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Why Has My Electric Kettle Gone Noisy

Tea and other beverages are very popular in most places and lots of people like to make them at home. Most of the people who make tea at home on regular basis appreciate the value of having an electric kettle as boiling water for beverages and other drinks are common practices in most home. Electric kettle can be both energy and time saver. When it comes to boiling water, electric kettle is pretty much faster compare to some other kitchen gadgets capable of boiling water. For instance, most stove top kettle take about twelve minutes to boil water while it takes about five minutes on average with electric kettles. But, noise is synonymous with most of the electric kettles and some models tend to be a bit much louder that the new users might get worried. This prompts me to do little research in order to come with the appropriate answer to the question. Here we go thus;

Why Has My Electric Kettle Gone Noisy?

Electric kettle goes noisy when the water in it reaches the boiling point, the steam in the kettle will build up pressure and this often leads to hissing and noisy sounds made by the kettle. The noise is a result of the heat transfer from the heating element of the kettle to the water in it. The water gets hot and creates bubbles over time. The bubbles collapse continuously and release sound waves and this process causes the noise in the kettle.


Electric kettle is one of the vital kitchen gadgets at home. The major purpose of electric kettle is to boil water other for beverages or other cooking. Unlike stovetop kettles, electric kettles, preferably the cordless ones, is suitable for small spaced kitchen, as well as dorm rooms, hotel rooms, studio and office kitchen. Electric kettles are users friendly and are safe to use as they come with auto shut mechanism which prevent boiling dryness. The auto shut mechanism turn off the electric kettle the moment it reaches the boiling points and this helps to protect the heating element in the kettle. This makes it suitable for the busy hands and the absent minded people.

The stovetop kettles will dry the water after boiling for several minutes without being attend to and this can even get the whole kettle burn. It is less know among the people that boiling water for a long period of time tends to cause the water to lose its taste. But electric kettle prevents that from happening by getting the water to the boiling point within short period of time and also helps the water to maintain its vibrancy. Apart from boiling water, there are some other things you can do with electric kettle in the kitchen and this include warning of the baby’s water bottle, preparing soup, cooking of hardboiled eggs, cooking of instant noodles, cooking of plain rice, pasta etc.

What Are The Best Electric Kettles to buy?

There are lots of different models of electric kettles in the market. So choosing best one that suits someone’s need might be a difficult task. But to address the question, we are going to review the top three, highly rated and best electric kettles in the market. This review will cover general information about the product, pros, cons as well as customers reviews about each of the product thus;

1 Secura The Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle

Secura The Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle 1.8 Quarts (Black) is one of the best and top rated electric kettles in the market. It is the Amazon’s choice for “Secura Electric Kettle” categories. This electric kettle is designed its all interior with stainless steel and the lid, which implies that no plastic will come in contact with the water in any way. The handle is comfort to touch and safe to handle when the water reaches the boiling point. The kettle comes with locking lid which helps to minimize the danger of unforeseen spills. The heating element on the kettle has power of 1500 Watts which is capable of getting the water to the boiling point in few minutes. Secura The Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle comes rubber foot pad at the base area which helps the kettle to maintain its balance in case of unexpected tip over. The kettle features auto shut mechanism which prevent over boiling that may lead to dryness. The exterior parts are made of BPA free cool touch plastic. The power cord on the electric kettle is about 2 feet and 11 inches. The base is 6.5 inches diameter by width. The kettle is designed with large opening for easy access to the interior for proper cleaning after use. It has a dimension of 11 by 8.6 by 7.7 inches, weighs about 3.25 pounds and comes with 2 years warranty.


  • It features double wall construction which prevents heat transfer and keeps the boiled water hot for longer time.
  • All the interior sections are made of stainless steel with no plastic.
  • It features auto shut off mechanism which turn the kettle off when it reaches boiling point.
  • It boils water very fast and easy to clean.
  • It has wide opening to the interior for easy filling, pouring and cleaning.
  • It is elegant and looks attractive on the table or countertop.
  • No heat transfer on the kettle, the outside stays cool.


  • It does not come with boiling point or hot indicator.
  • The interior parts are liable to rust.
  • The base area is bit light and seems flimsy.

Customers Reviews

There are over 4,200 customers who bought Secura The Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle on and they left some reviews. This electric kettle enjoys lots of 5-stars rating from about 74% of the customers. About 11% of the customers are having some slight issue with the kettle and they left 4-stars ratings. About 4% of them are mild satisfied and they awarded 3-stars ratings. 2-stars ratings were given by 4% of the customers. The rest at 7% are less satisfied with the functioning of the kettle and they left 1-star ratings. Secura The Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle has overall ratings of 4.3 out of 5.0 on ratings scale.

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2 Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle 1.7 liters, Silver

Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle 1.7 liters, Silver is one of the best and top rated electric kettle to buy in the market. This electric kettle’s design comes with powerful rapid boil system which enhances fast heating of the water in short period of time. The pouring is pretty much easy with this electric kettle as it comes with a stay-cool handle and drip free spout on it. Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle features a cordless base for easy serving of the water either for tea or coffee. It is one of the few electric kettles that feature auot-shut off mechanism which turns the kettle off when it reaches boiling point to prevent boil dryness. It has two water level windows on it for easy measuring and a push button for the lid. It comes with a removable mesh filter to keep dirt in the water at bay. The cord on Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle is measured at 28 inches. The top and right window are made of BPA free plastic and the inside section is made of stainless steel. It comes with heating element of about 1500 Watts. It features a simple on/off switch for easy operation and light in shows when the kettle is in use. It has about 1.7 liter of cup capacity. Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle is design to boil water faster than most microwaves. It has a dimension of 9.2 by 6.2 by 8.8 inches, weighs about 2.2 pounds and comes with a year warranty.


  • The water heat up quick and fast, it reaches boiling point under 5 minutes in cases.
  • The inside suction is made of stainless steel and its easy to clean.
  • The handle stays cool at boiling point and the spout do not dribble water.
  • It is easy to fill up as the lid opens at a push of button.
  • It is sturdy, looks attractive on the table or countertop.
  • It is capable of keeping water hot for a long period of time.
  • It has removable mesh guard that prevents any solid dirt.


  • The lid is made of plastic and get in contact with the water.
  • It has measurement on one side.
  • The light indicator is hard to see sometimes.

Customers Reviews

There are 1440 customers who bought Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle 1.7 liters, Silver on Amazon and they left different reviews. About 66% of the customers are satisfied with the performance of the electric kettle and they left 5-stars ratings. About 13% of the customers are having slight issue with the kettle and they left 4-stars ratings. About 6% are mild satisfied with the kettle and they left 3-stars ratings. About 5% of the customers gave it ratings of 2-stars. The rest at 10% are less satisfied with the performance of the kettle and they left 1-star ratings. Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle 1.7 liters, Silver has overall ratings of 4.2 out of 5.0 on Amazon rating scale.

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3 AmazonBasic Stainless Electric Kettle 1 liter

AmazonBasic Stainless Electric Kettle 1 liter is one of the best and highly rated electric kettle available in the market. It is a perfect replacement for slow stovetop kettle and noisy microwaves oven as it is equipped with 1500 watts unit which boils water within minutes. It is not only suitable for boiling water but also perfect for coffee, tea, hot cocoa, instant soup, noodle etc. AmazonBasic Stainless Electric Kettle features a concealed heating element and most parts are made with BPA free materials. This kettle also comes with auto shut unit which halts the operation of the kettle when the water boils. This electric kettle comes with easy-to-view water window on the sides in its design. The cordless design of the kettle makes it easy to carry around, convinent pouring and re-filling of the water. The base area comes with a power cord of about 30 inches in length. AmazonBasic Stainless Electric Kettle 1 liter is the Amazon’s choice for electric kettles categories. It runs on 120V/60Hz but it can work on efficient converter. It has a dimension of 8 by 5.5 by 7.9 inches, weight about 1.8 pounds and comes with limited one year warranty.


  • The boils water faster and shut itself off when the water reaches boiling point.
  • It is light in weight, the handle is comfort to touch and pour easily.
  • It is suitable for small-size kitchen, dorm room, office etc.
  • It boils water without any traces of plastic taste and the water stays hot for longer time.
  • It is suitable for coffee and tea making as well a hot cocoa and noodles.
  • It is attractive in its design and does not take much space on the countertop.
  • It comes with a removable mesh for extra safety.


  • It is a bit louder in its operation.
  • The lid does not open fully, which makes cleaning a bit cinch.
  • It does not come with temperature adjustment.

Customers Reviews

There are over 1400 customers who bought AmazonBasic Stainless Electric Kettle 1 liter on Amazon and they left some reviews. This electric kettle receives lots of 5-stars ratings from about 79% of the customers, which makes it highest on this list. About 11% of the customers left 4-stars ratings for the kettle. 4% of the entire customers are mid satisfied with kettle’s performance and they left 3-stars ratings. 2-stars ratings were given by 2% of the customers. While about 4% of the cuistomers are less satisfied with the kettle’s performance and they left 1-star ratings. AmazonBasic Stainless Electric Kettle 1 liter has overall ratings of 4.6 out of 5.0 on rating scale.

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Can You Cook Long Grain Rice In Microwave

Rice is a very popular food around the world. It comes in different varieties which include white rice, brown rice, short-grain rice, medium grain rice and long grain rice etc. rice is one of the most foods commonly cooked in most household virtually every day. Most people make use of stove, hot plates, rice cooker etc to prepare rice. But the uses of microwave to cook rice helps to save time and stress. Cooking rice is easy and simple for those who know the right steps to take. But some people find it difficult to cook rice perfectly. Rice cooking does not require much utensils lust a saucepan or a pot preferably the one with a lid, a fork, a colander as well as following simple rules and make use of appropriate methods for the type of rice you are planning to cook.

Can You Cook Long Grain Rice In Microwave?

Sure, you can cook long grain rice perfectly in a microwave. It usually takes about 15 minutes for the liquids used to cook the rice to get absorbed and the rice becomes tender. You just have to make use of two cups of boiling water for every single cup of long grain rice for perfect cooking. You can cook the rice on high power setting preferable level ten, for three or four minutes for fast result.


The simple rules to follow whenever you want to cook rice are using appropriate amount of water, using a saucepan or a pot with tight fitting lid, mild heating and resting period for about three minutes after the rice is done. Though some people claimed that these simple rules as secret, but they are not.

Types Of Rice Base On Grain Length

There are hundreds of varieties of rice but there are three major kinds namely short-grain rice, medium-grain rice and long-grain rice. All the three kinds have distinctive attributes which make them different from one another. Thus,

1 Short-grain rice: These are the fattest and roundest rice breed. Short grain rice cook up sticky and chump. They stick together when they are being cooked and this is due to the large starch content in them. They are also soft and moist when cooked. They are perfect for desserts and pudding. Short grain rice are commonly used for preparing sushi. They are usually 5.0mm or less in their length.

2 Medium-Grain Rice: These kinds of rice are creamy when they are cooked and they are often associated with Risotto. Medium-grain rice are also suitable for pudding and desserts. They are often use interchangeably with short grain rice in most of the recipes. Medium-grain rice are about two to three times longer than their width. They are usually up to 6.0mm in their length.

3 Long-grain rice: these are rice that do not stick together when they are being cooked, they are fluffy and separated after cooking. Long grain rice are usually over 6.0mm long and are about five times their width. They are always turning out they way they are needed to be after cooking. Basmati and Jasmine are common examples of long grain rice. Long grain rice are most suitable for rice salad.

Step By Step On How To Cook Rice In Microwave Perfectly

Rice is one the fabulous staple food out there with balanced nutritional value and it is very nourishing. Cooking rice in a proper way helps to save a lot of money. Most people prefer Basmati rice most of the time, due to its slim grain and sharp points on the edges, together with it inviting flavor after cooking. Perfect cooked rice goes with chicken, stir fried beef and veggie, Broccoli, Basil shrimps, maple pork etc. Rice cooker seems to be the easiest gadget use to cook rice. But cooking rice in the microwave offers lots of benefits other than saving cost.

Cooking rice with microwave is pretty much faster than rice cooker. It takes about 25 – 30 minutes to prepare rice with rice cooker, while it only takes about 10 – 12 minutes with microwave. Cooking rice with microwave offers free hands to some of other things unlike in which you have to keep watching the rice when you are using stove or hotplate. Also, there is no change in taste of the rice you cook with microwave. However, using the right amount of water to cook rice is the key to achieve perfect cooking of the rice with microwave. The step by step procedures are as follows:

Step 1: Measure out the amount of raw rice you want to cook, get a colendar and microwave save container to cook the rice with.

Step 2: Put the raw rice in the colander and fill it up with clean and cool water. Use the water to wash the rice thoroughly. The water becomes cloudy after washing. Tilt the colander to get rid of the water. The water becomes cloudy due to the presence of starch in the rice. Fill up the colander with another clean water to wash it and do it one more time in order to get rid of the dirt in the rice completely. The water becomes less cloudy after washing the rice three times and it time to move to the next step.


Step 3: fill up the rice with another clean water to cook the rice with. The water should cover the rice at least by 1 inch above.

Step 4: Use your index finger to measure the depth of the rice to the water. If the water reaches your first knuckle of your finger from the surface touch of the rice, you are on the right track; otherwise, you should add more water to reach the appropriate level. This method works irrespective of the amount of the rice you want to cook or the size of the saucepan you want to use to cook the rice.

Step 5: cover the lid of the container and microwave the rice for about 8 – 9 minutes and let the rice rest for 3 – 4 minutes after it is done for the rice to be ready completely for serving. Note, the microwave should be set on high level for fast turnaround.

Health Benefits of Eating Rice And Nutritional Values

Rice is a staple food that offers quite amount of health benefits and lots of nutritional values. Rice is a great source of carbohydrate and this makes it a good fuel for the body. It provides the body with instant energy and this aid proper functioning of the brain. The starch present in the rice is beneficiary to the diabetic patients as the carbohydrate content is lower compare to other starch rich foods. Rice have fiber in their content but it vary depending on the type of rice in question. But, brown rice has more fiber in their content than the white rice. Rice is good for Celiac patients as it does not cause inflammation in the gut due to its gluten free nature. Rice have a trace fat content, low amount of cholesterols and sodium which makes it suitable for minimizing obesity. A research shows that there is no correlation between excess consumption of rice and weight gain.


Rice seems to one of most suitable foods for those suffering from hypertension because it has low sodium content. As it is known that excess sodium in the body cause blood pressure to rise. Rice is consider as a diuretic agent which helps to get rid of toxin substance like uric acid from the body.  The husk of the rice can also serve as a potent medicine for dysentery treatment. The presence of vitamin D, calcium, iron, thiamine and riboflavin in the rice helps to improve the rate of metabolism and boost the immune system. Rice is very rich in vitamin B which enhances the ability of the nervous system. Brown rice comes with adequate amount of antioxidant which helps to prevent inflammation in the body.

What type of rice has the best taste among the rest?

The term “best taste rice” is a relative term because what seems to be best to one person might not be okay with another person. But due to popular demand, most people prefer Jasmine rice due to it fragrance and awesome taste. Basmati is also one of the best because it is used in most of the recipes.

Can you eat rice at night?

Yes, you can eat rice at any time of the day including night. You can only avoid eating rice at night, and any other food for that matter, if you have a dietary restriction from doing so.

What happen when someone eat hot rice?

Hot rice is liable to cause burnt if it happens that you have soft tongue and in turns you may not enjoy the meal after all. Besides that, you will be sweating profusely is you east hot rice continuously and fatigue once you finished eating. So whenever you are served with hot rice, you should have patience and wait by allowing the rice to cool off before you start eating it.

Can You Cook Garlic Bread In The Microwave

Garlic bread is among those recipes that the majority of the people know how to prepare. The reason is that they are very simple and easy to make, and it does not take much time to prepare, most recipes take less than twenty minutes. Having the right proportion of butter to bread is very important in making of garlic bread that will not be too greasy and soft. French bread seems to be the most suitable choice of all types when it comes to garlic bread recipes. French bread tends to preserve the chewy texture after the garlic bread is ready. Try and avoid left over or old bread in making of garlic bread, as either of them often leads to crunchy or messy most time. There may be time you want to make garlic bread at home, but the oven might not be available due to cleaning or it develop fault, and you really want to devour the garlic bread. What do you do, maybe you can make use of microwave instead of oven, who knows?

Can You Cook Garlic Bread In The Microwave

No, you should avoid using microwave to cook garlic bread if you really want to enjoy the delicious taste of the bread to the fullest. Though it is possible to make use of microwave to cook the garlic bread but it makes it turn hard and becomes difficult to chew. Microwave will render the bread crack and does not toast it up to the right taste, as it is designed to remove moisture from the foods, in which the bread is inclusive.


Garlic bread cooking times vary for different recipes and this largely depends on the size of the bread in most case. Large French loaves, large banquettes or Chapattis usually take twenty minutes to ready in an oven with temperature of 200C. While small bread like hotdog rolls takes just ten minutes under the temperature of 200C. It is good to make use of quality butter whenever you want to prepare garlic bread. It is also essential to use single sheet of foil to wrap the bread for even cooking, so also the thickness of the bread should not be too thin.

Step By Step On How To Make Sumptuous Garlic Bread

Garlic breads are great accompanied of various meals especially the dinner. There are many ways of preparing garlic bread and different recipes to follow, though French bread is the best choice for the making of garlic bread, though you can any bread of choice. Garlic bread can be served along with pasta and soup, good with pizza, seafood etc. in this section; we are going to look at the step by step procedure of making fabulous garlic bread. At first, the ingredients you will need include French loaf, a set of garlic herbs, about 5 oz of butter, parmesan cheese (optional), garlic clove, table salt, green pepper, small food processor, traditional oven, mixing cup, pastry brush, butter knife.


Step 1: Pre-heating the oven: you need to pre heat the oven by setting of the oven to about 185 C (335F) at least. Better still, you can make use of actual temperature setting on your recipes.

Step 2: Prepare garlic butter spicy: get the butter out of the freezer, dice it into small cubes and let those butter cubes soften up for a while. Get handy garlic and chop it into fine cuts. Get a little bunches of parsley, wash and dry it with hand towel. Cut the parsley into smaller units, put all the spicy into small food processor until smooth texture is formed.

Step 3: slice the bread: you can slice the bread into three sections. Then cut each section into slices with about 1 inch to 1 ½ inches thickness. Try to leave the bottoms of the bread so as to let the bread remains intact.

Step 4: slather up the bread: you need to first create gaps between the slices to do this. Fill up the bread with prepared butter spicy. Use the butter knife to spread the garlic spices smoothly to the slices. The garlic bread will maintain it spicy freshness provided the garlic cuts are not cooked.


Step 5: wrapping the bread: cut out large pieces of aluminum foil and use it to wrap up the bread. And, you should try and seal up the two ends for proper baking. You can as well make use of baking sheet to wrap the bread if it happens that you don’t have aluminum foil at your disposal.

Step 6: bake and serve: bake the bread in the pre heat oven until it is thoroughly heated. The whole heating should not take more than 15 to 20 minutes at maximum. You can unwrap the bread for another five minutes to make desirable crunchy of choice. Serve the garlic bread hot after the whole process.

Can You Cook Egg In Microwave

Yes, you can cook egg in microwave, but you should try as much to avoid overheating in order to prevent the egg shell from exploding. Scrambled eggs are easy to make with microwave, just break the egg shell and empty it content into the microwave safe cup and place inside the microwave oven. But it should be noted that it is not possible to be 100% safe to cook egg in microwave, and they are not as delicious as the one cooked on stove. Microwave eggs are easy and quick to make, and it is good alternating method in case the skillet pan is not available, or you leave in dorm room with no other means of cooking, or you just want to prepare poached egg from the office’s kitchen. But you should always make use of conventional method of cooking eggs if you really want to enjoy the egg because microwave egg does not taste as good as the stove cooked ones.

Cooking egg in microwave can be best alternate if you don’t have enough time to prepare any fancy foods and you are in hurry to go out in shortest time possible. Cooking eggs in microwave is the best method when it comes to nutrient retention. Other methods like frying, cooking or boiling often leads to lost of essential nutrients in the egg. Using microwave to cook eggs gives room for flexibility as you can do some other things with less supervision. Unlike frying, in which you have to stay glue to the stove in order to prevent over crispy of the egg. If you are going to make use of microwave to prepare eggs, you just have to make sure that you always use microwave safe containers that are non plastic like glass cup, ceramic plates, paper plates etc. you should as much avoid using metal or plastic materials to cook egg in microwave oven for safety.

Healthy Benefits of Consuming Eggs

Eggs are found in most place and they are not really expensive to get. Egg is very versatile, and it is one of most foods with high dense of nutritional values. Eating eggs is beneficiary to the body a lot as both its white substance and yolk are full of essential nutrients. The white substance contains nutrients like proteins, vitamins while the yolk contains fat soluble, cholesterols, fatty acids etc. one large sized egg contains six grams of high quality proteins and stack array of amino acids in it. And it is known that amino acids are essential for strong and healthy immune systems, it aids metabolism and reduces the development of the body tissues.


Egg also comes with carotenoids in its nutritional values. The carotenoid houses important supplements like retinol which is very vital for clear vision, as well as lutien and zeaxamthin, which are important for healthy skin and optimal brain functioning respectively. Egg also comes with vitamin k12 which enhances cardiovascular health and also improve the influx of calcium into the bone tissues. Eggs also provide the body with vitamin D3 and vitamin E. Vitamin D3 along other nutrients, plays pivot roles in improving health of the bone and improve cognitive performance.

While vitamin E contributes to the vascular health. Vitamin B complex and selenium are also present in egg, they both contribute to the healthy immune system in the body. Egg is one of the foods that are highly rich in Choline. Choline enhances healthy nervous system in the body and normal brain development in young kids.

Can You Cook Chicken In Microwave Oven

Yes, you can possibly cook chicken in the microwave oven and it is safe, though the cooking times for the chicken may vary and this largely depends on the microwave oven in use. Boneless chicken takes lesser time compare to the chicken with bones. Before you cook the chicken in the microwave, you need to first thaw the chicken. Thawing of the chicken helps to prevent the bacteria from infecting the chickens. Some of the things you will need to cook the chicken effectively in the microwave are medium casserole dish, garlic or lemon, salt and pepper. Also, half cup of chicken broth and meat thermometer will be needed too.

Put the chicken in a large dish, preferably the microwave safe ones. Add suitable amount of garlic or squeezed lemon, salt and pepper so as to give the chicken an inviting flavor. Cover the dish and place it in the microwave oven for about five minutes. The microwave should be set at 170F for perfect cooking. Once the chicken is done, take it out of the microwave and leave it for few minutes before you serve it. It is very important to ensure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked before you serve it, if not return the chicken back to the microwave and check at interval of a minute or two. Consuming raw or uneven cooked chicken is liable to cause some illness in the body.

Can You Fry With Avocado Oil

Fried foods are popular and are very common among the people all over the world. People love different foods ranging from fried shrimps, fried chicken, fried turkey, fried crispy etc. Fried food tends to cause the people to raise their eye balls especially those who are watching their diets. Frying plays a vital role in cooking cuisine. The key aspects in frying are the uses of constant temperature and having suitable cooking oil. Some experts concluded that vegetable oil remains the best of all when it comes to frying. Though frying is also an act, so not everyone knows the appropriate ways of doing it to achieve a great taste. It is important to have necessary utensils at your disposal before you embark on frying. One of the less used cooking oil for frying is Avocado oil. Avocado oil is of all purpose oil but it effectiveness is not much discuss.

Can You Fry With Avocado Oil?

Yes, avocado oil is suitable for frying foods. It is good for frying, sautéing, shallow fry, deep frying etc. it is a perfect choice for high temperature frying because it is heat stable and has high smoke point of about 500 F (270 C). it is one of the healthiest oil for cooking. It works great in bread salad, salad dressing, canned tuna, with tomatoes, sweet onion etc. Avocado oil has lots of nutritional values. 


Nutritional Values And Health Benefits of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil seems to have the same health benefits as olive oil. Avocado oil comes with a superior fatty acids profile and high antioxidant content. Avocado has Oleic acid, a monosaturated Omega-9 Fatty acid and this makes it great for high blood pressure treatment. It comes with carotenoid called lutein, which is good for healthy eye. Lutein also helps to reduce macular degeneration and cataract. Though Avocado add a bit nasty taste to the food, but it taste far more and better than most cooking oil.

Avocado is also beneficiary to the Atrthistic patients as it extract can be used to treatment pains and stiffness on any part of the body. A research carried out shows that Avocado oil helps in reducing inflammatory and increases collagen. Consuming Avocado oil with some other food like soya beans helps to prevent gum diseases called periodontal disease as well as gum bleeding.

How To Choose The Right Oil For coking and Frying

How do you determine the right oil for your dishes? All cooking oils are not equal in their content properties and nutritional value as well as their flavor and their performance on the fire. The market is filled with varieties of cooking oils which makes a tough task to choose the one that is appropriate for preference. Majority of the cooking oils have fat in their contents except for the very few. Those oils that contain less fat, such as olive oil and avocado oil, are healthier than the rest because they have monosaturated fat and are good for healthy heart.

Also, some of the oils work great at high temperature and this makes them suitable for sautéing and frying. Some will add fabulous taste to the food but they tend rancid overtime so do other cooking oils too. Heat stability of fatty acids in cooking oil is equally important, and it determines the health impact of frying oils. Another thing after you have gotten the oil for frying is how to store them to avoid them getting rancid. In order to choose oil that best suit your preference, there some features you need to look into before you can settle for one to use. These features are as follows:

1 Smoke point of the oil: smoke point as the name implies, is the temperature at which cooking oil starts to smoke, being on the verge catching fire, and fat start to break down. Cooking oils are often found giving horrid smell and spoil the flavor of the food when they reach above the smoke point. Smoke point varies among the cooking oils as this depends on how they are processed and some other factors like impurities, packing etc. also, when cooking oil is heated above the smoke point, it affects the look of the dishes as well as their nutritional values. It should be noted that the more the cooking oils heated tends to lower the smoke point of the oil. So it is not a really good idea to used cooking many times for frying.

It is better to choose cooking oil with smoke point higher than 375F, though the smoke point might not be necessary if you just want to sautéing. Rancid, which occur when the cooking oil reaches above the smoke point, has been linked to various diseases like cancer, obesity, quick aging etc, if they are consumed on frequent basis. One of the best ways to prevent cooking oils from getting rancid and pro-long their shelf life is to keep them in cool dry place at normal room temperature. Avocado oils and olive oils are cooking oils of highest smoke point of about 507F and 520F respectively. Sunflower oils also have high smoke point of about 460F.

2 Other Options: other options include nutritional value, flavor, price etc. as well as the stability of the cooking oil when heated. It is very obvious that some cooking oil have more capability to withstand higher heat that others. Most cooking oil that have more saturated fat in their content are more stable on the heat. Also, monosaturated cooking oils are also stable on high heat. If you would like the flavor of the cooking oil to add the aroma of your dishes, its okay to go for cooking oil with distinctive flavor. Examples of such cooking oil with great flavor are olive oil and peanut oil. Otherwise, it would be better to go cooking oil that is light in flavor if it is lubricant you want. Cooking oils like vegetable oil, canola oil, corn oil will fit in.

Finished oils falls into the later categories these are cooking oil that are best for adding flavor to the dishes but are not capable of withstanding strong heat. it is advisable to keep with the required temperature of the recipes so as to maintain nutritional value of the cooking oil, though this also depends on the cooking method. Price also affects the type of cooking oil someone will end up with as most of the cooking oil with outstanding quality are very expensive. You should try as much as possible to go for quality cooking oil even if it on small size bottle. The small bottles of quality cooking oils will last longer than the cheap ones, if they are used sparingly and store at appropriate place. The term best cooking oil may seems relative as it means different things to different people. But the best cooking oil in this content should be the one that exceed the required temperature for frying, strike balance with your preference, adequate nutritional value and the reasonable price tag.


Expert Tips On Shallow frying and deep Frying At Home

Pan frying is one of the most common methods of cooking foods especially the meat that are cut thin. Pan frying helps to achieve crispy delicious meals coking with less time and minimal efforts. Pan frying can either be shallow or deep frying. Deep frying is also known sear. Little amount of fat is required for effective frying. Only little amount of fat will be absorbed if the pan frying is done properly. Shallow frying requires small amount of oil for frying foods. The oil is added a little bit into the saucepan, the oil is left to heat up for some minutes in which the food is added after some time before it get cooked. Though sautéing requires lesser oil, but it is quite different from shallow frying as the food is constantly stirred in sautéing.  But the foods are left in shallow frying for crust forming and even browning of the foods.

Shallow frying is suitable for breaded meat, fried chicken and turkey, pork chops, veal cutlet etc. The untensil you will used for shallow frying are not that very special, a pan or cast iron skillet and a pair of tong. Either you want to shallow frying or deep frying, the rules remain the same for both. Here are the basic tips for a crispy and effective frying:

  • Take out the meat you want you want to fry from the refrigerator, and leaves it for at least 25 minutes before frying.
  • You can make use of paper towel to further dry the meat for nice and even frying of the meat.
  • Remember to always fry the food in batches to avoid overcrowding of the saucepan.
  • Let the oil heat enough for some minutes so the food will sizzles whenever they hit the pan. However, the oil should not be over heated to the extent that the food will get burnt outside and the inside will remain the same. Better still, aim at 375 F for shallow frying.
  • You can make use of thermometer to determine the ideal temperature.
  • You can coat the food with batter, breadcrumbs, flour etc after drying the food so as to achieve best results.
  • A straight sided pan with 2 ½ inches tall is ideal for shallow frying.
  • Well browned appearance, reduction in sizzling sound, less bubbles are good indicators of a well fried food.
  • Try to taste the food before you serve it so as to ensure that the food is well fried.