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Turkish Coffee Maker (USA 120 Volt) Review

The Turkish Coffee Maker (USA 120 Volt) is the best available product for coffee making. It operates on simple ac supply voltage of 120 volts which is the most common supply in the United States. The Turkish Coffee Maker (USA 120 Volt) is the product of the Kafette Organic Turkish coffee which is a company based in the Turkey. The Turkish Coffee Maker is shipped within the Turkey only. Fully automated and simple designs are the main features of this coffee maker. However, simpler the design is, the coffee maker performs its function of providing you with the best coffee. What’s more, you will be provided with a single button operation. This is the most important feature of the Turkish Coffee Maker as, your coffee is just one button press away. The Turkish Coffee Maker has been the best coffee maker at home over the years and has functioned up to the mark. All that is expected from a coffee maker is provided by the Turkish Coffee Maker.


The Turkish Coffee Maker can brew up to 3 cups of coffee at a time. This is sufficient if you have a smaller family and thus it is the best coffee maker at home. When you have a couple of friends visiting your place, you can simply use this coffee maker to make three full cups of coffee and enjoy it with your friends. All you need to do is add a single teaspoon of coffee and a mug of water or milk. Press the only button available for making coffee and enjoy it with whomever you want.


As said before, this is the best coffee maker available in the whole market and it comes with amazing features and specifications. The coffee pot is completely nonstick which makes it easier to wash. This has been the best advantage of the Turkish Coffee Maker, as being nonstick makes it free from germs and any substance from sticking to the pot. The only care you need to take is use a wooden or nonmetal spoon or stirrer so that you accidently do not damage the nonstick portion of this coffee maker. You can even have a 220 volt input supply Turkish Coffee Maker, which can be directly ordered from Turkey.

Specifications/ features 

The Turkish Coffee Maker is a compact design and simple in looks as compared to all the fancy looking coffee makers out there. The coffee maker is highly energy efficient and consumes very less amount of power, as compared to all the other coffee makers which radiates quite a lot amount of heat and also works on high power.

Positive points

The Turkish Coffee Maker comes only around 7 pounds in weight which makes it portable and easy to carry around. This is the most important reason why the Turkish Coffee Maker is the best coffee maker at home.

Market Feedback/ customer review

When talking about the reviews for this product, it can be said that this coffee maker has been rated positive by almost all the buyers out there. All of the customers have been satisfied with this best coffee maker at home.

Capresso 464.05 Digital Coffee Maker Review

Are you facing problem with your coffee machine because it is large? Were you looking for a smaller, compact coffee machine which can fit in your home and serve all the purposes? Well, stop searching! You got it! Capresso 464.05 Digital Coffee Maker, it is. With a Conical burr and grinder, this is the first coffee maker which has direct feed technology. Just put the beans in the grinder and forget them. The coffee grinder cum maker will take care of everything. Just program it according to your needs and brew fresh coffee every day. With its space saving design, it fits your home. It is the best coffee maker reviews.


  • In built grinder of the conical burr type.
  • Fully programmable; digital control panel.
  • Put up to 10-cups of coffee
  • 5 different settings for grinding;
  • Brew-pause function
  • 5 brewing amounts
  • Clock and timer
  • 6-ounce bean container
  • Brew without or with the grinder;
  • Includes Water filter.
  • Coated Nonstick Warming Plate


  • You can select the quantity of the coffee you want to grind
  • The LCD panels give you all the information
  • Keeps coffee hot for 2 hours with its 2-hour safety shut-off
  • The grind settings let you grind according to your preference.
  • You need not to wait for the whole pot to brew with its drip-trip feature.
  • It is completely programmable
  • You can use it without the grinder. This gives you more freedom.
  • Grinding is consistent


  • The sound is loud while it is grinding.
  • It takes a lot of time in grinding.
  • There is some coffee left during the grinding due to its design
  • No way to dump the unused coffee
  • Bit costly


The product got many positive reviews and some negative reviews. People were impressed by its functionality, LCD display and its automation functions like setting the timer and quantity of grinding and brewing. There were some issues relating to the sound of the machine. While grinding, may people had issues with the sound. Also, there were some issues with the time it takes to grind. According to some reviews, Capresso 464.05 Digital Coffeemaker takes comparatively more time than other coffee makers to grind and brew. The people are happy with the grinding and brewing options they have. Overall, it has got the best coffee maker reviews. It has a good market share and an overall positive feedback from its users.


Read all the best coffee maker reviews and you will find Capresso 464.05 Digital Coffee Maker everywhere. Sleek and powerful, it can make your day amazing by giving you the kind of coffee you wanted, saving your time. With all the functionalities and automation, this coffee maker is a small little wonder. If you are thinking of replacing your old coffee maker, you can consider Capresso 464.05 Digital Coffeemaker as an option. Surely, you have to spend a bit more, but it’s worth it!

How To Make Natural Kitchen Cleaner In Simple Step By Step

Most of the kitchen user don’t believe that it is economical to make and use natural kitchen cleaner. They prefer to spend their cash on the toxic eco enemy cleaning products when they can easily make natural spray for pennies. In this article, we are going to highlights step by step procedure on how to make multi purpose, effective and natural cleaner. This stuff is so good to the extent that most house owner i have discuss with always ask for the recipes. In order to make the cleaner, you have to get the following:

1. Two full cups of clean water

2. Two table spoons of vinegar: it is preferable to use white vinegar. The reason why you will need to add vinegar is because it contains high concentration of acid. The acid will enhance the elimination of molds, mildews and bacteria, this make the cleaner more effective all natural and mildly deodorizer. it is also a good rust remover and greaser.

3. Half teaspoon of dish soap: any dish soap or detergent will work with this simple recipe. As for me, i usually take on liquid detergent as this is always what i have at disposal.

4. One spoon of baking soda: if you don’t have this at your disposal, you can easily get it at baking section of local supermarket around you. The one that is very popular is the one sold that has a picture of arm holing a hammer on it. it is very essential to add mild base to our recipes, and the reason is that it will make are cleaner to fizz whenever its being mixed with water for dishing.

5. Few teaspoons of essential oil: it is very important to add this to your recipes as it will help to improve the germ killing power of the cleaner. Also, it will add to the sweet smell of the cleaner. Most of theses oil have strong and powerful anti bacteria substance than those phenol, also gives a high punch to the cleaner. Example s of these oils are thyme, tea tree, rosemary, juniper, clove etc.

6. Mix the ingredients: at first put the baking soda, detergent and vinegar into the provided spray bottle and stir a little bit some minutes. As you do this, the mixture will fizz out like crazy, after this, allow the fizz to settle and calm down for some minutes before you move on to the next step.

7.  Fill up the bottle with water: after mixing the ingredients, the next step is to fill the bottle to the top with clean water, preferable warn one,and the essential oil. The reason we have to use warn water is that most of the mineral contains in some of the ingredients will dissolve more more easily in it.

8. Shake and spray: Now after the procedure above, cap the bottle and shake for some minutes. After that, natural cleaner is ready for use. it remove dirt, grimes and food substances from anything. if you encounter any stubborn messes, you just have to spray the affected are until its bit wet and wait for 3 to 5 minutes, as this will give chance for the cleaner to perform its action. After some time, you just have to use rag to clean the affected area.



Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker: one of the best in the market

The Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker is the best of the best coffee makers made by the Hamilton Beach Company and is available anywhere in the United States. The Hamilton Beach is the best coffee maker brand that is available in the entire US. Fully automated, easy to carry around and quite excellent in performance are the features that are provided by the Hamilton Beach products. The Hamilton Beach looks in people’s interest and likes and develops their products accordingly. The best sources of coffee makers are all made under one roof of the Hamilton beach. One such product of the Hamilton Beach is the 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker.


As the name suggests, the 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker is a coffee maker which works completely automated. The user will only have to fill the required ingredients and set the values of the different settings according to his or her choice. This will feed in your input in the coffee maker and the coffee maker will grant you, your wish of desired coffee standard. The coffee will be made solely as per your choice. This can mean that you can prepare your coffee from normal to bold, filtered to unfiltered and even black coffee to coffee with milk. This is a two way coffee maker.


The 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker is the best coffee maker brand product and must be utilized to the fullest. Most of the people are addicted to coffee and almost the same amount of people is bored to prepare coffee themselves. This is the reason why there was an invention of an automatic coffee maker. This coffee maker will prepare your coffee for you and all you have to do is just sit back and wait. Once the buzzer rings, it will indicate that your choice of coffee is prepared and you can enjoy your drink to the fullest.

Specifications/ features

The 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker comes along with a 12 cup carafe which will act as a support basket to feed in your coffee. Along with it you will be provided with a quick guide which will guide you with different features and easy instructions to make coffee using this coffee maker. The instructions are written such that they are quite easy to understand and you can quickly grasp the different procedures in making coffee using this coffee maker. You can create your coffee in the full-pot or just for a single person. You can have different choices in making coffee. You can prepare it bold or even normal. The 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker has made different considerations, in the choices of types of coffee made and preferred. This makes the Hamilton Beach brand the best coffee maker brand, available in the entire world.

Market Feedback/ customer review

When market reviews are considered, the 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker beat the record, as it has the amazing reviews and it is seen that most of the people who had bought this product from one of the best coffee maker brand are enjoying it and are having fun operating it.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen appliances in your home are one of the largest investment from your wallet, so also your time, which equate to the effectiveness of your operation at kitchen and home generally. it can be a daunt task if you want to buy any of the kitchen utensils, for you have to consider a lots of factor raging from energy conservation, brilliant design, lost cost model to utility and durability etc.The case is not different even if you want to buy little utensil like kitchen faucet.In this article, we are going to discuss some of the simple and basic tips that will guide you through the buying process and to enhance your confidence in order to make buying decision. Here are some of the factors you have to look out for before you make a decision to buy kitchen faucet, thus:



1. Conventional: most of the home owner these days prefer to choose kitchen faucet that has a smaller rinser, which can be pull out and so easy to handle for rinsing the dishes before placing them down to dry.


2. Accessories: try not to forget about soap dispenser whenever you want to purchase kitchen faucet. It would be better to get rid of soap filter or bottle that you have to clean all the the time after using. Better still, you can install a mounted soap dispenser that is easy to refill. it is obvious that soap dispenser, just like faucet, also come in different sizes. All you have to do is to match the curvature look and feel to your faucet.

However, if you make decision to go for faucet without a rinser but you want a shower spray stuffs to clean you dishes effectively, there’s no big deal. More so, to have a sprayer on top of that makes the job done more quickly.


3. Finishing: The finishing style you will have choose must be able to complement the sink and counter top and must not get all the space from the rest part of the kitchen. When it comes to appearance, you may choose from chrome or satin nickel, polished chrome or Brass. So also, you can choose from antique brass, bronze or copper, those colors can be in different style and not being too flashy. You can also have the picture of your sink and counter top ready, this can help you to speed up the process of making buying decision.


Choosing the kitchen faucet of your choice should not only be a rewarding experience but also fulfill the lifestyle you always desire. Also, measure out the clear opening breadth and height for the new appliance. There is nothing sadden that investing you hard earning on kitchen faucet or any other kitchen utensils for that matter and latter find out that it does not fit the lifestyle you want.



What is the best coffee maker for home use?

The Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker has so far been the best coffee maker machine in all of the United States for the home usage. This is the best product when it comes to coffee makers as not only it is much more efficient but also comes in easy packages. It is quite boring to prepare coffee manually. The main reason being, that the proportions of the different ingredients never add up to be accurate and the manual made coffee always has some or the other issues. This is the reason why there had been an invention made in the automatic coffee making machines which adds up your different coffee ingredients to the right quantity and you can enjoy a completely pure coffee. The Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve Brewer is the best coffee maker for home, as it is quite affordable and comes with a variety of features.


Brewing is a process in which coffee is mixed up with hot water so as to form a proper mixture. This function is well followed by the Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve Brewer. The brewing action is the most important action as it will decide whether the coffee and the other ingredients are properly dissolved or not. The Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve Brewer performs the brewing function excellently and will provide you with a proper solution of your coffee. What’s more, you will have two ways to brew your coffee, either full pot or single serve. So you can always choose the number of cups you want to fill.


The Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve can fill up to 12 cups of coffee which is more than enough, in one go. The cup size is regular travel sized cups. There are various additional features that come around along with the coffee maker. One being that it is quite easy to carry around. Also, for home use this type of coffee maker suits the environment. You can always decide the type of coffee you want to add. Even filtering action is performed by this coffee maker. In other words, all you will require is to put in the ingredients and wait for the coffee to be prepared. Once your coffee is ready, sit back and enjoy your drink. This makes the Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve best coffee maker for home.

Specifications/ features 

Filtering is provided in built with the coffee maker. The brewing will decide the strength of the coffee being prepared. You can always choose the strength from normal to bold as per your choice of drink. The Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker is fully automated and it will switch on and off as per the settings. This makes it best coffee maker for home use, as all you need is to fill up the coffee maker and enjoy your coffee within minutes.

Market Feedback/ customer review

There had been tremendous positive reviews about the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker as compared to any other products. And according to those reviews if you are need to find the best coffee maker for home this one is the right product for you.

Four Simple Steps On How Get Rid Of Cooking Oil Stain On The Carpet

Cooking oil is one of most important and commonly used food item in most kitchens today. It is very essential because hardly we can cook some foods without using oil. Occasionally, this cooking oil may spill on the carpet accidentally in the kitchen and it may become irritating. As a result of this, there will be some stigma stain on the carpet which may detriment it look.
Cooking oil stain on the carpet ion the kitchen may be somehow difficult to clean as this oil is not soluble in water. Most people who have experienced this type of situation sometimes get irate to clean up this stain neatly from the carpet. But, what they don’t understand is that these stains can be clean up if they know the right kind of steps to take. In this article, we are going to highlights some of the right procedures you will need to take whenever you experience this type of situation.
1. Start cleaning with the white clothes; whenever you have cooking oil spilled on the carpet, you will have to start be removing as much of spilled oil with white clothes. This is because; white clothes will help to absorb the spilled oil on the kitchen carpet fibers. It is no compulsory that you use white clothes all time, you can use paper towel instead, preferably the larger type. You will have to mob up the oil carefully and fast so as to avoid the oil from seeping into the carpet.
2. Use a cleaning agent, after the exercise above, the next step is to engage the uses of cleaning solution which will help to wipe out the stain completely from the carpet. You can try to get commercial cleaning product from nearby supermarket or better still made use o some homemade cleaning spray for this kind of problem. If you choose the home made type, just try to mix a cup of warm water and little more of baking soda.
3. Clean up more vigorously. The next step is to spray the cleaning solution, any of the tow you may choose, on the remaining cooking oil on the kitchen carpet. After that, you will get a clean towel paper and wipe vigorously on the affected area. You have to note that this will take you some minutes if you really want effective action. Also, you must do this with care in order to prevent the carpet from being tarnished.
4. Dry the affected area off, once the stain is no longer on the carpet, next is to remove unwanted residual. Then, get a cup of water and use it to rinse the affected area of the oil spilled. Lastly, you can now get a clean rag to dry off the water completely from the carpet.

What can be better product to grind coffee than Silex E160BY coffee grinder?

Most of the people who work in industries or any other sector often wait for their coffee break to occur. Because it is the only time when they can refresh themselves and drag away their sleep. Coffee is a product which brings full refreshment. What does one need to make coffee? Of course, the very first ingredient is coffee beans and some water or milk. However, how to grind the coffee beans to a fine powder so as to let it dissolve in your milk or water solution? It is the most important task in making coffee. Most of the people would say that why don’t you simply buy grinded coffee and prepare your coffee? The answer is simple; the coffee powder which is available in the market is added with different types of preservatives to preserve the product over a long period of time. So, in this case you will have a coffee which is not completely up to the quality that would be provided by the original coffee beans. It is the only reason why people use coffee grinder machines in order to enjoy natural coffee. The E160BY Coffee Grinder from Proctor Silex is the best coffee maker for office usage as compared to the different grinders available in the market today.


The E160BY Coffee Grinder from Proctor Silex is a product of Hamilton Beach and is available throughout the United States of America. There are various amazing features that come around with this product. You can enjoy your coffee drink with hundred percent originality.


The E160BY Coffee Grinder from Proctor Silex is best suited for the office use as the product features are compatible with different needs in the office. The product works up to your expectation and there is no lag, when grinding is the concern. The weight of the product sums up to not more than 2 pounds. This amazing weight feature makes the grinder easy to carry around. This coffee grinder comes in white color and is portable as opposed to other heavy coffee grinders which not only require more space but also functions on much more powerful.

Specifications/ features 

The best specification which comes with the E160BY Coffee Grinder from Proctor Silex is that it is easy to clean. Cleaning is a process which most of you are bored to perform. However, this product, from Proctor Silex comes with easy clean feature which will not take much of your time. In other words, the E160BY Coffee Grinder from Proctor Silex is the best coffee maker for office use.

Positive points

The positive points being that the grinder comes with a safety on/off button in case of any grinding problems. Also, it is provided with an adjustable cord. Most important features include the construction of blades which are purely made from stainless steel, thus making it best coffee maker for the office.

Market Feedback/ customer review

There are more than enough positive reviews for the E160BY Coffee Grinder from Proctor Silex, which makes it easier for you to find the best coffee maker for office whenever you need one.

Omega Nutrition Center J8006 Low Speed Masticating Juicer Black Review

One of the major problems for most people these days is how to get high level of nutritional value from fruits and vegetables. it is obvious that those fruits and vegetables have body nourishing nutrients like vitamin A, K and C, also the likes of potassium and frolic acid that help to build up the immunity strength of the body, reduces the sugar content in the blood stream, and reduce the risk of cancers. As a result of these, most people engage in the uses of any counter top juicer in order to get most from fruits and vegies. With this, they encounter some problems in the process of using the juicer like over heating the juicers motor which can cause a change in enzyme action, wet pulp from the raw products which make the juicer hard to clean etc. As a result of these problems, we are going to review Omega J8006 masticating juicer, highlight some of its features, benefits and draw back of the product in order to guide people so as to make a right choice in selecting juicer.


 Omega J8006 nutritional Center Masticating Juicer is designed to work at slow speed of 80 rpm, unlike most of the common juicers out there which work atrange of 1600 rpm to 12,000 rpm. The juicer is made in that way in order to prevent the enzyme from changes and maintain the level of oxidation from the final product.


* Low speed masticating juicing system which prepossess at 80 rpm

* Include with GE ultem Auger which is eight times stronger than most plastic.

* Powerful gear reduction which is equivalent to 2MP motor

* Dual stage juicer which results in high yielding of the juice and drying of the pulp.

* Engineered for quiet operation and longer life span.



* You can use this juicer to turn nut into nut butter, make the baby foods from natural and fresh ingredients.

* The juicer works at low level speed in order to maintain clear color, natural taste, vitamins and minerals.

* It helps to get greatest amount of juice from the least amount of raw material.

* The juicer helps to squeeze up the pulp and make it dry with no moisture.

* The juicer has four major parts which are easy to disassemble and reassemble and require less efforts to clean.

* The juicer comes with 15 years warranty compare to low cost juicers which come with one or two years warranty.

* it is very efficient and easy to use and you can use it on multiple times daily without getting knock down.


*The size of the chute is very small which leads to time consuming of cutting down of the raw materials into little pieces.

* The plastic on the output units are not transparent which make it difficult to see any fault line on time.

* It cannot process large amount of fruits and vegetable meaning that you cannot use it produce juice for a lot of people at a time.

* You may sometimes get clogged up with some fruits like apple after using the juicer for vegetables.

Customers Review

Out of 1354 customers who buy this particular product on amazon so far, over 1000 gave the juicer 5 stars, 192 people gave it 4 stars, 46 people gave it 3 stars, 33 people gave it 2 stars while 44 people gave it 1 star in their reviews. This implies that a lot of people who gave this product a trial have high level of satisfaction from it.


if you are comebody who like to make juice in flash and urgently, due to the slwo nature of the product (at 80 rpm), this juicer may not be a good type for you. But, if your priority is to get clear color, natural tastes, high level of nutritional value from juice, also, you want easy to use and less effort to clean juicer,  Omega  J8006 masticating juicer is for you.







Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker Review

Technology has a way of complicatedly simplifying your day to day tasks and chores. This is evident from the spectrum of various coffee makers that make your kitchen counters their home. There is one amongst the crowd of gadgets that is touted to be the Best Coffee Maker 2014. This article is dedicated to one such amazing mechanical barista; you should have in your kitchen.

A good cup of coffee is an awesome conversation starter and a good way to unwind and de-stress too. Coffee lovers the world over have untiringly toiled to bring this cup of joy to you. Keep reading to find out why I am raving like a lunatic, about a cup of coffee.


Say hello to the Bonavita BV1800TH, an automatic, thermo regulated coffee maker that promises to deliver piping hot coffee even in the dead cold mornings of winter. This coffee maker is so good at what it does, that the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the SCAA have bestowed upon it, their Certification as proof of awesomeness of the coffee brewed! That alone is more than enough to call it the Best Coffee Maker 2014.


  • SCAA Certified
  • Mechanical design perfected for ideal contact time between the coffee grounds and water
  • High Quality Brushed Stainless Steel wrapped around the works
  • 1400 watt heating element makes sure the ideal brewing temperature is reached quickly and maintained optimally
  • Can brew 8 cups in 6 minutes
  • Thermal Carafe made with German Technology
  • 2 year warranty
  • BPA Free


  • Affordable, Stylish & Simple to use
  • 1400 watt heating element means

o   Better temperature control

o   A quick brew cycle of 6 minutes

  • Shower head for heated water means your coffee grounds are fully saturated
  • Thermal Carafe means your coffee will stay piping hot for longer
  • Easy Pour Thermal Carafe
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to fill up the water tank
  • Easy to maintain filter basket
  • Perfect brew, each time, every time


  • Smallish Carafe volume
  • Carafe Drips while pouring
  • The extra effort required as there are no programmable features
  • Price may be a put-off for frugal spenders
  • Thermal Carafe is a retro glass-metal vacuum type, so is fragile
  • Tinted water tank is a niggle, Clear plastic would have been better (IMO)


The Bonavita Automatic Coffee Maker is a good choice because of the 1440 watt heating element, the quick brew cycle, and the consistency of flavor and aroma with each brew. You will be more than pleased with the thermal carafe as it is capable of keeping the coffee piping hot for a long time. I use the word “piping hot” a lot when it comes to this coffee maker, because it really makes the coffee that hot. I mean when the water is heated up to a blistering 95oC/205oF, you can bet your house that the coffee too is going to be that hot. Hands down, this is the Best Coffee Maker, 2014 to put your money into, and to bring into your kitchen.