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Char Griller 5030 Reviews

Quite numbers of people have a great fascination for foods that are grill over charcoal. And, they believe that charcoal grilled foods taste great even pretty better than gas grilled foods. It is widely known that nothing beats charcoal grill when it comes to fascinating flavor and fantastic results. Though gas grill brings about convenience, but it lacks the smoky flavor that charcoal grill brings. Charcoal grill is suitable for grilling anything ranging from simple meals to smoking meat and fish. It can also roast foods, and this depends on your choice together with the set up.

There are wide varieties of grill available to choose from. It can be portable charcoal grill which fits tailgating and picnic events. Also, the large charcoal grills which are suitable for backyards and large gathering barbecue.  In this article, we are going to review Char Grill 5030 charcoal grill. This review will cover general information about the charcoal grill with pros and cons as well as the market response. Thus;

Char Griller 5030 Reviews

Car-Griller Dual 2 Burner Charcoal and Gas Grill is one of the heavy duty charcoal grills that are available in the market. This heavy duty grill gives the user the chance to enjoy the benefits of both gas and charcoal grilling on one unit. This charcoal grill comes from the stable of Char-Griller. This is company that has been in the business of making different kinds of users for over 25years. They have built lost of barbecue making products that have lasted for decades.

This charcoal grill has a shipping weight of 50 pounds. One of the advantages this char grill has over the regular type is the dual chambers on it. Sometimes you may not feel like using charcoal to do the babeacue or you don’t have much time to do the preparation, the gas chamber on this griller gives you the chance to do the preparation within short period of time. It is possible to close the chimney on this charcoal grill after you have done with grill of your food items.

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The grilling surface on this char grill 5030 is large on the either sides of the grill. This heavy duty can also be used as a smoker. To do this, you just have to start the charcoal at first. Once the coals are got, you need to put damp in the chamber. You can also apply apple chips on the coal. Then, you should close the top stack and smoke away your meats or fish. It has a dimension of 53 by 26 by 47 inches and weighs about 116.0 lb. it occupies total cooking area of 870 square inches after its finally assembled.

Special Features

  • Char Grill 5030 comes with the following special features, thus
  • Easy Dump Ash Pan;
  • Dual Gas Smokestacks,
  • Procleain Coated Cast Iron Grates,
  • Temperature Guage,
  • Side Box Fire Compatible,
  • Adjustable Grate Height,
  • Warning Rack,
  • Sturdy Side Shelf,
  • Utensils hooks: for easy reach out to the barbecue utensils.


  • The charcoal chamber is great for slow smokey taste while the gas does the great job on making quick meal.
  • Though is it heavy duty, the assembling is easy and straight forwards.
  • The gas chamber heat up quickly and more evenly.
  • The cleaning up of the grill is pretty easy, once the charcoal got exhausted, just lift up the adjustable platform and empty the ashes out of the box.
  • It is very sturdy and durable, built to last and looks professional.


  • The grill is made of metal which makes it prone to rusting.
  • The cooking space seems relatively small; it can only serve four people or less at a time.

Customers Reviews

Char Grill 5030 is relatively new on the market place. There are just 14 people who have bought it on Amazon.com and they left some reviews. About 8 customers gave it ratings of 5 stars for the performance of the grill. Up to 3 people left rating of 4 stars for the grill due to slight improve the grill needed. Just only one person is mildly satisfied with the performance of the grill and left 3 stars ratings. No one has left ratings of 2 stars so far. While two out of the fourteen customers are less satisfied with the performance of the grill and they left 1 star rating. All these ratings in combine lead to overall ratings of 3.9 out of 5 on Amazon ratings scale.

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Buyers Guide

Outdoor grilling seems to be most enjoying aspect of summer cooking in most places. If you want a successful grilling, it is a must for you to get right and reliable equipment together with appropriate firing. If you are out to purchase the charcoal grill, there are some important factors you need to consider first before you go out and buy charcoal grill. Without wasting much of your time, here are some vital factors and feature you should consider before you purchase charcoal grill, thus

1 Price and affordability: price plays a vital role in acquiring the desire charcoal grill. Price can affect the purchasing power of someone in the market place. When it comes to price, charcoal grill is pretty cheaper compare to the like of gas grill and electric types. So going for charcoal might be a good option for you. Also, it is equally good to go for the quality grill if it means you are going to add little extra cash to acquire it. This is because most people like to buy budget friendly grill which sometimes fall on the cheaper price.

2 User friendly: if you choose a charcoal grill that is a bit confusing in its system of operation, you ma tends to lose the interesting in grilling of foods especially if you are starting out as a newbie. Therefore it is advisable to go for charcoal grill that is easy to operate with straight forward functions. Look for charcoal grill that comes with one touch cleaning system and other features that will make the grilling experience an easy one.

3 Build Quality: the charcoal grill you are going to purchase must be able to withstand lots of abuse and must be made of quality materials too. It should be water proof, and handle lots of heats. It must be able to stand the test of time and work effectively under harsh weather conditions. It must be sturdily build; durable, good legs are also impotent too. It is good to go for one of the strongest grill your money can afford.

4 Adjustable Fire Level: This is another feature that is very important when it comes to choosing charcoal grill. Adjustable fire level allows the user to control the amount of heat that flows in the chamber to the foods. It helps the user to adjust the distance of the charcoal to the food by controlling the level of the charcoal pan or food grate.

5 Cleaning System: it is also important to look out for ash cleaning system on the charcoal grill. Without the ash cleaning system, the charcoal grill will always looks messy grilling process comes to an end. So go for grill that has detachable ash pan the holds the ashes which are easy to pull out and get the ashes dumped.

 6 Charcoal adding feature: sometimes you coals are used up before the foods are ready and there would be a need to add more coals to get the food done. Refilling charcoal into the chamber of the grill can be daunting task provided there is no charcoal adding option on the grill. Having charcoal adding option makes fuel refilling much easier. And, it will prevent falling of the foods during the time of refilling the charcoal. So, it is good to choose grill that comes with lots of grates that can be open on the sides for adding more charcoal.

7 Size and Portability: size is one of the important features you should consider if you are planning to buy charcoal grill. Are buying charcoal grill for your family use or large gathering? The answer to this question will give you the clue on the size of the charcoal grill you are going to purchase. If it you are buying for family use, the one with normal or standard size will be okay for you. If is for commercial purpose or large gathering like thanksgiving, heavy duty ones would suits your need.

8 Accessories: accessories, as well as the add-ons, are part of the things that make grilling experience an awesome one. Also, they help to facilitate convenience and make the grill a breeze task. The kind of charcoal grill you will choose should have Adjustable Grate Height, Warning Rack, Sturdy Side Shelf, Utensils hooks etc.

Other essential features are safety and ability to quench the any flare-up that make occur during the grilling process. Sometimes you may have little flash of fire comes up while you are grilling foods. Therefore a grill that comes with water model will be able to extinguish unexpected fire outbreak that may likely to occur in the charcoal grill.

Top Tips for Use Charcoal Grill

Safety is the one of the top priorities when using the charcoal grill. Therefore, you should desist from using gasoline to ignite the charcoal. You should cook only barbecue on high heat while the pork, chicken and fish should be cooked on medium end. The intensity of the heat involve depends on the thickness of the flesh on fire. Make use of cooking thermometer to ensure the meat are cooked very well on inside. A knife will come in handy whenever you want to see the extent to which meat has done on fire. Wrap the like of vegetables in aluminum foils before you put them on fire. And, the cooking should be done on medium heating too.


Masterbuilt Charcoal Bullet Smoker Review

Charcoal grilling seems to be most popular among the types of grilling. Charcoal grill was the foremost mass producing type of grill.  Charcoal provides the food with fascinating and distinctive smoke flavor to the food. Charcoal grill gives more genuine and natural taste to the food better than gas or electric grill. Charcoal grill might be the best for you, find you are fond of barbecue and really like the process involves.

The price is the topmost reason people prefer charcoal grill to that of gas and electric type. It can cost you lots of extra cash to acquire gas or electric grill together with their accessories, while it can cost lesser amount to get quality charcoal grill. In this article, we are going to review one the top charcoal smokers that namely MasterBuilt Charcoal Bullet Smoker, thus

MasterBuilt 20060416 Charcoal Bullet Smoker

MasterBuilt Charcoal 20060416 Bullet Smoker is one of the top rated charcoal grills that are available in the market. Though it is relatively new to the market, but it received some positive reviews from the market observes. Masterbuilt charcoal grill is kind of grill that fits perfectly for backyard grilling. Are you fond of organizing tailgate party for your love ones, Masterbuilt charcoal grill will suit your needs. It is portable enough to take out for camping and outdoor activities.

Sometimes you may not have coal to fill up the charcoal grill, Masterbuilt charcoal grill works well if you fill it up with wood chips. This charcoal grill comes in box of about two feet square. The instructions on how to set it up are easy to follow. Masterbuilt can be used in cold temperature but it should be noted that it will take longer time to get the food done. There is adjustable vent on the top of the charcoal grill to control the air and the temperature.

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There is a good distance between the two racks, the distance is about 7 inches apart. The lower rack rests on the water bowl while the upper one is closer to the top side of the barrel. The door on the Masterbuilt charcoal grill has a dimension of 6 by 5 inches. Masterbuilt 20060416 charcoal grill comes with an inbuilt thermometer on it. It has overall dimension of 19 by 21 by 31 inches and weighs about 15.6 pounds.


  • It easy to get the temperature with the grill and it imparts fabulous flavor on the food.
  • It is portable and can easily be stored after use.
  • The rack is capable of holding lots of meats.
  • The chamber can accommodate a turkey of 14lbs at once.
  • The whole chamber is easy to assemble and its users friendly.
  • It will smoke chicken and turkey breast without any hassle.
  • The turkey and chicken came out very fascinating, juicy and tender.
  • It is suitable for those who are new to smoking foods and the experts.
  • It is sturdy, and the parts look durable.


  • The grill can withstand regular usage.
  • More ventilation is needed at the charcoal area.
  • It is not very good with cold smoking.
  • The thermometer are dicey something, extra one might be needed.
  • The firebox is not easy to remove.

Customers Reviews

There are over 110 customers who have bought Masterbuilt 20060416 charcoal bullet grill on Amazon.com and the left some reviews about the product. This charcoal grill receives sheer numbers of 5 stars rating from about 57% of the entire customers. About 15% of the customers perceive that the charcoal grill still need some slight improvement and they gave it ratings of 4-stars. About 9% of the customers are mildly satisfied with the functioning of the grill and they awarded 3 –stars ratings. Likewise, 2-star ratings were giving by 4% of the customers. While the rest at 15% are less satisfied with the performance of the charcoal grill and they awarded 1 star rating. All these reviews lead to overall ratings of 4.0 out of 5 on Amazon overall ratings scale.

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Buyers Guide

Charcoal grill on its self comes with different kinds. It is obvious that some are more affordable, as well as stronger than others. Though Brands can contribute the different in price, price also goes in line with the quality of the charcoal grill. There are some charcoal grills which come with only one grate while some come with more grates in order to accommodate more food for large gathering. If you are planning to buy charcoal grill, it would be a good move to go for quality ones. Though the medium end charcoal will cost more than the cheaper ones, but will save you time and cost of repairing in the long haul.

Portability is another factor you need to consider when you want to buy charcoal grill. If you and your family members love tailgate party and you go on camping so often, then portable charcoal grill will be suitable for you. If you go for portable grill, it will also be a good move to go for that one that comes with wheels for easy transportation. Having wheels on charcoal grill will lessen the damage that may occur while moving it around. Likewise, the charcoal grill you choose must sturdy and durable so as to be able to withstand rigor of outdoor activities.

Cooking space is one of the vital factors you need to consider when you want to buy charcoal grill. It does not make sense going for heavy duty grill when you have only few people to cater for when you are doing grilling. 80 square inches of space is enough for you to place your charcoal grill if there are four members or less in your family. On the other hand, it does not make any sense if you choose small size grill for a large gathering. But it should be noted that the size of your grill is in proportion to the output of your grilling.

We all want easy process for most of the things we do. Therefore, convenience is another factor you need to factor in when you want to buy charcoal grill. There are some models of charcoal grils that come with their own igniters. Trying to light up charcoal grill may take time to start especially for the newbie. The igniter gives the user to start up heating on time.

Go for grill that give you chance to access the ash pan easily. This gives you the chance to dispose the ashes away and makes the cleaning of the charcoal grill pretty much easier. Also, it prevents ash flakes that ar likely to fall on your foods while grilling.

Having a lid cover on the charcoal grill is a good feature. You should choose a grill that has a lid on it. The lid will help to prevent the smoke from being escape and keep them in the chamber to achieve great taste on the food. Also, it helps to speed up and enhance smokeless grilling.

Quality is another factor that should not be ignored whenever you want to buy charcoal grill. Most of the fancy charcoal grill are usually made of flimsy materials that are easily rust out over time. Go for the one that are made of stainless steel or other quality materials. This will help the charcoal grill to withstand heats and harsh weather condition. Alongside with the quality materials, the charcoal grill you are going to use must be durable.

Advantages of Charcoal grill

Apart from the great taste and tenderness charcoal grill has to offer. There are some other benefits of charcoal grill over other. The temperature of charcoal grilling is pretty much high than gas and electric grill. The meats grill on charcoal grill usually have less amount of fat at the end of smoking while other nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals remain in place. The reason is that constant heat exposure liquefies the fats of the meat. And this often leads to fewer calories in the meat at the end of the whole grilling process.

Charcoal Grilling Tips

Charcoal grilling seems to part of show in the part of important ceremonies in most homes. These important occasions can be birthday party, house warning, thanksgiving and other major holiday.  Knowing how to grill a recipe or having a charcoal grill in not the only thing required for a perfect grilling experience. Goo grilling equipment, basic knowledge, and safety measure will to contribute to the overall awesome grilling experience.

Before you can start to grill those meats and other food, you need to fashion out an appropriate place to put the charcoal grill. It should be placed far away material or items that may easily cause fire outbreak. If you choose to grill indoor, you should put the charcoal grill a place where is adequate ventilation in the house.

Knowing the type of food will the amount of heat and coal needed to before the foods are properly done. When it comes to grilling foods, there are two techniques involves, it can be either direct or indirect grilling. It is also vital to know the ideal temperature that is needed for different food in order to prevent overcooking of the food or burnt. Adjusting the heat cannot be ignored in charcoal grill. There are times in which you will need to adjust the heat so that the foods can be cooked thoroughly.