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How To Make Natural Kitchen Cleaner In Simple Step By Step

Most of the kitchen user don’t believe that it is economical to make and use natural kitchen cleaner. They prefer to spend their cash on the toxic eco enemy cleaning products when they can easily make natural spray for pennies. In this article, we are going to highlights step by step procedure on how to make multi purpose, effective and natural cleaner. This stuff is so good to the extent that most house owner i have discuss with always ask for the recipes. In order to make the cleaner, you have to get the following:

1. Two full cups of clean water

2. Two table spoons of vinegar: it is preferable to use white vinegar. The reason why you will need to add vinegar is because it contains high concentration of acid. The acid will enhance the elimination of molds, mildews and bacteria, this make the cleaner more effective all natural and mildly deodorizer. it is also a good rust remover and greaser.

3. Half teaspoon of dish soap: any dish soap or detergent will work with this simple recipe. As for me, i usually take on liquid detergent as this is always what i have at disposal.

4. One spoon of baking soda: if you don’t have this at your disposal, you can easily get it at baking section of local supermarket around you. The one that is very popular is the one sold that has a picture of arm holing a hammer on it. it is very essential to add mild base to our recipes, and the reason is that it will make are cleaner to fizz whenever its being mixed with water for dishing.

5. Few teaspoons of essential oil: it is very important to add this to your recipes as it will help to improve the germ killing power of the cleaner. Also, it will add to the sweet smell of the cleaner. Most of theses oil have strong and powerful anti bacteria substance than those phenol, also gives a high punch to the cleaner. Example s of these oils are thyme, tea tree, rosemary, juniper, clove etc.

6. Mix the ingredients: at first put the baking soda, detergent and vinegar into the provided spray bottle and stir a little bit some minutes. As you do this, the mixture will fizz out like crazy, after this, allow the fizz to settle and calm down for some minutes before you move on to the next step.

7.  Fill up the bottle with water: after mixing the ingredients, the next step is to fill the bottle to the top with clean water, preferable warn one,and the essential oil. The reason we have to use warn water is that most of the mineral contains in some of the ingredients will dissolve more more easily in it.

8. Shake and spray: Now after the procedure above, cap the bottle and shake for some minutes. After that, natural cleaner is ready for use. it remove dirt, grimes and food substances from anything. if you encounter any stubborn messes, you just have to spray the affected are until its bit wet and wait for 3 to 5 minutes, as this will give chance for the cleaner to perform its action. After some time, you just have to use rag to clean the affected area.



Four Simple Steps On How Get Rid Of Cooking Oil Stain On The Carpet

Cooking oil is one of most important and commonly used food item in most kitchens today. It is very essential because hardly we can cook some foods without using oil. Occasionally, this cooking oil may spill on the carpet accidentally in the kitchen and it may become irritating. As a result of this, there will be some stigma stain on the carpet which may detriment it look.
Cooking oil stain on the carpet ion the kitchen may be somehow difficult to clean as this oil is not soluble in water. Most people who have experienced this type of situation sometimes get irate to clean up this stain neatly from the carpet. But, what they don’t understand is that these stains can be clean up if they know the right kind of steps to take. In this article, we are going to highlights some of the right procedures you will need to take whenever you experience this type of situation.
1. Start cleaning with the white clothes; whenever you have cooking oil spilled on the carpet, you will have to start be removing as much of spilled oil with white clothes. This is because; white clothes will help to absorb the spilled oil on the kitchen carpet fibers. It is no compulsory that you use white clothes all time, you can use paper towel instead, preferably the larger type. You will have to mob up the oil carefully and fast so as to avoid the oil from seeping into the carpet.
2. Use a cleaning agent, after the exercise above, the next step is to engage the uses of cleaning solution which will help to wipe out the stain completely from the carpet. You can try to get commercial cleaning product from nearby supermarket or better still made use o some homemade cleaning spray for this kind of problem. If you choose the home made type, just try to mix a cup of warm water and little more of baking soda.
3. Clean up more vigorously. The next step is to spray the cleaning solution, any of the tow you may choose, on the remaining cooking oil on the kitchen carpet. After that, you will get a clean towel paper and wipe vigorously on the affected area. You have to note that this will take you some minutes if you really want effective action. Also, you must do this with care in order to prevent the carpet from being tarnished.
4. Dry the affected area off, once the stain is no longer on the carpet, next is to remove unwanted residual. Then, get a cup of water and use it to rinse the affected area of the oil spilled. Lastly, you can now get a clean rag to dry off the water completely from the carpet.