Electric Meat Grinders

STX international stx 3000 TF turboforce speed meat grinder is one of the best meat grinders available market. It comes with 3000 watt output power electric motor, size #12 grinding head, polished food cast aluminum, 3 stainless steel cut blade which helps to give more precise grinding on any type of meat, sets of 3sausage tube and adaptor which allows the user to create sausage combination and kubbe attachment.
The product features:
• A circuit breaker for home and user safety
• 3 tempered steels grinding plates and sets of blades
• A year 100% fix or replace guarantee, parts and labor inclusive
• Dimension of 16.5” by 6.5” by 14.5”
• Shipping weigh of12.6 pounds
*Stx 3000 FT has in built power of 1800 watt which gives the grinder to
do most of the gridding duties at home
*The product is made of polished aluminum which gives it attractive appearance
and makes it easy to dish wash
* it is easy to assemble, dissemble and much more easier to operate.
* The machine will grind meat and bone much faster with little or no freezing
*The machine is light in weight and does not take much of the space on the counter top
* It empty virtually most of the output which left next to clean during the dishwashing
* it has the capability to run over 400lb of beef and 100lb of pork and still works normal
* it is designed to make the cleaning easy for the user.
* The grinder produces satisfactory meat texture after use.
* it produces perfect grind for other special stuffs like Boston butt and
fatback almost with no effort
*It does not produce grumpy sound during the operation.

• The aluminum tends to wear off after some dishwashing
• The grinder tends to struggle to grin thick or dense bone and the likes
• It seems difficult to clean the buttons with the way they are set into the grinder
• The pusher does not fill the neck well enough which makes the organ meat to squish up during the process
• The grinder does not firmly compactable with most aftermarket plates

Customers Reviews
The total number of customers who have tried the grinder on the amazon so far is 691, out of which 495 customers rated the product five starts, 116 customers rated it four stars, 25 people rated it three stars, 36 customers gave it two stars.



The best choice product electric meat grinder is designed to fit most of the modern kitchen and mini restaurants. It has a cast aluminum construction and stainless steel. It comes with a w.6HP motor and precision drive gear plus to and fro switch.


The electric meat grinder features:

*2000w peak output rated motors,

*Cast iron feeding hopper, cast aluminum auger and it housing

*3 speed electronic stop and reset

*Food pusher and kubbe attachment


*it has a big feeding tube which helps to hold up more quantity of meat to grind

*It is very quite compare to some other expensive meat grinder available In the market

*The machine grinds meat efficiently at a go, no need for double grinding with this machine

*The grinder is very strong that it takes the meat without giving the user much problem while grinding

*Sometime the grinder can run through less freeze meat, especially when you are in hurry

*The cooling system does not get hot when using the machine on a long session.

*it can grind a larger quantity of meat within a short period of time.

*it is easier to dismantle and dishwash safe


*The attachment and some other replacement parts are hard to come by

*The top funnel plat does not hold tight to the grinder as a result of this the grinder rattles during the operation

*The grinder does not come with the stuff tubes

*Chicken bone and any other fibre content materials clogged up the grinder during processing

*You need to unscrew the grinder completely in order to clean the crooner parts of the grinder after use

*Sometimes, the machine produces black oil while the grinding operation is still on



Waring or die mg 855 is one of the professional meat grinders available in the market. The grinder is design with an extra large, die cast hopper which has the power to hold a large amount of either cubed or sliced meat. It comes with long plastic pusher which helps to push and feed the grinder tube easily. Three metal blade of different size are included in the complete package. The grinder works with the electric motor of 450 watt in built capacity which makes the grinder to work efficiently.


*The grinder features with five years warranty

*Professional design for homemade hamburger, sausage and more

*Sturdy brushed stainless steel housing with extra large die cast hopper

*3 cutting plates and 2 sausage attachments

*On/Off/Reverse switch, 3 foot power cords


* When use correctly, it grinds very efficiently and reasonably quick

* It is easy to operate, assemble and very easy to take part for dish washing

* The grinder has the capacity to run through 40lb of meat and never slow down during the operation

* it comes with accessories special made for sausage maining as well

* it is very powerful and does not cause a gray meat


*The grinder plates need to be oil on regular basis in order to prevent rusting

*The cap of the grinder keep coming off during the grinding while using the pusher

*The machine is somehow noisy as it can pose a problem when you have a sick patient around

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