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Different tastes and different one-meal dishes

One-dish meals are a favorite amongst all due to the short time span they take to be prepared as well as the treat they bring to our taste buds. These dishes can not only be prepared in short span of time but some of them are also super easy to make. A few of such types have been listed below.

Indian one dish meals

Among Indian style cooking, there are a wide variety of options starting from the West Indian to the North and the South. Each of them brings a different flavor to the dishes. For example, among the South Indian dishes there is the Appam, which requires about 15 minutes for preparation and 30 minutes for cooking. The ingredients used are as plain as rice, yeast, sugar and flour, readily available in the locale households. Other than that there are Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi and others to include in the one meal dish platter.

Chicken one pot dishes

If you love chicken and are usually on a time crunch, these dishes are the perfect ones for you. You can go cooking chicken on a short span of time and you never have to complain about how they taste. Chicken soup is perhaps one healthy meal which is easy to cook and sip. Apart from that you can prepare the simple Chicken casserole by adding mayonnaise to the chicken along with some lemon and pepper seasoning, which gives you a tasty dish within minutes.

Delight for Vegetarians

If you are a vegetarian, you must have a lot of options to cook for a one dish meal. If you are looking for some dishes that are delicious and easy to make then there are some as follows:-

  • Batata Poha- This one takes 10 minutes for preparing and 8 minutes for cooking. So if you are on the rush, this is your dish.
  • Vitamin Khichdi- Now this is one highly protein rich recipe. It is not only time saving but also healthy to add on to your recipe list.
  • Spinach Sambar- This is a south Indian dish. It is quite a treat to the taste buds.
  • Lentil Vegetable broth- This is a breakfast dish which is ideal for those who prefer a healthy start to the day. This one takes about 20 minutes to cook.

Quick and simple one pot dishes

Dinner is the best when you do not have to worry about the clean up after that. Some recipes have been mentioned in these section which promise you a hearty meal and minimal clean up. So enjoy these dishes knowing you do not have much to worry about their clean up afterwards:

  • One pot Primavera- This is an easy to cook pasta dish that leaves you wanting for more.
  • Shrimp boil- This is perhaps the most common dish where you just add up your veggies, sauce and the shrimp and allow it to cook.
  • Irish Beef Stew
  • Greek Frittata- A frittata is nothing but a huge omelet, but is quite easy to make.

Different Surprising Ideas For You

Celebration is one of the basic attributes of human nature. Be it an achievement or a lifelong commitment, people like to celebrate and enjoy. When you were kids, your parents used to throw you birthday parties which would surely cheer you up. Or your beloved taking you on a nice romantic date to celebrate an important event in your relationship would surely bring a smile on your face. But in that moment of joy, one can also feel ecstasy by adding an element of surprise.

Surprise is a word which brings a sudden rush of mixed feelings inside our brain making us numb for a moment. It is mainly because one doesn’t know what exactly will take place after that moment. The occurrence on an unexpected event brings about this empty psychological state of the mind we know as being surprised. Now suppose something good happens after that moment you can accept the kind of emotion and feeling it will arise inside you. Surely you don’t have to imagine it; surely you have been pleasantly surprised at some point of your life.

Surprise parties

Well, everyone loves the idea of a surprise party. You can throw a surprise birthday party for your son and see the joy in his face. Or you can even throw your aging parent a surprise anniversary party to make the delighted and feel wonderful. But arranging a surprise party is a bit difficult, read ahead to know more about hosting them.

Firstly you need to do the basics such as to come up with a plan and a theme for the party. Then you will need to get the party decorations from the market. While doing all these you need to be careful that the person you are preparing the surprise for doesn’t get even a little bit of hint.

You need to make the person for whom the party is being thrown oblivious of the place of the party. He or she shouldn’t be in that place until the exact time or else there would be a problem in arrangement. You would need to keep the person away from the place as much as possible. Preferably you should ask someone to always accompany that person so that you would come to know about his or her whereabouts.

The decorations are very important. But they are also needed to be hidden from the attention. Another important thing is the guest list. You should invite everyone important to the person. And also you should inform them that it is going to be a surprise party, so that none of them leaks out any detail by chance. And the most important part is when you are opening the surprise. That moment should be fantastic.

Surprise dates

Another very romantic way to please your beloved is to arrange for surprise dates. You can arrange for a simple night out with a fancy dinner and a good movie. Or if you are thinking something more committed you can go for the weekend retreat.

Reasons Why You Should Go On Vegetarian Before Its Too late

The World is a very varied place. It has a varied weather, geographic landscape, climatic condition, different types of people and many more. If you travel all over the world, you can experience that variety and diversity. As people are mentioned as a part of that variedness, let’s talk about it. People all over the world are different from each other in many ways like their language or mother tongue, over all body shape, complexion, habits, etc. By referring to habits of people, a huge portion of people life is included, that is, what they eat, wear, like, dislike and many more. The variedness in food habits of the people around the world is very prominent. People all over the world like and eat different types of food. If you take the whole world population into account, you can find that not everyone have meat dishes. These people are called vegetarian. In this article, everything about vegetarians will be discussed.

A Quick info

Let’s first know what a vegetarian actually is. A vegetarian is basically a person who practices vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is basically the practice of refraining from having (eating) meat i.e. poultry, red meat, meat of any other animal or seafood. Vegetarian means vegetable diet which includes vegetables, fruits, even milk products. If you have juicer or food slicer in your home then having fruit juices and freshly cut veggies becomes very easy.

The History and Psychology behind Vegetarianism

If you go back to the 5th century, then also you can find people who are vegetarian. The ancient Greeks and Indians were the first to take up this practice of vegetarianism. People (i.e. vegetarians) believed in the idea of ahimsa or non-violence towards animals. In old manuscripts and texts, it has been found that many great people were vegetarians and it has been carried on by the generations. Religions atleast some promote vegetarianism and strictly advise its followers to follow and do the same. So, people in some areas of the world are also bound by religions to practice vegetarianism. Hence, there are many factors that make one a vegetarian but the most important thing is what they think and want to do.

Types of vegetarianism

There are varieties of types or forms of vegetarianism which are followed by vegetarians all over the world. These types are made on the basis of the food products included or excluded in the diet of a vegetarian. Here is a list of some of the types- Ovo vegetarianism, Lacto vegetarianism, veganism, fruitarianism, sattvic diet, pescetarianism, macrobiotic diets and lots more.

Benefits of being a vegetarian

According to surveys made years after years, it has been proved that a complete vegetarian diet is nutritionally adequate, very healthy and also provides immunity from varies diseases. People who are on a vegetarian diet are less prone to heart diseases than a non-vegetarian people. This is because a vegetable diet is less in cholesterol, saturated fats, etc. This keeps you healthy and body fit. A vegetarian diet also helps in keeping problems like hypertension, renal diseases, cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and many more at bay. A vegetarian diet is always recommended by doctors all over the world.