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Vitamix Professional Series 300- Onyx review 2018

Vitamix is a known company for the production and manufacturing of blenders and all the related blender tools and equipments. Blenders have been a necessity of every kitchen over the years. This is because blended food is more easily consumable than normal whole food. Blending is a process in which the food can be mixed, particulate or can be grinded. There are tremendous advantages of having a blender in your kitchen. If you wish to make soup, use a blender, if you wish to have a smoothie use a blender.

What’s more, if you feel like having a mixed fruit juice than simply use a blender, known for the amazing performance, the Vitamix blenders are well-known all in the United States and people consider buying their blenders as this is the company who is solely into manufacturing blenders and related tools and equipments. Even, they have their separate varieties of blenders and also people who can guide around in selection of the type of blender. Vitamix, has almost every type of blender needed for any sort of application. Out of such a huge variety, this article discusses about the Vitamix Professional Series 300- Onyx review and also helps you get to know a lot about this blender.


The Vitamix Professional Series 300- Onyx has been well-known and mostly purchased all over the United States for its easy applications and cost effectiveness. Having a high performance feature all the blenders of Vitamix have been known for their quality of standard. There are different types and power ratings in which this blender is available. The size of the container can be varied as per your application. However, the result of the blender will never degrade. Also, there are a variety of foods, making possibilities using this blender. From making soups to having juices this blender can be used. Most of the people are satisfied with the performance and results this blender has produced.

Specifications/ features 

  • Having a plastic mold, BPA free housing and this product has been known for its amazing looks when the exterior is considered.
  • The outer layer is thoroughly polished giving it a glossy and shiny look.
  • So not only the insides are powerful, the outside of the blender is also perfect and highly standard.
  • The quantity or the storage capacity is about 64 ounces, which is more than enough for any household applications.

Positive points

The blender works on a 2 peak horsepower motor which is good enough to blend the hardest of food material. Also, the blades are made up of pure stainless steel as opposed to those found in local brands. The stainless steel blades give the blender a better performance rating.


The only con about the Vitamix Professional Series 300- Onyx is that it consumes a lot of power. But when blenders are considered if you want to have a high performance then the power consumption also becomes high.

Market Feedback/ customer review/Verdict

The Vitamix Professional Series 300- Onyx review and the feedbacks received from the customers has been tremendously positive and up to the expectation.

Kraus KPF-1621-KSD-30SS Single Lever Pull down Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel Finish Review

Kraus KPF-1621-KSD-30SS Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel Finish is the good quality kitchen product. This material is made up of stainless steel. It will help you to clean the utensils. The appearance of the kitchen will increase for its multi-functional Pull-Down faucet. The faucet body is constructed from the solid brass. It is the amazing product which will give the new looks to the kitchen. The product is very much stylish and it will increase the glory of the kitchen. The price of item is little costly but it is not difficult to handle. It is long lasting and has many advantage.


  • The Kraus KPF-1621is a soap dispenser whose body is made up of stainless steel.
  • The faucet body is made up of solid brass which is easy to push.
  • You can use the item for many years as it has resist the rust and also it has high quality corrosion resistant.
  • It is hi arc pull down spray with its three function sprayer with 1.8 GPM rinse spray, pause and stream. The pot is easy to clean because of hi arc pull down.
  • The flow of soap dispenser can be controlled or adjustable with single-lever temperature according to your needs.
  • The height of the faucet are 20 inches.
  • The lotion of soap can be refill from above and the liquid holds up to 14 ounces.
  • It gives the measures of 2.1 inches in its height and 3.5 inches in its depth.
  • To refill the liquid it requires 1.25-inch hole and swivels up to 360 degrees.
  • It has insulated pullout spray faucet head with twenty four inches hose
  • The pull down kitchen faucet has two settings such as the spray and the stream.
  • The product has the multi- functional system with long lasting capacity with the counterweight hose and also with the facility of sprayer retraction.


Kraus KPF-1621-KSD-30SS Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel Finish has precise Kerox Cartridges is very smooth which is operated by handle and water flow is easily by hundreds or thousands of users without any leaking.The Aerators are the important component within the faucets. Not only they soften the stream but it also control the delivery of water, diameter and straightness. Kraus KPF-1621-KSD-30SS is the certified product. Kraus is spread to all over the world and is easily available to the homeowner which means this faucet is safe to utilize and satisfy the customer needs.


The installation of product is quite difficult and soap dispenser is little bit junky. You will spend lot of time to struggle for getting rid of soap from the pump and start working again. So it will be required to bother the problem of product especially for the home users.

Customer Review

Kraus Kitchen Faucet is very beautiful and strong. Your kitchen will looks descent and it is quite easy to install and soap dispenser is also great. It is easy to clean to clean. It can easily switch from the stream to spray.It can control the great water pressure. You can give it as a gift to your wife or to any relative.

Bottom Line

Kraus KPF-1621-KSD-30SS Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel Finish has unique design and can be use any place like home or office.













What are the Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tips?

The cost for painting your kitchen cabinets by a professional can cost a lot. So, to avoid this it is recommended that you paint your kitchen cabinets by yourself. To paint it in way which will make your cabinets look like they were done by pros is quite easy. There are top 10 tips which anyone can follow and the result guarantees an amazing paint job of your kitchen cabinets which can change the look and feel of your kitchen.

TIP 1: Before you start painting it will be best if you take out all the doors your kitchen cabinets and then paint them on a flat surface to get a fine finish. Use dish or packets to keep the nuts and bolts of the doors so that you do not lose it. If you are new at this then it will be a smart move to write in a post-it which cabinets the nuts and bolts belong to and stick it on the dish or packet to avoid confusion.

TIP 2: Clean the surface well. Kitchen cabinets can gather a lot of oil and dust, so make sure that you clean the cabinets well before your start painting.

TIP 3: Choose a Latex paints or oil paints as they do not allow the accumulation of oil or grease and dirt and the cleaning process is done easily.

TIP 4: Use a primer before using the paint. The primer helps the paint to adhere better and also the paint will last longer if you use primer.

TIP 5: If you really want your cabinets to look like it was done by a professional then you should lightly sand after every step. So, in case two coats of primer and paint you should first clean then sand. Then apply first coat of primer and sand again after which second coat of primer and lightly sand the cabinets and then you can apply the first coat of paint after which you should sand again and then apply the last and final coat of the paint.

TIP 6: You must choose the right size of brush and rollers for painting. Measure your cabinets and go online to know the right size. You can ask your local hardware owner too.

TIP 7: If you want to use two colors or do any design then you should use tape the already colored part. This will eliminate any chance of mistake and the finished work will look flawless.

TIP 8: A flat working space with lots of lighting is ideal work space for the painting purpose. So choose your space properly as the right space is crucial for the best result.

TIP 9: For painting the edges put a material like tray or plates below the doors make sure that the material is strong enough to support the weight and small enough so that you can have ample space near the edges to paint without any problem.

TIP 10: The painting process is a long one so divided the work properly. For example let’s say to do two cabinets you will take 4 days and you will take 2 days to do one cabinet. Having a plan of approach will help you to stay focused and get the work done. If necessary take the help of a family member so that you can get the work done faster while enjoying some quality time.

So, keep these top 10 tips in mind while painting your kitchen cabinets and surprise everyone with the smooth and flawless result.