Can You Cook Tater Tots In The Microwave?

Tater tots are one of the fascinating side dishes made with potatoes. It is also a favourite breakfast food among some people and also a great snack.

The potatoes used for making tater tots are often greeted and they are made into cylinder form.

They are also made from shredded potatoes which have blanched together with the uses of starch.

Tater tots is a registered trademark of one of the American frozen companies which is based in Ore Ida.

The homemade tater tots are often considered healthy for both kids and the adults because she will have control over the ingredients that go into the making of this side dish.

There are a wide range of recipes for homemade type of tater tots which you can choose from and practice at home.

The major ingredients used for making these side dishes is potato and the “Tater” on the name is another name for potato.

Other ingredients for making these tater tots at home are garlic, fresh parsley, salt season pepper onion powder and peanut oil.

Some people often want to know maybe you can cook tater tots in the microwave.

Can you cook tater tots in the microwave? Yes you can cook tater tots in the microwave but you should know that they are going to be as crispy when you use other methods to cook it.

Though the cooking instructions and it says you can either bake deep fry or pan fry it. but it can still be cooked in the microwave without any problem.

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it will also be known that that attitude will be soggy when you cook it in the microwave.

The reason is that it is usually frozen and when you cook in the microwave with a water wilmette and goes into the tater tots.

You can choose to thaw the tater tots in the microwave and then later fry it to make it crispy.

How do you cook tater tots in the toaster oven?

Toaster oven is another method of preparing tater tots if you don’t like to go the microwave way.

Toaster oven ensures that the data thoughts are evenly cooked and come out crispy.

It is a very straightforward process to prepare tater tots in the toaster oven. Get a baking sheet and spread it on a flat baking slate.

once you have done that sprinkle some cooking oils on the sheet and spread the tater tots on them.

You can add spices like garlic grounded pepper on it for special flavour.

Cook tater tots in the toaster oven a temperature of 400 degree Fahrenheit for about 14 minutes.

How do I make tater tots crispy?

There is a little tricks you can apply to make the tater tots cripsy when you cook them in the microwave.

You just have to set the microwave for about 4 to 5 minutes. Cook the tatter tots in the microwave and make sure you rotate it at every minute.

Once you finish with the microwave put it in the broiler heat and flip in the broiler to make it crispy.

How do you make tater tots in the microwave?

Just like I said in the past, the cooking instruction on the tater tots is for baking and deep frying only.

Well, I am going to outline some simple procedure you can follow if you wish to cook tater tots in the microwave at home.

The first step is to get a baking sheet and spread a few tablespoons of oil on it.

Spread the tater tots on the baking sheet and season it up. Use your hand to mix everything together.

Once you have done that, the next thing is to spread the tater tots on the baking sheet so that there’ll be enough space among them.

Place everything in the microwave oven and heat at 400 degree Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes.

You can choose to cook tater tots on the skillet conventional oven air fryer toaster etc.

Can you cook tater tots on the stove?

It is possible to cook tater tots on the stove with the use of a skillet. This can be a great option for you if you don’t want to use a microwave to prepare the tater tots.

The first step is to heat up the skillet on medium-high heat for about a few minutes.

The oil must not be more than 1/4 inches in the skillet.

Once the oil is heated up, the next thing is to add the frozen tater tots to the hot oil. Continue to cook tater tot hot until they are crispy as desired.

You need to turn the attitudes at intervals in order to prevent Burnt in them. After that, drain the oil with paper too well and season the tater tots.

you can choose to add salt and pepper in order to spice the tater tots up to make it more delicious.

Can I cook tater tots on the grill?

Yes you can choose to cook tater tots on the grill if that is what you prefer. Cooking the tater tots on the grill is not complicated.

You simply spread the tater tots on the Grill in foil, usually the disposable ones. You can season it up and place it on the grill grates.

Let the tater tots sit for the first 12 minutes before you can stir it. After that you can wait for the next 10 or 11 minutes before you take it out of the grill gate.

How long tater tots take to cook?

The duration of time it takes to cook tater tots depends on the cooking method you are choosing to prepare it.

If you choose a microwave oven, it usually takes between 70 minutes and 20 minutes before the tater tots ready or medium heating.

But if you are using a powerful and larger microwave oven 15 minute is ok to prepare the tater tot.

It takes the same amount of time as a microwave oven to prepare tater tots on the grill.

If you heat tater tots on the skillet at 450 degrees Fahrenheit it usually takes 12 minutes or less. While, it takes about 15 minutes with a conventional oven on medium heating.

What do you eat that are topped with?

Tater tots great side dishes alongside means like sandwiches and burgers.

Sloppy joes is another great meal that goes along with that attitude especially for the kids.

Other dishes are French cut green beans, cheese and bacon and meat cut casseroles etc.

Can you cook tater tots in aluminium foil?

Aluminium foil is very useful when you want to prepare the tater tots on the grill.

The aluminium foil you’re going to use must be heat resistant to hold the tater tots on the grill grates.

the aluminium foil you are going to use must be able to hold onto cooking oils without any spillage or leak.

This will make tater tots to cook faster either in the microwave oven, conventional oven or on the grill grate.

Why do tater tots fall apart?

The tater tots will fall apart when you are cooking them if the oil you are using is not heated up enough up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is a possibility that the data thoughts will also fall when you are cooking them if they have stayed long in your freezer.

If that is the case, the best way out is to deep fry them and this will prevent further falling apart of the tater tots.

Also make sure that they are still in the frozen state when you are taking them out of the freezer to fry.

At what temperature do you deep fry tater tots?

The temperature at which you deep fry tater tots also plays important roles in preventing them from falling apart when you’re cooking them.

you should always leave between 380 degree and 450 degree fahrenheit whenever you are preparing tater tot either in the microwave conventional oven or on the grill.

A digital thermometer can be your best friend in this aspect in order to reach the accurate temperature needed.

Can you fry tater tots in the olive oil?

Yes you can make use of olive oil to cook tater tots when you are preparing them at all.

There are some recipes online that include only oil as part of the ingredient for making fascinating tater tots.

Olive oil sprayer always spray the bottom of the pot when you want to prepare other thoughts in the toaster oven.

Can you eat frozen tater tots?

For a healthy reason, you should desist from eating frozen tater tots.

The reason is that the potatoes has undergone lots of refining processes and some of the natural nutrients might have been reduced drastically while producing the tater tots.

Beside that, major parts of the theatre that are fat and starch. It can put a great danger on your health if you eat them directly from the frozen without cooking them.


Tater tots make a great side dish and can easily be prepared at home either by using a microwave toaster oven or deep fryer.

Homemade tater tots give you the chance to choose the desired ingredients to make them tasty as you want.

Once you follow the right procedure and not the right temperature you can make fascinating and delicious tater tots with the use of a microwave at home.


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