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Nutribullet Pro 900 Series Review

Every kitchen needs a blender. And practically without a blender a kitchen is just an incomplete one. Sometimes one needs to blend the toughest of the vegetables to prepare smoothies. This type of blended food is quite nutritious and even the children love to take it. So every household needs a powerful blender to prepare all this things. There is no doubt that Nutribullet Pro 900 Series has introduced a real good quality in the market that is prepared to accept any challenge in the world of blending.

A few words

There are families who love to have smoothies in their breakfast. As they are quite heavy user they need a very powerful blender which will be able to take the heavy load of everyday use. And this Nutribullet Pro is ready to meet this requirement.

Product features

  • The set includes a 32 ounce capacity cup, the power base, 1 short cup, the container which can be open through flipping the lead, two number of extractor blades, 3 leads which are re-sealable and two tall cups
  • It has 900 watt motor which is powerful enough to blend any type of tough vegetable
  • The capacity can be increased to prepare smoothies for two person at a time
  • The product is made with plastic that is BPA free.
  • It can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Because of the flip top lead of the tall cups one can drink the smoothies even while jogging.


The best part of this Nutribulllet is its super power 900 watt motor. Even if one is blending tough food items like some seeds or roots, it never creates a problem and that is it’s most notable feature. It does not show any symptom of leaking which is the problem with most of the blenders. The look of the unit is quite sleek one and at the same time has an impression of being heavy. Thus from the very look it makes an impression. The cleaning part is really easy. One can clean it in his small sink also. It does not make a loud noise while blending.


There are some complaints about the gasket ring. After some continuous use in some cases the gasket ring has come out and it needs some replacement of the ring.

The feedback

The customers who have bought this Nutribullet blender are quite satisfied with its powerful blending facility. Unlike most of the blenders it is able to blend tough ones like almond or any frozen nuts or seeds. This is the point the users have found most attractive. They also found is able to bear the load of heavy use and unlike other the motor does not revolt against heavy use.

Thus this blender is being popular among the families with more than two members. The using of this is quite hassles free. And with such a blender it becomes a regular habit to introduce smoothies at the time breakfast or even in the time of jogging also. Thus Nutribullet Pro 900 Series has come in the market to make a permanent place.