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Traeger TFB42DVB Review

Preparing and serving barbecue is of the fascinating ways of adding more fun to picnic, open camping and other social gathering. Though conventional grilling is most common outdoor ways of preparing meals for large gathering, it is obvious that they are not the healthiest among the rest. However, wood pellet grilling is far superior to charcoal and gas grilling.

A pellet grill is a special kind of outdoor grill that require wood pellets in order to grill meals and meats. It is very versatile type of outdoor barbecue. Heat does not go directly to the foods in pellet grilling. You can make use of different kinds of wood to fuel the pellet grill, be it cherry, mesquite, hickory etc. We are going to review one of the pellet grills that are available in the market. Thus

Traeger TFB42DVB Reviews

Traeger TFB42DVB Eastwood Pellet Grill In Black is one of the quality grills that are available in the market. It is one of latest grills from the stable of Traeger. This pellet grill is designed for making healthy foods. It comes with a safety option in cooking meals as it uses natural wood pellets as fuel in place of charcoal and gas that are very common among the people. Traeger TFB42DVB Eastwood pellet grill is very versatile and gives you the chance to smoke, grill, braise and roast together with addition of natural hardwood for fascinating flavor.

This pellet grill is design in such a way to go on low and slow or hot and fast grilling and helps to make outdoor cooking simple. Traeger TFB42DVB features auto-start ignition, which makes it pretty easy and simple to light up the pellet grill. The high tech Auger-Fed Burner enhances adequate flow of the heated air to the meals in the chamber. It also comes with digital thermostat control which gives much flexibility to create extraordinary and fantastic cue.

Traeger TFB42DVB Eastwood grill makes use of indirect heat while cooking in order to avoid charred foods which may later cause harm to our body when consume. The indirect heating helps to lessen the amount of fat in the foods and at the same time create fascinating smoky fangs. One this set Traeger wood pellet grill apart from other brand, it is the inbuilt technology which facilitates the continuous feeding of the wood pellet into the fire and maintain regular heating. Traeger grill also features temperature sensors which detect the temperature of the grill automatic and control supply of pellet accordingly. However, you can choose to set the temperature manually, you just have to turn the knob and set the temperature to desire gauge.

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Other Accessories that Works With Traeger TFB42DVB Pellet Grill

1 Traeger Grill PEL 309 Cherry: it is the Amazon choice for pellets cherry. Traeger Grill PEL 309 Cherry is suitable for smoking, baking, roasting, braising and BBQ. Traeger Grill PEL 309 Cherry helps to infuse fascinating and pure, hardwood taste to all meals you grill, smoke, bake, roast or braise on pellet grill. This hardwood pellets are produced with the right amount of moisture in order to give perfect blue and consistent burning. This hardwood pellets do not come ant filter or unnatural addictive, they are made of pure and virgin hardwood which give fantastic taste and flavor. Grill PEL 309 Cherry is mill in United State in a standard environment. Grill PEL 309 Cherry has the capability to enhance the taste of beef, chicken, pork etc with a delicious and fruity flavor for great taste experience. The product packing has a dimension of 3 by 16 by 2 inches and weighs about 20 pounds.


  • It does not give sharp acidic smoke bites while tasting the grilled meals.
  • The fragrance and taste given by this hardwood pellet are fantastic.
  • The meals come out great and juicy with the wood pellets.


  • The bag are can easily be punctured by the wood pellet.

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2 Traeger BAC370 20lb Bucket Lid filter Kit, Gray: Traeger BAC370 20lb Bucket Lid filter Kit, Gray is one of the necessary tools you will need along Traeger wood pellet grill. This bucket features spout lid for easy pouring of the wood pellets. The lid also seal when the user is done with the pouring of the pellet in order to keep the remaining dry. The filter insert helps to separate the wood pellet from the dust. It has a dimension of 14 by 12 by 3.5 inches and weighs about 13 ounces.


  • The lid is air tight prevent the pellets from getting soft.
  • It is easy to use and great for pellet pouring.
  • It serves as a great storage option.


  • The lid does not snap on easily.

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3 Traeger Grill BAC403 All natural Cleaner grill: this is one of the important grill accessories you will need along with your Traeger pellet grill. This Traeger grill cleaner is biodegradable, it is made of natural ingredients and it is not toxic. You just have to spray on the grill surface, allow it to sit for few minutes and wipe the surface clean. it enhances easy cleaning of the grill sure face still keep it clean. it has a dimension of 4.2 by 2.2 by 11 inches and weighs about 2.09 pounds.


  • It removes tough dirt from the grill surface with ease.
  • It gives the grill surface a fascinating look.
  • It takes off the grease and soot without much effort.


  • It gives odd smell when you are using it.

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4 Traeger Grill BBQ Rib Rack: this is another grill tool you will need to get along with Traeger pellet grill. Traeger Grill BBQ Rib Rack is the Amazon’s choice for Traeger rib crack. It comes with a wide size that is large enough to feed a crowd. It is made of durable steel. It is made with elevating design which will ensure that the rib are well exposed to smoke perfectly. It has a dimension of 18.5 by 4 by 12.8 inches and weighs about 3 pounds.


  • It comes with a large size, and capable of holding 8 pack of ribs at once.
  • It works perfectly, no need to adjust or flip the rack at all.
  • It is well constructed and very sturdy.


  • It does not have no stick coating.

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5 Traeger Grills CCGM 3pc Magnetic Wood Hook: This is another essential grill tools that would be needed along the wood pellet grill. This is a kind of tool which help someone to keep the grilling tools at hand. You just have to attach it to the grill in other to hang tools like spatula, tongs basting, brushes etc. This wooden hook comes with magnetic back for easy moving and removing. Traeger Grills CCGM 3pc Magnetic Wood Hook has a dimension of 1.5 by 2.7 by 1.3 inches and weighs about 4.5 ounces.


  • It is weather resistance as it features Rosewood in the finishing touch.
  • The BBQ are closer to hand with the help of this wooden hang.
  • It holds more grilling tools without slipping.


  • The adhesive on it easily melt off.

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Pellet grilling is more of convection style; it gives room for slow cooking and allow the meal to absorb the smoke flavor very well. The reason is because the firebox is kept away from the food. Most model of wood pellet grill the fuel is loaded in the storage and fed the grill on autopilot in order to maintain constant heat from the fire. You don’t have to warry about fuel being running out during the grilling process unlike charcoal of gas types. Wood pellet grill is pretty much easier to clean compare to the gas and charcoal grill.

Pellet grill are green friendly. They emit less greenhouse gas than charcoal and gas grill. it does not take much time to preheat pellet grill, it is usually take between 12 to 15 minutes. The temperatures are easy to set on pellet grill from 170 to 500 Fahrenheit. There some model of pellet grill in the market which comes with Bluetooth feature, this will allow the user to monitor the cooking process while freeing up time to do other things. meat probes are usually accompany for easy grilling. Wood pellet grill offers different types of flavors to choose from which include aider, cherry, apple, maple, hickory and bourbon. The flavor can alsp be mixed to suit the user’s taste and preference.

There are some downsides to the pellet grilling. One of the downsides is the pellet grill depends on the electric supply in order to function. And this means the pellet grill would not work at place where there is no power supply or electric outlet. The best temperature to cook on pellet grill is at 250 Degree, once the temperature is set higher than that, the pellet grill will start to produce less smoke and this may not improve the food’s flavor. It is advisable to buy pellet grill made of 310 stainless steel grade and above. This is because pellet grills made of this stainless steel grade are highly resistance to rusting.

Does Iced Tea Dehydrate Or Hydrate You

Does Iced Tea Dehydrate You?

Iced tea makes you hydrate or get you dehydrate, but the right answer depends largely on the person who drinks the iced tea either on occasion or frequent basis. The question can be asked out of curiosity or from a person who is looking for a better alternative to drinking of water regularly. This question can also come from someone who just gets exposed to drinking of iced tea.

Iced tea has the potential to get you dehydrated if consumed as most people believed it to, especially the canned one commonly sold at the conventional stores. This kind of iced tea contains the like of soda, flavour, artificial sweeteners and caffeine. The reason most people believe iced tea can get you dehydrated is because of its caffeine content. It is assumed that caffeine’s level of hydration may be low compare to that of water in the body system. It is very obvious that drinking caffeinated iced tea or beverages at night may keep you awake, which is often know as insomnia.

Iced tea becomes so popular because it is labeled as low-calorie drink. But, first encounter with iced tea that contains a bit high percentage of caffeine can leads to a lot of peeing. This will happen as caffeine are diuretic, that is, the presence of caffeine in the body system can cause the kidney to work harder in other to expel much water from the body, which can also be the same result when you consume mush water too. Some say, caffeine takes more water to process in the body, so iced tea with caffeine content can dehydrate us. According to a member of My Fitness Pal, she said a close friend of her fainted for drinking much caffeinated tea and less amount of water. On the other hand, some counted unsweetened tea iced tea as water so far it is decaffeinated.

Does Iced Tea Dehydrate You?

Yes, Iced tea can dehydrate you, iced tea that contains caffeine and it get someone dehydrated when it is consumed in about 500mg in a day. It was estimated that a brewed cup of black tea has about 50 milligrams of caffeine, so it will be very ideal if you can consume nothing more than three to four cups in 24 hours. So that the larger part of the liquid helps to compensate the diuretics effect of the caffeine in the tea.

In lieu with this, the research sponsored by UK Tea Advisory Panel and UK tea Industry, also corroborate that iced tea hardly dehydrate someone when consume. The study consists of 21 volunteers. They were placed on check to know there average initial hydration level. Then, they were made to drink water on a day and a tea on the other day, and on different occasions. These results later show that there no different in their respective hydration level when tea and water drink by the volunteers.

Common Myths About Hydration And Dehydration

1 Dehydration can very fatal:

This can be true if one decided not to drink water any more. But, the truth is that can anyone do that, the answer is it’s impossible. People only experienced lesser dehydration symptoms like half headache, mental fatigue, increase in sweating. And worst case is fainting.

2 You must drink eight glasses of water in a day:

Popular health Authorities recommend eight 8-ounces glasses everyday. It is commonly called 8 by 8 rule of thirst and it pretty much easier to remember. But in reality, new study shows that the rule does not apply to everyone. The fluid needed for everyone varies and on day-to-day basis. Dr Farell from Monash University of Australia stated that, “everyone should just drink according to thirst and not elaborated schedule”. Does too much water affect the body system??? In extreme rate cases, people might die from water intoxication. However, Institute of Medicine notes that “healthy people can adequately meet their hydration needs by allowing thirst to be their guide.

3 Your pee must always be clear:

Urine monitoring is one of the best low tech and method of determine someone hydration status. Some even agreed that amount and frequent of peeing is a better Indicator of hydration level of the body. Which implies that, slight pee shows that someone one might be a bit dehydrated. So the question is that if someone’s urine is clear, is that person necessarily well hydrated? The answer to this is resounding YES. In reality, clear urine can be excessive. In fact, the Chief aim is to achieve pale yellow like colour. The only exception is when your drinking habits brings about diurere or having a disease in the body, like diabetes which cause you to have more urine that necessity to maintain proper fluid in the body system. It is even important to know what different colours say about hydration.

No colour – it shows that their lots of water in the body, water in take needs to be reduced

Pale Yellow colour – it indicates normal, healthy and well hydrated

Transparent colour – it shows adequate normal level

Dark Yellow – it shows mild normal, but you need water in take very soon

Honey colour – it shows that water is no enough in the body, so drink water immediately

Brown Ale – This shows live disease, severe dehydration, you need to take a lots of water. And, if the colour persists, it is advisable to consult doctor without any further delay

4 If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated:

There is a myth which goes thus, “when you are thirsty you are already dehydrated, so you need to drink a lots of water”, honestly speaking, this can be far from truth. Does that means you should pay little attention to your hydration status?… No. A body in healthy condition is capable of regulating water percent from proper fluid balance. When the body is dehydrated, the body decreases urinary output but retains fluid lost though sweating. So thirst set in before actual dehydration. Dr Starly Goldfarb stated on HuffPost that “when you are thirsty, water deficit in the body is minimal, and it might just be 1 percent reduction in your overall water”. Other signs that show high level of dehydration in the body include excessive sweating, fatigue, cramping, dizziness, decrease in urine output etc. Our body hydration gauge is highly sensitive, so with slight drop in fluid level in the body, it alerts brain and we feel like drinking. However, thirst remains proper way of indicating that your body is in need of some water but not in extreme.

5 Caffeine dehydrate you:

There is a widely common held believe that caffeine dehydrate you because of its diuretics effect on the body. A Recent research shows that does between 250 – 300 mg does no have much effect on the increase in amount of urine you pass out. Katherine Zeratsky explained on mayor clinic that, “Drinking caffeinated beverages as part of normal lifestyle does not cause fluids loss in excess of the volume ingested, they don’t seem to increase the risk of dehydration”. The diuretic effects of caffeine in any beverages can be noticed only when consumed in excess, pretty much the same as water

In conclusion, the question still remains that, does iced tea hydrate or dehydrate you?. Even if you want to make home iced tea with the uses of manual ice crusher or electric ice shaver. The better response is that It does not dehydrate you, if it is not consumed in large ( 500mg and above) and combine with plain water along the line.