the regular ones
  • Drinking wine turns vinegar after exposing to air within few minutes
  • Cooking wine is manufactured from grape and some are not of high quality
  • Drinking wine change taste and turn sour
  • Cooking wine is a bit less expensive than regular wine

Some people assumed it would be better get drunk with cooking wine due to its cheap price and high alcoholic content.  Some also want to know out of curiosity maybe someone can get drunk by consuming cooking wine. These and some other reasons make them to ask that:

Can you drink cooking wine?

The best response is NO.  You shouldn’t drink cooking wine either for pleasure or to get drunk. It is not advisable to drink cooking wine of any types because of large portion of salt in their content. As it is known that consuming much of salt in any form is not good for the body system. If you drink a bottle of cooking wine for instance, the salt level in the body tends to rise by 10 percent. As a result of this, the kidney works harder to regulate the amount of salt to normal level by processing water into the body. This reaction leads to miserable effects likes welling of hand, ankle, leg, wrist, belly etc. These effects couple with some other factors led to high blood pressure in the long haul.

Aside from that, consuming cooking wine is possible of making you sick. Even, it’s horrible to taste as some claimed it to be, because most cooking wines are salty. Also, cooking wine is quite inferior to the regular ones that are really meant for drinking purpose. So to be on a safer side, it is important to use cooking wine moderately (as much of it can affect the taste of the dishes) for cooking dishes only.

Can you drink baking soda?

Sure, anyone one can drink the mixture of baking soda and water provided that it’s consumed at moderate quantity. It should not be consume more than 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in a 8oz in a day. To avoid building up of gas, the mixture should be sip slowly. Baking soda is easy to afford with less cost. Baking soda has natural antacid properties which makes it one of the popular household items. It is also a great household cleaning item.

Baking soda is a multipurpose and it can be used in very many ways. The health benefits of baking soda are numerous. Drinking small amount of baking soda is good for the body and can help to cure the likes of heartburn, stomach upset or outright indigestion. It is advisable to drink backing soda when there is a stomach upset. But, never go overboard in consumption, as that can result in producing more acid in the body albeit aggravate the initial problem.

The active ingredient knows baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which aids in neutralizing stomach acid. In contrary to the aforementioned points, drinking soda is capable of causing stomach ulcer. This may likely to happen when you drink the mixture on empty stomach. It interacts with mucosal to produce hydrochloric acid and this destroys the wall of stomach to cause ulcer.  However, small quantities of baking soda mixture help with gassiness.

Baking soda is also good for removing coffee maker tea stains on the clothes. It helps to get rid of vinyl flooring scuffs. It’s good for cleaning chrome. It can be used as solution for cleaning microwave, fridges, freezer, meat grinder etc. It helps to minimize odors in laundry hamper and lots more. Other uses of baking soda include whitening of the teeth to some extent.  It fastens up the up muscle recovery when consumed after a rigorous and intense workout to avoid soreness on the part of the body in days to follow. It also helps to boost kidney health as it has effect on kidney stone.  It also alleviates Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Can you drink aloe Vera gel?

Yes of course, you can drink aloe Vera gel. A lots of people are aware of its benefits to our health and its extraordinary power of curing various ailments like sunburn, constipation, skin irritation at but to mention few. Aloe Vera plant is hearty lust and it is capable of growing under a wide range of range of climate, unlike some other plants. It can survive at temperature of 120 F.  It okay to drink aloe Vera on regular basis due to the lots of benefits proffers. Aloe Vera plant is categorized as one of most healing plants ever knows to man. It was reported that aloe Vera gel has been benefiting man for many centuries.

Consuming aloe Vera comes with many benefits. These include ability to reduce dark spots on the skin. Consistent application of aloe Vera gel helps to reduce stress marks on the body, minimize Tan and eradicating sunburn. It is widely supported by medical expert that consuming aloe Vera gel helps to prevent signs of aging. Aloe Vera is also parts of aftereffects solution used by dermatologist after facial surgery as it helps to fasten up marks due to its wound healing properties. It is a good aid for anyone who is having a dry skin for it helps to moisturize the skin and help to reduce wrinkles.

Aloe Vera gel contains vitamin A, C, E and B 12 as well as important elements like iron, zinc, potassium, Folic acid, calcium, and magnesium. Some of these vital substances enhance the aloe Vera’s ability to reduce the quantity of harmful yeast and bacteria found in our gut. Aloe Vera gel contains anti inflammatory effect substance. The gel contains bradykinase (an alkaline) that helps the body to get rid of harmful waste products. Drinking aloe Vera gel helps to boost immune system due to the presence of vitamin c and other similar resources in it.

It should be noted that just because aloe Vera is herbal does not means it has no side effects.  In fact, aloe Vera plant has a lot of biochemical make up. So, drinking unprocessed juice is large amount can cause diarrhea, crimps and dehydration of the body. If you easily feel nauseous, drinking aloe Vera gel can cause you to vomit incessantly. The laxative contains n aloe Vera gel can inhibit the absorption of some drugs as well as their effectiveness.

However, drinking of aloe Vera gel helps to absorbs all the toxins while moving in the intestinal tracts and keeps the colon clean and healthy. It also increase health bacteria in the intestine which speedup the rate of digestion.  The antioxidant in aloe Vera gel fights free radical elements in the body system and this reduces the growth of cancer tumor on any part of the body.


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What are the Common Mistakes People make in Cleaning Kitchen and How to avoid them

Cooking is an art that has been known ever since the evolution of mankind. The techniques made use for in this art differ from one place to another, and it depends mainly on the cultural traditions and environmental conditions. Every cook in spite of being well trained, at some point tends to make some common mistakes and this state is natural. The list of common mistakes that occurs while cooking a dish includes:

Common Mistakes One Needs to Avoid


  • Cooking food is like performing a chemical reaction in a lab, and for that purpose, it is necessary that you be prepared with all the ingredients well in advance to avoid any confusion. Cooking done with haste would never provide good results and the end result would be either food getting burnt or tasteless.


  • It would increase your work all the more, and even the place would look messy around if the work is not planned well. Hence, it is better to keep all the necessary cutlery and ingredients handy before cooking.



  • It is also necessary to follow the measurements provided in the recipe you wish to prepare to attain a delicious delicacy.


  • It is very essential that the oven is preheated before its use and at the right temperature. The Meat that is taken out of the refrigerator must be thawed, well in advance before using it in preparation of a dish.



  • The pan or dish used for the purpose of cooking must not be overcrowded with the ingredients used for cooking food, as it would not get cooked properly.


  • To enjoy tasty, healthy food it is necessary that you do not compromise with the quality of oil used for cooking purposes. Natural oils are best oils that can be used for this purpose, and that would make available to you the preferred aroma.



  • While preparing rice it is necessary to maintain the ratio of water to rice and it must be 2:1 and not more than that. Water added in excess quantity would soften the rice and even reduce the nutrients present in it.


  • The level of stirring a dish on its preparation varies from dish to dish. But care must be taken that it is neither flipped nor stirred continuously. The main reason for this being it would end up spoiling the food. The stirring spoon must be used slowly after adding the spices and the ingredients of the recipe in the pan.



  • Before trying out any new recipe, it is very essential that it is read properly to make the procedure simple. The vegetables must also be washed well before making use of them for cooking purpose.

There are certain mistakes that are committed while cooking and that disrupt effective cooking. The best ways to avoid such problems occurring is to be careful and attentive while cooking. An effective soap liquid must be used to clean the utensils well to make it free from any bad odor. So, don’t hurry and prepare a tasty dish with the required ingredients, and with the right measurements to enjoy it better.

Four Simple Steps On How Get Rid Of Cooking Oil Stain On The Carpet

Cooking oil is one of most important and commonly used food item in most kitchens today. It is very essential because hardly we can cook some foods without using oil. Occasionally, this cooking oil may spill on the carpet accidentally in the kitchen and it may become irritating. As a result of this, there will be some stigma stain on the carpet which may detriment it look.
Cooking oil stain on the carpet ion the kitchen may be somehow difficult to clean as this oil is not soluble in water. Most people who have experienced this type of situation sometimes get irate to clean up this stain neatly from the carpet. But, what they don’t understand is that these stains can be clean up if they know the right kind of steps to take. In this article, we are going to highlights some of the right procedures you will need to take whenever you experience this type of situation.
1. Start cleaning with the white clothes; whenever you have cooking oil spilled on the carpet, you will have to start be removing as much of spilled oil with white clothes. This is because; white clothes will help to absorb the spilled oil on the kitchen carpet fibers. It is no compulsory that you use white clothes all time, you can use paper towel instead, preferably the larger type. You will have to mob up the oil carefully and fast so as to avoid the oil from seeping into the carpet.
2. Use a cleaning agent, after the exercise above, the next step is to engage the uses of cleaning solution which will help to wipe out the stain completely from the carpet. You can try to get commercial cleaning product from nearby supermarket or better still made use o some homemade cleaning spray for this kind of problem. If you choose the home made type, just try to mix a cup of warm water and little more of baking soda.
3. Clean up more vigorously. The next step is to spray the cleaning solution, any of the tow you may choose, on the remaining cooking oil on the kitchen carpet. After that, you will get a clean towel paper and wipe vigorously on the affected area. You have to note that this will take you some minutes if you really want effective action. Also, you must do this with care in order to prevent the carpet from being tarnished.
4. Dry the affected area off, once the stain is no longer on the carpet, next is to remove unwanted residual. Then, get a cup of water and use it to rinse the affected area of the oil spilled. Lastly, you can now get a clean rag to dry off the water completely from the carpet.

Know How: Freezer Friendly Appetizers

Freezer friendly meals are a necessity on certain days when you are running out of time. There are delicious meals out there that would not only make your cooking easier but would also help you out by being totally compatible with your freezer. These recipes are ideal for you if you are working student, or a working mother with little or no time for the chores. These meals sort out the cooking part for you impeccably.

Heavy and tasty

Yum and tasty mini meat balls are not only a delight to your senses but they are also very easy to prepare. And more importantly they are completely compatible with your freezer. So the next time you have to cook in a rush, you know what recipe you need to keep at hand. Another yummy dish is the Chicken risotto cake. It is not a beginners dish to be made though. It can be quite difficult to make.

Easy to cook meals

There are several items that can be prepared easily and are less hassle when it comes to cooking. These are one of those dishes that you can just cook during weekends and put in your freezer and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Baked Penne with Chicken and fried tomatoes is one of those dishes that any one in your family will enjoy. Noodle Casseroles are another thing that goes along well with your freezer. Mediterranean Tuna noodle casserole will come to your rescue when you have to use the freezer.

Food that you can make from your leftovers

After relishing all the food that adapts well with your freezer, the question arises what can you do about the leftovers? Now here are a few dishes that you can try with the leftovers. A busy mom can always use these fantastic ideas to chalk out a make ahead meal with these recipes. Some of the recipes included in that list is the chicken tortilla soup, chicken tortilla. Both of which can be mixed for preparation and kept in the freezer for about four months, after which they obviously would have to be taken out. Spicy peanut chicken, Pesto turkey soup and sweet and sour meatballs are some other recipes of this kind.

If you are a Vegan

Being a vegan leaves you with a lot of options for cooking freezer friendly food. Some of the freezer friendly meals are in fact very easy to cook. Garlic and chives Quinoa cakes are one of those recipes. Dinner recipes include Spinach lasagna roll ups, pumpkin risotto, winter pizza, and so on. For breakfast you might like to try out apple crust muffins, peanut butter pancakes both of which are a delight to your taste.

If you are a new mom

We all know that for new moms, having a freezer friendly dish is a blessing. Lentil soups are quite nutritious and yummy and also serve as a freezer friendly dish. Chicken enchiladas, chicken pot pie, homemade chicken noodle soup, is all good for the new moms.


Things You Need To Know About Cooking

People present all around the world are different form each other in many ways. But one thing they must have in common which is they eat food. Many people all around the world doesn’t eat because they have to but also because they love to. To make eatable substances into food, it must be cooked. Cooking is done to as just a duty i.e. you and your close ones may be able to eat or it is also done because it’s a job i.e. profession.

Let’s first have a quick briefing on what cooking actually is. Cooking is basically the art of food preparation for consumption.  Cooking is said to be a form of art. It is said that everyone can cook but not every can cook well. In recent times, you can use appliances like juicer, mixer, slicer, etc to make cooking easy.

Methods of Cooking

It is said that there are various ways of cooking food. These categories are made on the basis of levels of heating, cooking time and moisture. The method you will use in cooking your food will surely affect the cooked food. It will affect the taste, moisture, flavor, tenderness, etc of the food material. Here are list of methods people use in cooking- Roasting (like grilling, barbecuing), Baking (like flash baking or just baking), Boiling (like steaming, pressure cooking, infusion, etc), Frying (like partial frying, deep frying, pan frying), Smoking and many more. A brand new method of cooking has come up which is microwaving.

Advantages and Disadvantages of cooking

Cooking ensures food safety. Cooking in the presence of heat kills germs, bacteria, parasites and viruses or makes them inactive.  Food poisoning can occur if your food is not properly cooked or undercooked. This can cause very serious health problems. So, to escape such dangerous conditions, you must cook your food properly. This is the benefit of cooking. Now let’s discuss about the ill effects of cooking. Scientists and researchers have said that over cooking of food can actually remove all the nutrients present in it. By referring to nutrients, it includes vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc. According to surveys, too much roasting meat can result in the formation of carcinogens in it. This may lead to cancer on its consumption.

Tips for making cooking cheaper

In the last 5 years, the cost of everything in the market has increased to a great extent. So, nowadays, good cooking is not only the priority, you have to also be an efficient cook so that you save money and still cook something good and healthy. One of way keeping cooking under budget is by using energy efficient ways of cooking. Like using a microwave oven or an induction oven is a smart and easy way of saving the fuel price. You should always toast breads using a toaster and not a griller and always used a pressure cooker wherever you can. Some other tips are – you should defrost the frozen food kept in the fridge overnight, use glass or ceramic or non-stick pans and many more. These small tips are so effective that if you follow them you can see your cooking budget is going down.

The Easy And Effective Ways of Improving Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchens that are clean will definitely change your food preparation experience. Clean kitchens will help you prepare and enjoy healthy meals. However, the process of maintaining a clean kitchen can be a challenging task. You should follow several steps and cross various phases for a better kitchen. If you fail in maintaining a clean kitchen, you will have to face the consequences of bacterial growth, contamination and food spoilage. However, fear not, proper hygiene techniques are paramount to avoid the foremost dangers.

Use of appropriate clothing and hair styles

When you work in the kitchen, you should cover your head and hair properly. Remember that meals with small strands of hair, will definitely ruin your dine experience. Industrial kitchens stress on the need for full hair nets. However, when you work in homes, you can tie your hair high to prevent food contamination. Another important thing to be remembered would be the use of appropriate clothing. It is always wise to make use of clean kitchen aprons, while cutting vegetables and meat.

Preventing contamination and maintaining a clean kitchen

Kitchen hygiene depends on how clean the place is. A clean kitchen would resemble the use of various antiseptic detergents to clean kitchen surfaces like walls, shelves and tables. Similarly, you should overlook the handles used in various kitchen areas like storage rooms, walk in coolers and freezers. Food has a danger zone of 40 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Bacteria would survive the foremost temperature in a hassle free order. So, remember to check if your refrigerator is set at the right temperature. Moreover, remember to refrigerate leftover meals as quickly as possible, to avoid unforeseen contamination.

Preventing bacteria growth and triggering hygiene

Many people tend to neglect the use of kitchen sinks. Remember that cleanliness would begin with “water”. Make sure that you wash your hands properly before cooking. Also, don’t smoke or drink alcoholic beverages near food preparation areas. These habits will introduce more bacteria into the cooking space.

Proper health treatments and clean floors

When you are in the kitchen, don’t leave any food products in the floor. If you have to stack items on the floor, make use of rubber mats. The damp surface will keep your food intact. Also, if you are sick with a bad flu or cough, you must follow proper health treatments. This is because sick and injured people would spread bacteria in a rapid order. Likewise, if you get a small cut, wash your hands immediately and bandage the wounded area. According to standard hygiene rules, people with open sores must not handle food.

Clean cutting agents

On the contrary, cross contamination must be avoided with some thought! Cross contamination would trigger food borne disease. To eradicate cross contamination, you must use separate cutting boards for cheese, vegetable and raw meat. Experts state that wooden cutting boards must not be used to cut raw meat, as bacteria would harbor in the wood. Conversely, all cutting boards must be cleaned with water and bleach solutions.

The Kitchen and The Need For High Hygiene Levels

“The Kitchen” is regarded as a very important place in any house. It is an essential region where meals would be prepared and enjoyed. Many people tend to neglect the idea of kitchen safety. Safety procedures must be followed properly, to avoid unforeseen injuries and dangers. Food handlers who are aware of their safety and the health of others will definitely focus on kitchen hygiene. The foremost effort will definitely help them eradicate the presence of food borne illnesses.

Cleanliness to reduce food borne diseases

Proper cleanliness measures will reduce the chances of food borne illnesses by prominent amounts. Raw vegetables, fruits and vessels must be washed carefully. Also, the place must be prepared properly before you begin your cooking sessions. It is wise to clean wooden surfaces before you cut vegetables and fruits in it. Additionally, never cut meat on wooden surfaces. As wood surfaces will trap bacteria and facilitate quick growth. Also, you should separate the surfaces used to cut vegetables and raw meat. Over the years many people have not stemmed or washed vegetables before using them.


Knife safety for easy working!

Similarly, knife safety plays a very important role in kitchen care. Knife safety will save you from unforeseen dangers. For example, the amount of danger that is caused by the inappropriate use of knives would be quite high. If you want to reduce such injuries, you must use sharp knives very carefully. Well maintained knives will reduce the amount of effort you must exert while cutting vegetables and meat. Also, sharp knives will require a smaller amount of effort whilst cutting and this will eradicate the amount of accidents that could occur by slippage.

Maintaining the right temperature

Thirdly, you should maintain the temperature of refrigerators. Often improper refrigerator temperature tends to cause various food borne diseases. This is because refrigerators that are not chilled properly will trigger the growth of bacteria and spoil food. Moreover, to keep the freshness of meals, you should check the refrigerator’s temperature appropriately.

Preventing fire accidents

Stovetops and ovens are also known as a major source of fires and injuries. If you don’t handle stovetops properly, you will have to suffer severe burns. Also, it is important to monitor the elements that are placed on top of ovens and stovetops. Never leave the food while cooking, as it will cause overflowing and burning.

Keeping kids at a safe distance

Finally, you must keep children away from the kitchen. When you make use of stovetops while cooking, you must make sure that the handles are not facing outwards. This will prevent small kids from grabbing or spilling hot meals. As mentioned previously, you must keep knives away from children. Also, make sure that open ovens are kept away from children at a predestined distance. This will save kids from serious burns and accidents.

Gaining control over your kitchen

Likewise, you should keep the kitchen free of clutter. According to the very old adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place”, organized places will definitely remain under control.