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Aobosi Pressure Cooker

Cooking holds integral aspect of people’s life. So pressure cooker will always be among the vital cooking gadget found in the kitchen. Cooking meals with the uses of pressure cooker are pretty safer than ever with present sets of pressure cooker that are available on the market. Pressure cooker helps to pay for itself in the long haul, as it cools food quickly, thereby saving lots of time and money spend on energy bill.

Pressure cookers are highly efficient and flexible to use for cooking. It is being said the foods that are cooked with pressure cooker are tastier and more delicious. A quality pressure cooked tends to last long if it is properly used and maintain. Most of the pressure cookers found on the market today are sleeky, more quite and are easy to operate. In this article, you will read reviews one of the pressure cookers that are found on the market.

Aobosi Pressure Cooker

1 Aobosi Pressure Cooker 8QT High Power 8 in 1 Electric Multi cooker

Aobosi Pressure Cooker 8QT High Power 8 in 1 Electric Multi cooker is one of the pressure cookers from the stable of Aobosi. This pressure cooker is multi cooker which is capable of performing the function of rice cooker, slow cooker, sauté, yogurt maker and warmer. This pressure is design to be a great kitchen assistant anytime you want to cooking, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This pressure cooker comes with large holding capacity of 8QT which makes suitable for serving family with lots o members, mini party, thanksgiving, holiday reunion etc. Cooking for large gathering can be time consuming, and lots of pots can be used. But this pressure cooker helps in this regards as it can cook foods pretty faster and you don’t have to use lots of pots.

If you are looking for kitchen gadget which will help you to keep up with a busy lifestyle, this Aobosi pressure cooker can a suitable choice for you. Aobosi Pressure Cooker 8QT has 18 smart programs with LED display for easy setting and reading. You just have to select you desire cooking and on the display panel and the pressure cooker will get the job done.

Aobosi Pressure Cooker 8QT comes lots of helpful accessories which include steamer rack, rice spoon, ladle, cookbook, measuring cup, and extra sealing rings on the brim. There are some situations whereby you will prepare more than enough foods and this in turn leads to lots of leftover. You don’t have to panic on how to reheat the left over perfectly, Aobosi Pressure Cooker 8QT does the job of reheat foods perfectly at a push of both on the panel. This pressure cooker comes with lots of special features which include:

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High Power: Aobosi Pressure Cooker 8QT High Power 8 in 1 Electric Multi cooker features high power of about 1200 Watts, and this gives the multi cooker the chance to cook foods faster. It does not only reduce the cooking time drastically, it also traps lots of nutrients and make the food tenderer with fascinating taste.

Adjustable Pressure Levels: there is no other secret to making superb gourmet other than to understand the ingredients you want to use. This electric pressure cooker comes with six pressure levels. Each is of the pressure cooking level is design to suit the any type of food you want to cook, ranging from veggies to meats. The 12 smart cooking programs offer the user the chance to bring best out of the dishes all the time.

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Stainless cooking Pot: the inner pot of the pressure cooking is made of stainless steel without chemical coating. The inner pot has 3-ply bottom, and these enhance heat distribution. The pot is easy to clean after use and it is dishwasher safe. The housing is also made of stainless steel together with the lid, and this gives the pressure cooker a stylish look.

Accessories: this pressure cooker comes with lots of accessories that make the cooking easy with the device. These include steamer racks, cookbook, ladle, extra sealing rings, and rice spoon. Extra sealing rings on the pressure cooker tend to wear out over time due to some factors. It can get damaged, cracked, splits, or broken. The extra sealing ring makes it easy for you do the replacement without any cost. Aobosi pressure cooker features 10 proven safety mechanisms which give the user the confidence of hazard free cooking with the pressure cooker.


  • It is big and this makes it suitable for large gathering cooking.
  • It is capable of replacing many cooking gadget in the kitchen.
  • It is very versatile and it can replace some cooking gadget in the kitchen.
  • It is newbie user friendly, easy to operate and it easy to clean.
  • It cooks beef muscles, short ribs, pretty much fast and render them tender.
  • The foods that are cooked with this pressure cooker come out with great flavor.
  • It is comes with sleek design and looks attractive on the countertop.
  • The stainless steel pot and the lid are easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Most of the foods nutrients are retained after cooking with the device.
  • It is well built and sturdy and comes with 3 years warranty.


  • The cookbook seems to be for the Asian recipes.
  • Rice gets burnt at the bottom sometimes.
  • Temperature on the sauté setting can’t be adjusted.

Customers Reviews

There are over 140 customers who bought Aobosi Pressure Cooker 8QT High Power 8 in 1 Electric Multi on Amazon.com and they left some reviews. This pressure cooker enjoys lots of 5 stars ratings from about 80% of the customers. About 6% of the customers gave it ratings of 4 stars for the reason best know to them. 5% of the customer are mild satisfied with the product and they awarded 3-star rating. 2 stars rating were given by just 1% of the customers. The rest at 8% are less satisfied with the performance of the product and they left 1 star ratings. Aobosi Pressure Cooker 8QT High Power 8 in 1 Electric Multi has overall ratings of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon ratings scale.

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Buyers Guide

Pressure cooker is one of the important cooking gadget you can foun in most modern kitchen. It is obvious that cooking in the pressure cooker requires less water. Pressure cooker makes the kitchen pretty much cooler compare to conventional cooking process. The reason is because heat is trapped in the pressure cooker.

The kitchen becomes less messy with the uses of pressure cooker and it is capable of replacing some of the kitchen tools. Majority of people are opting in for pressure cooker due to the fact that lesser energy is consumed compare to normal cooking. It prevent molecule lose during the cooking process and foods cooked are richer in flavor. It also takes lesser time to cook most foods in pressure cooker. For instance, risotto takes just five minutes to prepare with the uses of pressure cooker while it can take up to forty minutes with normal cooking.

However, buy a pressure cooker can be a bit intimidating for the average kitchen users even for the seasoned cook too. The market is filled with lots of pressure cooker from different brands. so before you go ahead to buy a pressure cooker, there are some features you need to know which will guide in making buying decision. Below are some of the features you consider, thus:

Construction material: most of the pressure cookers in the markets are made of the tow major material namely aluminum and stainless steel. If you are going to buy pressure cooker, it is better to go for the one made of stainless steel because they are more robust. Pressure cooker made of aluminum material tends to deform and damage under heavy usage. But it should be known that pressure cookers made of aluminum are pretty cheaper compare to ones made of stainless steel. Don’t let the price fool you, if you are planning to use the pressure cooker on regular basis, it is good to go for the quality one.

Size: most of the pressure cooker that filled up the market comes with different sizes. These range from the smallest size which 4 quart to the biggest of 30 quarts. If is important to go for the one that would suits the cooking capability for your family size. While you are considering the members of your family, it is equally to include the guest that will come on a visit, holiday as well as special occasion cooking in your consideration. If you do canning of foods for your family, it would be good to go for the big size pressure cooker.

A 4 quarts pressure cooker will be okay for you if you have less than five members in your family. The bigger size pressure cooker will be suitable for you if you do have large family or large gathering usually holds in your place. But in the real sense, it would be advisable to go for bigger pressure cooker, because it will give room for juice and minerals that generated from the cooked foods. Also there are some recipes you are going to prepare which may call for large pot.

Budget: this is one of the factors you need to consider whenever you want to buy pressure cooker. It determines your buying ability and the price of the pressure cooker varies according to the features. The price range from $100 for the smaller sizes all to over $200 for the premium ones. It is good to go for the pressure cooker you can afford without causing a hold in your pocket. However, you should choose quality one within your budget. But do not settle for cheap and flimsy pressure cooker just because you want to save some cash. Rather save up more to buy the quality one that is sturdy and capable of last long.

Functions: you should consider things you really want from the pressure cooker before you decided to buy one. One of the features you should consider in pressure setting of the cooker. You should choose the one with higher pressure setting. should also choose a pressure cooker that is very versatile. A versatile pressure cooker is capable of replacing some of other cooking tools in the kitchen, thereby reducing the time spent on cooking.

Good Lock System: it is obvious that pressure cooker work by trapping the heat on inside to cook the food fast. Well, a pressure cooker with loose lid will not cook food faster. But the case will be different for the pressure cooker with a lock system on the lid. Lock system prevent the lid from coming off during the cooking process, due to heat from the foods. There are some pressure cookers which have strong lock mechanism on them. They are design in such a way that the pressure cooker would not work if the lid is not lock tightly.

Handle: it is advisable to avoid pressure cooker with one short handle. Reason is because pressure cooker with short handle tends to get your fingers burnt virtually all the time. Long handle gives the user leverage anytime the lid of the cooker needed to be locked. More so, it can be very difficult to lift pressure cooker of 7qt which is full of foods with short handle.

Pressure Indicator: this is a feature on the pressure cooker which will indicate and let you know that the preset pressure setting has been reach by the cooker.

Replacement: all gadgets are liable to develop some fault at the unexpected time. If it happens that the pressure cooker you choose develops a fault and it needs replacement. Would you be able to get the replacement on time? It is good to choose a popular brands that has being in existence for a long period of time and has branches across the country. This will ensure that you get the replacement faster anytime the matter arises.

Safety Valve: a pressure cooker without safety valve is likely to explode when the pressure is high. In order to prevent the accident, it is good to go the one with safety valves. And most of the pressure cookers available on market tend to have safety valves but it is worth mentioning.

Durability: the pressure cooker you are going to purchase must be well built and strong. You should choose the one made of stainless steel as they are often sturdy and can withstand heavy usage. It must have a durable gasket also. It should be noted that those one with non stick ling are pretty easy to wash after use.